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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'A Story Untold...'

'Here before me, sits a well travelled old bear, with such a fascinating story to tell... and yet he is almost entirely lost for words...

"I really am lost, you see?" He mumbled... 

"Oh, you poor, dear fellow..." I pondered as I nibbled the handle of my paintbrush.... "How am I to tell your story if so much of it is left untold?"

The bear sank forward and gazed at the photograph he kept so closely to him... but as I sat with him for many quiet hours, his story unfolded before me...'

 22" x 24" Oil on Canvas Panel

This is an epic blog post, but please read to the bottom if you have the time, because there is a way you can all help...

...Meet Bristol - At least this is the name he has been given for now :0)

I am limited as to how much information I can share about Bristol....
But I can tell you that the poor furry fellow was left in the departure lounge of Bristol Airport back in 2012 and since then, there has been an ongoing, worldwide search for his family.

Left with him was just one vital clue in the form of a postcard, dated 1918, with a photograph of two children on the front, one of them clutching the bear.

On the back of the postcard is written... 

'With dearest love and kisses to our darling Daddie from your loving little daughter 
and Sonnie. Dora and Glyn.' 

 'All dressed up in his frame'

My part of the story...

My Mum is the Queen of newspaper cuttings! Oh yes - If there is something of any interest in the paper, she will make a point of cutting it out and then leaving it strategically placed where I am most likely to see it the next time she pops in for a cuppa!
I don't read the newspaper you see - too busy in my own little bubble pretending that everything and everyone is all lovely... Yes, ignorance is bliss, if not always the best way to be...

Anyway, it so happens that one of her famous newspaper clippings was all about an abandoned bear...
and of course you all know that I would be always be interested in anything involving a bear... 
The poor thing has only one eye and part of one ear is hanging off - but he is 100 years old, so all in all I think he is in pretty good shape :0)

I kept the cutting for several weeks and couldn't help but wish I could meet him - I mean, he would make the PERFECT model for the final bear in my first series of eight... 
But it never occurred to me to actually ask until some weeks later.
He had been on my mind for so long and eventually I thought I would dare ask the question...
So I emailed Jacqui Mills at the airport, who has been on the case from day one and asked her if I might be able to borrow him for a while. Several emails later, Jacqui very kindly trusted me with Bristol and he embarked on yet another epic journey via courier, all the way from Bristol to me!

I was so sad to see him go when I had completed his painting. I couldn't help but bond with the little chap :0)

About the painting:

Again, I am limited as to what I can tell you about the reason I painted certain things (not actually found with the bear) such as the coins etc...
But - the petticoat hanging over the battered old suitcase is similar to that of the one the child in the photo was wearing... maybe this was Dora's luggage...?

And the sticky label on the suitcase has the first part of her name scrawled on it, in the same handwriting as is written on the back of the post card, inky finger prints, scribbles and all! But part of the name has been torn away. This is to depict without words, just how close they are to finding the real owners and yet also how far...

Of course it is very important that certain information remains undisclosed. This will help determine that anyone claiming the bear is Bristol's real owner :0)

How YOU can help:

So, the search goes on for Bristol's real family and I would love it if you would all help in his search by SHARING this story with as many people as you can, on your blogs, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages and asking your friends and followers to do the same... because you never know who might be the one to be able to lead poor, lost Bristol Bear, home to his family :0)

If anyone has any information that might help lead Bristol to his owners, please email Jacqui Mills at:

I am taking a festive bloggy break now, until the new year and I wanted to leave you with a link to a slide-show of my entire first series of bears which you can see here:

But before I go, I would like to thank each and everyone of my loyal followers for your continuing support and encouragement and for all of the wonderful comments I receive from around the world! You are truly precious!

I wish you all a magical Christmas and I hope 2014 bring good things to you all!

See you again soon :0)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Sketching... and baking!

I am quite sure that we are all finding it a little difficult to fit a great deal of painting in at the moment and it's not just me, right?
Once again, Christmas is hurtling towards us at such an alarming rate!

I still haven't finished Christmas shopping - or put our tree up for that matter... I've been procrastinating whilst envisaging a ten month old Labrador and a Christmas tree, covered in lots of twigs, branches and big shiny baubles, in the same room!
Hmm... this could be interesting...
I can't put it off for much longer so it will definitely go up some time this week. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, following the arrival in the post of my new grey toned sketchbook, I sat and sketched a glass...

