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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hendrick's Gin, with a splash of paint...

Yoo-hoo, I'm ba-aack! :0)

My break from the computer went on for slightly longer than I'd planned, but I am SO happy to be back in the land of Blog!

I'm kicking off 2013 with my Hendricks Gin painting, which I did at the start of the holidays...

© Sandra Busby
10" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas


I also took the latest bear off the back burner and began working on it again :0)

It's never a good idea for me to leave a painting for too long, because I begin to lose the 'feel' of it -
so I picked it up again before that happened and now it's finally complete! Yay!

Now I am pondering on ideas for bear number seven in the series. Hmmm....?

Anyway, after enjoying the two week break from work over Christmas, it's time to finally come down to earth. Back to work for me - humph! 

I am really going to miss the extra time I was able to spend on my art whilst I didn't have to work and do the school run. I'm actually heart-broken it's over!
So, aside from setting myself some goals for this year, I am also going to write myself a time management schedule to make sure I can successfully juggle working, cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking and time with the family, but still find the time I need to work on my art. 

Hmm.. This isn't going to be easy...
...But I WILL do it :0) 

If anyone has any tips on time management, I'd love to hear them :0)

So, happy New-Year everyone! Let's hope it is a successful and creative one for all  :0)


  1. Gorgeous painting, Sandra.

    The only suggestion for time management I'd have is to get a diary with appointments schedule. Then book yourself in for an hour a day to do art. If it was set in stone as a dentist appointment, you'd go, and still manage - so why can't art be the same?

  2. Happy New Year to you, Sandra! The painting is fabulous. And I think Pat's suggestion is a good one!

  3. Happy New Year Sandra, so good to see you again. It's good to take some time off once in a while (I've been away from blogland too for the past 2.5 weeks), but it's also good to come back. At least to blogland... Love all the details in your painting, it's absolutley fabulous! And I'm looking forward to your next bear painting.
    I'm totally useless when it comes to time management, but definitely need to get a grip on it. Think I'll try Pat's suggestions, sounds very good to me.

  4. Hi Sandra, no I have no suggestions for time management. period. !! I have a hard enough time trying to manage myself ! BUT---
    I do keep a planning book just for definite appts and such.
    Your paintings of glass and objects are the best !!! and I mean that. !!

  5. totally wowwed! I know you like calligraphy but the writing on the bottle is mind blowingly clever ... it's usually my downfall. The painting is magical, but the detail -and I love detail - is magnificent!

    I can tell you all you need to know about time management, at 10-03 am on 6th October, until them I don't have time!! :0)

  6. Hello Sandra,
    I also rested, took vacations. I painted something like leisure only.
    His painting is great. This phase of bottles is very suggestive, very well painted!
    The time may be more or less a given agenda.
    But housework is infinite and therefore needs to be completed for eternity ...
    Good New Year to you. I wish you much health and inspiration
    a hug

  7. Sandra, welcome back (I say that like I've been here the whole time!!) this is fantastic!! You've been so productive with your time off over the holidays whilst I've just been bemoaning the fact on my first blog post of the year that I must've packed away my muse along with my paints - I just can't wait to get to our new house so I can get stuck in!! I have no idea about time management as when I was working full time, walking dogs, spending quality time with husband and trying to squeeze in painting and blogging, I never really found the recipe for success. I just hope I don't end up having so much free time that I procrastinate - I inherited my mother's butterfly mind - I go out to make a cup of tea and end up an hour later with no tea but cleaning out the cutlery drawer instead!!

  8. Nice one Sandra! I really like the deep rich backgrounds you choose too : ) An excellent start to 2013!

  9. Hellooooo and welcome to 2013.

    As they've suggested above make appointments/schedules for your painting. I'm sure you'll succeed.

  10. Hi Sandra. Your Hendricks gin painting is awesome! You have handled those darks so beautifully. And the cucumber looks ready for a munch.
    As for time management ... what's that???

  11. Beautiful Sandra!! What is it in the glass other than cucumbers? I don't drink (other than diet coke ;) so I have no idea about this stuff) I think the cucumbers and the bubbles are my favorite part. No, no it's the label. That is SO impressively done!! No seriously though I LOVE all of it! I hope you do more of these, they are beautiful!!

    And time management, I'm with Kathryn, what's that? I seem to manage the big stuff like paying bills, feeding and playing with children, and painting, but housework usually goes by the wayside. I know you will find a way though my friend, passion wins out every time!

  12. The Hendricks bottle (lettering and all) is so well done - and those olives and cucumber slices - wow, Sandra! You are off to a great start for the year! Unfortunately, I can't help with the time management issues :)!

  13. Glad to see that you are still as always producing marvellous art.

  14. Hi Sandra, you have started the new year with a fantastic painting, your Hendrick's Gin bottle is absolutely stunning. I can't imagine how many wonders you will show to us during the 2013!! Ciao!!!

  15. I'm so glad your back! What a wonderful painting, full of rich color. The cucumber slides are just awesome. I hope you had a wonderful holiday - best wishes in 2013!

  16. Sandra, it's fabulous!!! The writing on the bottle the glass with the fruit, it's just fabulous!!! I too share in your mourning for Christmas break. I really enjoy being able to sleep in and fall into my natural rhythm as a night owl. I can't get artistically motivated until 4pm. Time management is my downfall:((( If you figure out the secret to balancing it all please share:)

    Carrie Waller

  17. Amazing painting!
    Cute blog as well ^^
    Welcome back :P

  18. Your painting is amazing Sandra. I can't help with Time Management but looking at this painting my mind travelled back to when you were debating whether or not to paint as your teacher expected you to. I know it was a tough decision but I look at your Bears and Glasses full of my favourite beverages, and there is no doubt about the wisdom of your choice. You just keep getting better.

    Oh, Time Management? Delegate!! ;-)

  19. Time management is an elusive concept to me... never really get there... so no hope I am afraid... but hope you get it sorted so you get as much painting time as you can... I love this Gin painting... very very cool... I actually think it is one of my favourites... xx

  20. So beautiful Sandra:)This promises much for 2013! I also hope to see a lot of your lovely bears too! And: I'm sorry, I don't have any time left to manage:(

  21. Wow! What a start for the New Year, Sandra! This Hendricks Gin painting is fantastic! The dark background is perfect for this piece!! Now for the bears!!!!

  22. happy new year sandra ...really like the dark gin bottle ...hope you make lots of studio /painting time in 2013

  23. Sandra, if you ever come to Dallas, I will make you a Hendrick's and Elderflower drink. It is my favorite! You can try it at home, with tonic and a cucumber slice. It is divine. I am with you on the time management, but, I rather end my comment with the loveliness of Hendricks and Elderflower.

  24. Oh, HONEY - this is my FAVORITE gin, and I'm going to crash your cocktail party with Lianna if you ever get together! I've been thinking of painting it and I know it won't be as good as yours, but now I'm inspired! GOOD one!


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