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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Mystery of my Missing Mojo...

Sometimes it's easier for me to draw how I'm feeling...

...than it is for me to explain it in words.

Yes my friends, I have lost my Mojo and it is nowhere to be found. 
I think that maybe January stole it!

And it seems that along with my Mojo, my ability to paint has gone with it. This is a problem, because painting is usually the very thing that makes me feel better when I'm feeling less than my usual self.

Anyway -  on a positive note, before my Mojo went missing, I was chuffed to have been featured on two Artists sites just recently :0)

The first is the lovely watercolour Artist, Heather Torres.
Heather, like me, is a working Mother who squeezes as much painting time in to her busy life as she possibly can. 
Unlike me, she comes from sunny Florida - which seems a very long way from where I am sitting, in the cold, wet UK!

Heathers questions were fun to answer and if you'd like to read it, or visit her blog, just click here :0)

The second fellow Artist who also featured me on his site as part of his 'Artist Showcase' section, is John W Johnston...

John - a fellow Brit - began following me since almost the beginning and likewise I have also thoroughly enjoyed following his own blog.
He also has a website which is entirely separate from his blog and it's aimed at encouraging beginners to paint and draw. It's a wonderful site and definitely worth a visit :0)

If you'd like to see this feature, just click here or on the image above.

I hope you enjoyed them!

Until then, if anyone finds my Mojo, please let me know.
I'm entirely lost without it!



  1. Hi Sandra,
    I'm pretty sure I saw your mojo at the bottom of a huge mug of chocolate ;)
    Hope you get it back soon xx

  2. Hi Sandra ... wherever your Mojo is I think it is being kept company by mine. At New Year I painted a few sheep and loved it. Since then, like you I feel my ability to paint has deserted me and I feel quite bereft.

    Congratulations on being 'featured'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your feature in John's forum where I am a member and it inspired me to paint the bear which was the 'Monthly Paint Project'. I hope you find your Mojo soon ... your bears will be missing you! Tc :)

  3. Hi Sandra ,, you know all too well the missing 'Mojo' is just lurking around the corner.
    I don't have to tell you it happens to all of us at different times.
    When that happens to me I feel as though "I'll never paint again, forgot how, don't want to."
    I''m also a member of the forum, and your Showcase was an inspiration...


  4. I'm hoping your mojo is just around the corner along with February.

  5. You'll have it back soon, I too have been dragging. I think we all need sunshine,chocolate and flowers.. Just look at the colors of things and try not to think too much.. ha ha.. silly but true, sending you a hug,love,Diana

  6. Sorry to hear you've temporarily misplaced your Mojo, but I have to tell you that I am inspired by your simple little sketch of a almost empty tube of paint. You manage to make even a simple sketch like that look artistic.

  7. I think that your mojo and mine might have gone out to a bar somewhere and are playing up like second hand lawn mowers... bloody things... wish they would hurry back... sure a bit of sunshine will lure yours home soon... but I must say I do like your paint tube... mojo or no mojo it is a great drawing...xx

  8. Hi, Sandra - so sorry to hear about the missing Mojo but I have a feeling when it comes back you will be once again bursting with artistic energy and creativity. It seems to be the cycle of a truly creative spirit such as yours. In the meantime, stay warm and happy and sketch now and again - It will soon be back! And congratulations on being featured on those wonderful sites - you work deserves wide recognition!

  9. will come back ! ...enjoyed reading john's showcase earlier will read heather's welldone

  10. I know you'll find your missing Mojo, happens to all of us,.. I think the winter has a lot to do with it....Your little sketch confirms you will find it soon, Hugs, My friend!

  11. Sandra, I am sorry to hear your mojo has disappeared. I KNOW I don't have it here - my mojo is limping along as best it can. I think you're right - it is January. BUT it's almost over!!! :)

  12. Oh Sandra - I go through this a few times a year! I'll tell you what I'll need you to remind me of probably in about 2 months: take a break, forget about it for a week or so and do other things. Get outside, bake, read, take bubble baths, go to a museum. It'll be back. It's just powering up for its return : )
    p.s. A LOVELY little sketch!

  13. I can so relate to your missing mojo Sandra!! I think mine vanishes at least once a month! And it is such a demoralizing feeling isn't it, because it's exactly like you said, painting makes us feel better!

    But it always comes back it seems. Just not exactly right when we want it to right? Love the sketch too dear Sandra, it is perfect! :)

    Sending you big hugs and virtual cookies.

  14. Sandra, I can relate wholeheartedly - as indeed it was you who encouraged me to do the sketching thing when my own artistic mojo went awol not so long ago!! Sometimes, perhaps to do with the weather here, it just seems easier to curl up in front of the TV or a good book than to 'make the effort' to squeeze paint from a tube but you know that as soon as you do make the effort, you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier! I hope your mojo comes back soon. I like your little sketch - I see what you mean - you've got the 'sketch' part down perfectly - this is perfect without taking too long (something I need to work on!)
    Congrats on the features!

  15. Thanks for the shout out, Sandra! I hope you feel inspired soon. It will be back and when you're ready, you'll create the most wonderful doubt!

  16. Hello Sandra:) Don't panic. As I understood "we" all experience this sooner or later and you know what: suddenly it's back again:) The first time I was in total panic, now I let it go by. Take care:) xxx

  17. You just need to let your fields lie fallow, Sandra. Restoration and rest are necessary parts of the creativity process. Welcome them and profit from them!

  18. What's Mojo? Is it a particular mood? Anyway, I love this draw of a tube of color...and I'll go to see Heather's blog, of course ;) xx Arianna


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