Pastel, chacoal and pen

I do love working on toned paper!
The ellipses are a bit off, but it is only a sketch, so it doesn't matter :0)

Anyway -  I have something else, FAR more exciting to show you!
Meet our first grandchild - AKA 'The Sponge-Cake'...

Isn't he cute? (It's a baby boy)
He is baking away in our daughters oven as we speak and is due to pop out some time in April :0)

Anyway - I wonder if you can help...
They are trying to think of a boys name that is a little unusual, but not TOO odd ;0)
So, I thought that this would be the perfect place to get some ideas from around the globe!

Do any of you have some suggestions? If you do, we would love to hear them :0)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Completed Portrait... 'The Star'

And the reason for the title? Well, there's no question he has a 'rock star' look about him, right? 
He reminds me a little of a Rolling Stone! 
But he is also the landlord of our local pub, which is called 'The Star Inn'. So - an apt title all round I think!

He had no idea I even took the photo, let alone painted him - so, I thought it only right that he should have it :0)

Here it is framed...

As you can see, once again there are only subtle changes from the last stage. (Scroll down for stages one and two) I have simply added the wisps of smoke, twirling from his cigarette, I've warmed up some areas and added some cooler shadows in others.
I also adjusted his jawline as it wasn't quite right before.
Anyway - I think it has remained 'edgy' as I had planned, so I'm quite happy to leave it right here before I do too much and spoil it!

He is on holiday until Friday so I can't give it to him until then. Humph! 
I really hope he likes it :0)

In other news:

It seems that our son Charlie was feeling creative himself the other day.
He shut himself in the kitchen for quite sometime before walking back in to the lounge, proudly holding a swan which he had carved from an apple!

Of course I had to take a photo of his masterpiece...

Isn't it great? 

                                                                    ...Um.... Uh-oh!!

 Oh dear... It seems that the vacuum cleaner was also very impressed!

  Oh SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

WIP, Stage 2...

Okay, so following on from my previous post, which shows the first stage of this portrait - 
As promised, here is stage two...

The difference is subtle, but he has begun to look more three dimensional, don't you think?

I was actually tempted to leave it here. I like the sepia look - like an old photo almost.... 
It needs very little really, at least if I'm to maintain it's 'edgy' feel. 
So far so good!

In other news:

Don't you just LOVE receiving a parcel in the post?
Even when I have a pretty good idea of what is inside, there is something about opening a box that makes me feel like a kid again :0)

Last week I was excited to receive TWO things in the post that weren't bills!

Ooh... I wonder what these could be...

...Yay! It's my new sketch pad that I have been dying to try out...

And a hand made post card from my lovely Swedish friend Kay...

Isn't it gorgeous?

Kay makes all sorts of beautiful art work, usually in her journal. 
You can find her blog here, if you'd like to see more of it :0)
Thank you Kay!!

Anyway, the next post will be the completed portrait, so don't go away! ;0)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WIP... Stage one...

Oh, how nice it is to be back in the Art Studio!
And now the first series of eight bears is complete, it's quite the novelty being able to just paint whatever I fancy for a change!

On Saturday, I found myself drumming my fingers on my art desk, wondering what to paint. 
I had bought with me some rather lovely Christmas Baubles that were a possibility - but I just don't feel quite festive enough yet!

So, I browsed the 'possible paintings' folder on my iPad and came across a photo I had taken a few months ago. 
You know when you see a moment that just begs to be painted? Well it was one of those moments! This man is such a character and he looks quite the rock star in the photo! 

Anyway, I thought I would share the portrait with you in stages over the next week or so... (Oo-er... let's hope it turns out okay then!)
This is layer one, where I have established the basic structure of his face along with a pattern of lights and darks...

...Though he is a really colourful character, I am going to keep this as a relatively monochrome painting because I think it will compliment the style quite nicely. But regardless of colour, there are still a couple more layers to go yet. 

In the next layer, most of the sharp edges will disappear and the whole thing will become richer in depth... 
So, watch this space! 

It's going to be so nice to be blogging regularly again! 
I have missed it :0)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Calm before the Storm...

Hello my friends! It has been way too long! 
But I have been busy using every bit of my spare time over the last few weeks with the printers, getting all eight of my first series of bears to their final approved versions, just in time for Christmas!
Meanwhile, I hope you will 'bear' with me as I post rather ordinary drawings while my time is so limited...

