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Monday, 4 February 2013

'Last Orders'


Hmm... Was that you? Are you bored of my glasses yet? ;0)

8" x 8"
                                                                          Acrylic on Box Canvas

Well, so as not to send myself - or you - entirely dizzy with glassy sparkles, I will be doing my next glass painting in a much more classical way, similar to the way I paint my bears.

This, I am hoping might solve my problem of feeling quite so lost when I don't have a new bear in progress.

As for my missing Mojo - well, I found the 'M' in the studio over the weekend when I'd completed the first layer of my newest glass painting - which will be quite different to the style you see here.

And I am hoping to find the 'O' of my Mojo very shortly, in a large mug of hot chocolate smothered in lashings of squirty cream!

...And maybe the 'J' will be found in Chichester tomorrow, where I'll be visiting the Turner Exhibition at Petworth House :0)

No doubt you'll hear all about that one!

And finally, I will just need the other 'O', which I hope will be found this coming Sunday, having had a successful weekend in the studio - Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile - thank you for all of your cheery messages - It seems that we all feel the same from time to time :0) 
The great news is that it's February - which means not long until Spring. Yay! :0)


  1. No you'll never bore us with your glasses. They are awesome and always a treat to see them. And now with this suspense build up cant wait to see the classic style glasses. :)

  2. hmm will you forgive me if I say yes? Love them all and look forward to the style change.

  3. I could never get tired of your glass paintings! I love the composition of this one-it's wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the new/old style you're working on next.!

  4. I'm never going to get bored your glass paintings... but kind of excited to see what the new one will look like in the more classical form... how exciting... I am madly jealous of the Turner exhibit visit and hope the OJO turns up soon... xx

  5. Love your glasses Sandra, I can't imagine EVER being tired of them! The way you create such realism out of abstraction is amazing. :) I love them to pieces. And I hope you enjoy yourself tomorrow!! *hugs*

  6. I love that! And have fun at the Turner exhibit. Glad your mojo is on the comeback : )

  7. I never get bored with your paintings, Sandra. This newest glass work is almost abstract - quite interesting!
    And SPRING is definitely coming!!! I just got back from a short walk, and it was still light at 5:45!!! YAY!!!

  8. Recovering the Mojo - one letter at a time! I love it, Sandra! And I cannot wait to hear about the Turner exhibit!

  9. This is great, Sandra. I'm not sick of your glasses. I love them! And I'm glad that you're painting them... you do them so well.

  10. First of all, I could never get tired of you painting bears OR glasses. This is so incredible, Sandra, and I love the colors in the glasses as well...Beautiful piece.

  11. No..... it wasn't me yawning! How could I? I so nice to look at your glasses and feel my brain twisting over each other saying to each other: "Oh no, not the glasses, how is she doing that?". :) So beautiful!

  12. Do not worry Sandra, we love your glasses, they are so beautiful, that every time they catch our eyes. I would like to be there to see the Turner exhibition!! Ciao.

  13. Hello Sandra,
    as always your painting is exquisite. Actually finishing hyperrealist agrees with the bears. I wish a good weekend and success in his paintings!
    A big hug

  14. I couldn't ever get bored with seeing your glasses. They are fab! xx

  15. What a small world - we were going down to the Turner Collection! On the way back we were going to see a new Churchill collection at Chartwell, and a costume collection at Ham House (Richmond-on-Thames). However! I have stumbled into an exciting new project which will take us, instead, to Hampshire for three days - will post about it soon!

    We will never tire of your glass drawings, Sandra, they are fantastic. Glad about the Mojo. In between Busby-Bears, why not do puppets? That would be right up your street!

  16. I'm definitely not getting bored of your glasses, they fascinate me endlessly. And I really like the composition here, with the cut off bits all around, and how they fill the canvas. But now I'm also looking forward to your new "teddy bear style" glass painting!


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