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Friday, 18 January 2013

Sketching with Watercolour...

Don't worry - this is not the latest bear painting I've been promising you!

A few weeks ago, my upside-down Australian friend, Sheila Tracey Fletcher-King, was kind enough to send me some paper to try, after I asked her what her secret is for creating such gorgeous paintings.

Anyway, I finally got around to trying it out a couple of days ago and painted this little ten minute  watercolour sketch...

I just love the freedom of sketching - and quite frankly, I thought you might all quite like a break from glasses and oils!

The paper is called 'Draw and Wash' and it is perfect! It's completely smooth and yet doesn't buckle at all when wet.

And I had forgotten how much fun watercolours can be - so I've no doubt that there will be more to come over the next few months :0)

I hope you enjoyed something a little different today! :0)


  1. I love the looseness and freshness of this Sandra! Just plain FUN! "Draw and Wash" hugh? I'll look for it, thanks!!

  2. It looks like an interesting paper to try, and I am SURE I will have to go across the border to find it. You KNOW I would love to see the odd watercolor here!

  3. Oh, my gosh, I just love him! Talk about personality!

  4. I'm so amazed with your talent, Sandra! I can't imagine working with watercolors. MAYBE someday I will try. My Dad left many tubes of watercolors and I always said "Someday"! You did an incredible job on this guy...I love him!!!

  5. Sandra, I love it! It's very whimsical and fresh. You know, I've been craving the same thing! I was searching the house yesterday trying to find my watercolours. I forget how to use them though ; )

  6. I love how loose and lovely this is... his little face is adorable...
    you are great in any medium it would seem... so it is lucky I like you or else I would be horridly jealous that you can turn your hand to all mediums so easily... hope you do some more like this... they are really special...xx

  7. Sandra I LOVE this!!!!! It is exactly as Kim said, whimsical and fresh. And you know I bet your collectors would eat these up if you did one of these of each bear in your big oil paintings. I know I WOULD!!

    How's the etsy shop comin? I want you to put this one in there. :D

  8. Hello Sandra,
    Bear in watercolor is very good.
    You can feel the texture and brush strokes are too loose.
    Congratulations and a hug

  9. oh yes! Love your little watercolour bear.
    More watercolours, please :) xx

  10. Is this paper available in the uk Sandra I cannot see it online. Love the sketch so full of life.

  11. Oil or watercolor, your bears are always beautiful Sandra! Have a nice week end!

  12. Very original tecnique! For me, this is a real painting! Arianna

  13. No matter how you paint them, I love all the teddy's in the world :) This one is a real beauty. Love it Sandra:)

  14. Sandra this is brilliant! Well, on one hand I could never get tired of your amazing glasses and oils but yes this is fantastic too and in such a different way - it certainly would be lovely to see more of your watercolour sketching!

  15. Oh, I absolutely adore your teddy sketch! Love the light, fluffy feel texture in his fur! I always seem to end up covering everything up and applying much too much paint when using watercolours. Have to take them out and start practising again!


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