Lately I have had no time to paint at all, but there is no excuse not to draw and on Sunday came the perfect opportunity :0)

It was an extremely blustery morning and we knew there was a storm due to hit us that night. But regardless of this, the Hub and I braved the weather and took the vacuum out for a walk, each with a steaming cup of tea in a thermal mug. 

We found ourselves caught in tropical rain fall at one point; wind taking our breath away... leaves and acorns smacking us in the face... hair whipping at our eyeballs... aah, it was all quite romantic really :0)

Once we were home, as the wind howled outside I sat at the kitchen table drawing as Sherlock lay on my feet. Meanwhile, the Hub was cooking a lovely Sunday roast which was wafting wonderful cooking smells in to the room...  
Mmmm...! What could be better?

Anyway, this is what I drew...


...Nothing special, more of an exercise in observation really...

Basic shapes first.


Adding darks.

Adding final touches...

...Drawing like this means no pressure, just plain therapeutic fun :0)
And sometimes it's nice not to have to wear overalls to do something arty! No messy paints... just a simple object, a few drawing tools and some paper. How refreshing!

Later as the wind grew more intense, we sat by the log fire with a glass of wine... I love Sundays like that! Needless to say we had a very noisy night. So noisy in fact, that we got up for a cup of tea at 2am!

We were quite lucky really. We lost a fair bit of our back fence and the electric gates had snapped. Nothing major -  though 100 trees in our area had come down... thankfully not on our heads - or on my Art studio!!!!

Monday, 30 September 2013

'Canine Vacuum Extrordinaire!'...

...A rather perfect description of my furry friend, don't you think? And I thought it up all by myself :0)
It wasn't  Kathryn Ragan that came up with it at all - cough, cough!!

Pah!  I am a useless liar! Okay, okay, so Kathryn came up with that and I STOLE it! I am a word thief! Mind you it's just as well, because some my own descriptions of Sherlock are quite frankly entirely unsuitable to write in a blog post! 

Anyway - rather than complain about the fact that the 'Canine Vacuum Extrordinaire' has been keeping me from the art studio while he has a bad leg - it seems that Sherlock has now become my furry model instead! 

And following my more comical sketch last week, this one is a little more developed and  looks just like the little dude :0)

Here he is, chilling out on the... um... yyyes - that'll be the coffee table...

.....Okay - so we really need to establish the rules on where exactly is acceptable for him to sit!

Anyway - there is a difference between 'finishing' a drawing and 'completing' one. 
In this case I had completed it at the point of just Sherlock and the coffee table. 
Once I stupidly began adding unnecessary detail like curtains, unfortunately, it was then finished!

My advise to anyone is to NEVER draw while chatting on the phone. For some odd reason during a conversation that went on a while, I found myself picking up my pencil and doodling some background on to what I had actually considered a completed drawing. Silly mistake and one to remember!

Ah well, it was never meant to be a serious portrait thankfully!

Anyway - here's how he developed...


Anyone new to my blog needs to scroll down some way to realise that my usual furry friends are bears and I'm not just about the dog! 

But for now, Sherlock is becoming rather famous, which might explain why his head is getting larger by the day!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Away with the Vacuum Cleaner...

As you know, I have been working on a bear that I am not allowed to show you just yet. 
It's almost complete, all but a few details. 
Ordinarily I would have posted the initial outline sketch, the tonal sketch, the under-painting and then finally the bear its self - so that's four weeks worth of posts that I haven't been able to blog! So, it's not so much that I haven't been painting, just that I can't show the results just yet.

I have also been held back significantly from painting by my vacuum cleaner, aka Sherlock.

The vacuum cleaner broke down    Sherlock has had a bad leg, which resulted in an operation :0(
This now means complete rest and NO walkies for six weeks minimum! 
It's a nightmare for me as well as for him - though if you read my last post, you will understand that having some time without him in the office has it's up side! ;0)

But - I feel SO guilty leaving him on his own when I work, that I've been spending much of my usual studio time keeping him company in the house instead of out there painting.

Anyway, desperate to at least draw something, I decided to bring my pencils inside and sketch the little guy again.
But this time I wasn't at all happy with the likeness. . . .

 . . .I just couldn't put my finger on what was wrong???

Hmm. . . wait a minute. . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . Aha!

. . . Yes!! That's MUCH better!! ;0)

Monday, 16 September 2013

It's a Dog Owners life...

As I lay in bed, not enjoying the fact that Paul is up following yet another 5.30am wake up call from Sherlock, I wondered what happened to the life I had pre-dog.

Bracing myself for another day in the office with my new fur covered assistant, I could hear Paul downstairs urging Sherlock to let go of his foot for the sixth time in as many minutes.

Soon after, it was just me... and him.

Sherlock greeted me in his usual way, tail wagging furiously with a mouth full of as many stuffed toys as he could possibly fit in, all the while making a muffled woofy sound. It was clear he was excited, by his suddenly apparent boy-bits making an unwelcome and frankly all too frequent appearance.
...Just a little off putting over breakfast.

The two off us head off to work - myself wondering how many emails and answer phone messages will be waiting for me, Sherlock wondering how long it will take him to annoy me enough, that I finally give in and give him his pigs ear.
Never did I think that my life would rely so heavily on various bits of dead animal skidding around my feet.

I unlock the office door and crunch my way over what can only be described as a forest floor. Through the carpet of mud, leaves and bits of tree still covering the floor from yesterdays antics - Sherlock does his usual and heads straight for the shelf where I keep the office dustpan and brush - not that it even resembles that anymore; the brush has half the bristles it used to and the dustpan is bent and full of holes...

As I fire up the computer and flick the kettle on for the first of my caffeine hits, my eyes fill with the dust and mud particles that are catapulted in to the air as Sherlock throws both himself and the dustpan around the floor.

Oh... It's going to be one of those days is it?

I fling open the patio doors and Sherlock heads straight outdoors to see what dangerous things he can dig up and eat. But on the plus side, at least that keeps him occupied while I try to do the best job I can of sweeping the floor with the half eaten dustpan and brush.

Within minutes, he presents me with a piece of barbed wire, which is not only dangerous for him as I try to remove it from his mouth, but also for my poor hands.
After a long and tedious wrestling match, he finally lets go and his mouth is thankfully fine - unlike my poor hand, which now has three small but painful puncture wounds from the barbed wire.

I wonder how on earth he finds these things in an area I have gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure it is a safe place for a delinquent puppy to burn off some of that relentless energy...
The mind boggles.

Then the phone rings. A customer.
It's always a challenge to concentrate on what someone is saying on the phone whilst trying to sound suitably proficient, all the time I have a 25kg Labrador dangling from my shoelaces. I suppose I just have to be thankful he is not humping my leg - though I am in no doubt that this will be the next phase of puppy ownership I have to look forward to.

The only way to prize him off my shoelace is to point my leg, complete with dog hanging from shoe, out of the patio door and then pull my leg back in slowly as I shut the door on my lace. Then I just pull continuously for several minutes until he finally bores. This seems to work quite well and I am becoming quite the pro at this nifty manoeuvre.

Sherlock tilts his head sideways and looks at me with those butter wouldn't melt eyes through the glass. For some strange reason I find myself opening the door and inviting him back inside. So now with both legs on my desk, one on either side of my keyboard, I begin answering the first of the twenty-eight emails I have to get through. I wonder, at what point did it become necessary in my job description to become a contortionist...?
Still, I am grateful that the person I am emailing can't see me at this moment - or what I ate for breakfast.

One email responded to - twenty-seven to go...
Somehow I find my mind wandering. I wonder why new puppy owners aren't entitled to maternity leave. After all, all human babies do is sleep and eat. They can't even move. Puppy's spend their first months unwittingly trying to kill themselves and driving their owners to drink! Maternity leave should be mandatory for puppy owners!

Sherlock settles down on his bed and finally I am able to put my legs on the floor instead of wrapped around my ears. I'm comfortable and all is calm... for now.  

The phone rings again. 
Now, I'm honestly not sure which is worse; trying to have a sensible conversation on the phone with dog hanging from shoe? Or trying to have a sensible conversation on the phone with head hanging out of window, whilst trying desperately to escape the eye-watering smell that Sherlock has just released in to my office.
He snores peacefully away while I am gagging into my sleeve...

Eventually, he awakes and decides that I am now a giant chew toy. At this point no part of me is safe. Apparently I am raising a crocodile, not a puppy. Finally I give in and shove a pigs ear in to his mouth. Off he trots with a satisfied look on his face.

I look at the clock... 9.37am. Joy.

Only five and a half hours of this to go before I finally get to go home and kick off my shoes, remembering of course that I have only seconds to pick them up and hang them on the puppy proof high level shoe rack before they get eaten.

Then I will make my self a nice cup of tea and sit on my once red sofa - which is now covered in rust coloured fur. I will bury my feet in to my once cream carpet, which is now a colour I can't even describe and I will spend some time trying to remember when I didn't smell of dog, my clothes weren't covered in paw prints and my socks weren't covered in dog slobber.

Overwhelmed by it all, I wonder again what happened to my life pre dog...  But then I look in to those beautiful puppy eyes...

...Do I really care?

Then I nuzzle up to his soft furry cheek and he seems to sense that now would not be the best time to chew my ear...

...What a good boy he is :0)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bits and bobs...

Since posting bear number 7, 'Art', I've been very busy with bear number 8, which I have a deadline to complete. 
But I thought it was high time I posted on my blog to let you know that I'm still actually here and I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet!! :0)

Anyway, since I have nothing new to share right now, I thought I'd post a few odd bits and bobs I've been doing...

So, just as you thought it was safe to pop over to my blog - here is that PEAR again!!
But I wanted to show it to you all framed and next to the apple :0)

...Makes a nice pear pair, don't you think?

And I also decided it was high time I got some sketches mounted, wrapped and ready to put up for sale, since I hadn't got around to it yet. (It's the postage that throws me!)

Anyway - remember these..?

And this..?

And how about a little Bumble Bee for good measure...

My next  goal is to set up an online store. But meanwhile the main reason for getting my bum in to gear was because I was due to do an open air summer fate and my daughter had persuaded me to have my own art stall :0)

I agreed to do it as long as Mum would come along and help - I'm such a wimp!. But after all, for me it would feel equally as exposing as standing naked in the middle of the street!!

Anyway, she agreed and I took some photo's of my stall as we began to set it up...

I had an area for sketches...

...and an area for glass paintings...

Then it was time to think about setting up an area for my bear prints, which would be a challenge...

But before we had even finished setting up and within ten minutes of the event opening, it suddenly went dark and the heavens opened! Yes - out of nowhere came nothing short of a tropical rain storm - complete with thunder and lightning, fresh from an American horror film!!!

So, no sooner had we got the stall even to this stage, it was all being loaded back in to Mums car!!!

But - I did sell a greetings card! Haha!
And the following day someone contacted me to buy my 'Hot Voddy' painting, which they hadn't had a chance to buy, so it wasn't a complete waste of time! :0)

Anyway - all the spare time I have at the moment, which isn't much, is going on bear 8. So I am still painting, honest!!

I hope you enjoyed my little catch up in the mean time :0)

Back soon!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

This is 'Art'...

...And by 'This is Art', I mean as in short for 'Arthur' - I don't mean it in any conceited kind of a way ;0)

'Art, Short for Arthur'  20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Board 

Arthur, proved an absolute nightmare to photograph - My iPad camera just didn't pick out the detail or clarity of the painting, which is so frustrating!

Anyway - as often seems to happen, bears find their way to me with no name. I think it's quite sad to have no name, don't you? So the first thing I have to do, is give them one :0)
'Art' seemed the obvious choice for this little fellow, not least because it's a cute name for a cute bear, but also because of the theme of his painting - wouldn't you agree?


Okay - so he has a label saying 'Poor little old Ted' - but I think that in this case, 'Ted' is short for teddy and it's not meant to be his name.

Besides, I have already painted 'Ted's Bear' and 'Big Ted on Beethoven'

Not all bears can be named Ted! They want a unique name just as we do ;0)
So, 'Art', short for 'Arthur' it is :0)

Anyway, since completing 'Art', I have already begun bear number 8, who just happens to have a very interesting story behind him...
In fact - not only have I composed him, completed my full sized tonal sketch, toned my canvas and transferred my lines - but I have also completed both layers of my under-painting!

So - as much as it might seem like I haven't been in my studio much recently, I really have and much more so than usual - but the frustrating thing is, that I'm not allowed to share any of it with you just yet - so I can't even show you my sketch and under-painting! 

It's a long story and I promise that the moment I am able to share it with you, I will :0)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed 'Art' :0)

Back again soon!! :0)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Are you a 'no-reply' blogger?

Hello my bloggy friends!
I'd thought I'd share a sketch with you today - one I did yesterday  :0)


Just spreading the joy, lol!! ;0)

No wonder the poor girl is crying - she has clearly waxed her eyebrow off! 
So I thought I ought to add one...

There - that's better :0)

I LOVE doing sketches like this! I should do more of them - they are SO therapeutic!
Meanwhile, I have been plodding along with the latest bear and it is nearly done! It's just text and detail I need to add now. 
I love this part!!  :0)

Anyway - before I go, recently a couple of fellow bloggers have mentioned that when they try to reply to my comments, I come up as a 'No Reply' blogger, making it difficult for them to respond directly if they choose.
This has been a problem for me since I linked my blog to Google +, but it can also be a problem even for those with a basic blogger profile.

I have found the same issue with several people who leave comments on my own work - In fact, more than half of the comments left for me come up as 'No Reply'.
If you are one of them, it means that if I reply on my blog roll, you won't be aware without re-visiting. So I generally seek out your email via other means and reply to comments that way. It's time consuming, but when someone takes the trouble to leave a comment, I always make it a priority to reply :0)

But there is a really simple solution to the problem, whether you have a basic blogger or a Google + profile and I found the answer to both, through a great website called 'Fluster Buster' (link below).
So, if you have the same issue and want to know how I solved it:
Click here for a quick, easy way to fix the problem.

If you have found this a help - please share it with your own followers.
I'm quite sure that, like me, most bloggers don't even realise that they are set as a 'No Reply'!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


So, here is that pear - which, by the way was a total nightmare to photograph and is a little brighter in reality than it appears here...

8" x 8" Oil on canvas panel
(click pear for a larger image)

I'm sure you remember the many layers of the apple and the olives
Well this time I omitted that, oh so time consuming monochrome or 'dead layer' to see if it would make any difference to the finished painting
Although the result isn't affected, I will say that by taking the extra time to do the monochrome layer, it does make painting the top layers a lot quicker and easier! So leaving it out didn't speed the process as much as I imagined it would.

Anyway, it makes a nice partner for the apple, which I have now had framed, ready to sell...

Framing a painting is rather like getting dressed, don't you think? 
If you do it well, it finishes it off quite nicely :0)

I've enjoyed painting fruit and I feel some more fruity paintings bubbling up in my head... Perhaps with some water droplets and maybe a few other things to add some interest...
Hmm... I'm feeling inspired!

Oh, before I go, for all of you fitness fanatics out there, my Brother-in-Law, Andy, has just started a fitness blog. You can see it here if your interested in following along or are in need of some fitness motivation! There is even a photo of me and Andy on our bike ride from John O'Groats to Lands End! 

I must have been completely bonkers!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Yoo-hooooo... I'm ba-aack....

Remember me? That girl who used to post weekly on her blog...?
Well, I am back at last - even if it is with a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy piece of art!

A few days ago, my Sister-in-Law asked me to paint a badger in the corner of the house sign she had just had made...

 And why a badger...?

It only took about half an hour, but I really enjoyed it!

Meanwhile, I received this text from my own Sister, who had obviously just had another look at my blog to see if I had actually posted anything yet...

 ...So, I decided that even though the badger is only about 3" square, I would post it anyway!

I imagine you might have thought that I haven't been painting at all, but actually I have - even with the distraction of the new vacuum cleaner, AKA Sherlock!

You may remember I was finding being responsible for a new puppy and painting, quite the challenge! Well, something had to give - and I decided that for the sake of my sanity, I needed to take the pressure off and have a break from blogging. I needed to just paint when I could until things had settled in to a routine again.

Anyway, the vacuum cleaner is getting used to things now and I am finally able to paint a little more, without having to worry so much about what he is hoovering up!
I ought to be posting the finished pear, only it isn't quite finished yet - but nothing a few more brush strokes won't achieve. 

What I have actually been concentrating on is the new bear :0)
I have really been getting stuck in and so far, it has practically been painting its self!
I am really enjoying this one. I'd say I am around 2/3 of the way through it now. 
So you see, I could have done all sorts of emergency posts, but then I wouldn't have got any of the bear done at all!

Anyway - in case you haven't already been introduced to the new vacuum...

...By the way, the vacuum cleaner is the one on the right - the one on the left is now entirely redundant!


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