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Monday, 17 December 2012

Drawing with a smile...

I've been loving all of the festive posts in the world of blog lately.
I had hoped to paint some Christmas baubles myself, but I don't think I'll have enough time!

Anyway - let me introduce you to Rowland... (you can click on the image to see it larger :0)

Isn't he a dish? ;0)

How is it that just like a yawn, a smile is SO infectious! And none more so than this one :0)

Rowland is my Cousin-in-Law, who sadly passed away when he was still young. 
Last week, it was it the tenth anniversary of that day and soon after, it was his Mum's 70th birthday. So, though I've wanted to draw Rowland for a long time, now seemed like the right time to do it.

Though I didn't have the chance to get to know him very well, I do know that he had has a wicked sense of humour - but for fear of sounding like a complete loon, I'd best not elaborate!!
All I will say, is that is was fun getting to know him a little better during the last couple of weeks ;0)

In the photograph that Rowland's Brother gave me to refer to, Roland has the cheesiest grin on his face, which as you probably already know, is by no means easy to draw!

Coincidentally, soon after completing the portrait, I received one of Robert Genn's Twice Weekly Newsletters on that very subject - 'The Closed Mouth Convention'.
If you have the time, it's a really good read! It's all about the difficulty of painting teeth and why the great masters used to avoid doing just that!

But I believe that it's equally important to be able to capture the smile in someones eyes and not just their mouth. 
Without conveying that, then however perfect the drawing, it will never convince!


  1. Sandra, you have done an absolutely magnificent job of this portrait!!! What a very handsome young man, and yes, he does have the cheesiest smile and laughing eyes. I am very sorry he is no longer with us. But I think you have created a superb portrait, and I know his family will love it always.

  2. I will definitely read that article as soon as I leave you, Sandra!! I've been practicing my "teeth" in a painting and I think I finally got it! However, like Roland, this beautiful young lady passed away in a car accident about a year ago and I don't want to put it on the blog until the time is right. This is a beautiful portrait and I know it will be cherished by the family!!

  3. You definitely did a gorgeous job. He's so very happy and so handsome.! love to you,Diana

  4. This is a lovely portrait. To be able to give someone such an amazing gift is something to be proud of. I have heard that she was delighted with it!

  5. What a wonderful portrait, Sandra! His eyes and his smile definitely sparkle!

  6. A great portrait of a handsome young man, Sandra.

  7. What a handsome guy!! But it is your skill that portrays him as so happy. I love what you've done with this, it is amazing Sandra. Your drawing skills are top notch!! Looking at this I can tell he has a sense of humor (please now you must elaborate!) :)

  8. He looks like a fine young man and you've done a first class job of this portrait Sandra.

  9. Sandra, nobody has or ever will give me such a wonderful gift. You have captured my beautiful son's zest for life and great sense of humour perfectly. He now has pride of place on my living room wall and I can't stop looking at him. Instead of tears I now can't help but smile back at him. Much love to you, my talented niece-in-law. xx

  10. Hi Sandra, you did a fantastic portrait of this unlike handsome young man. What a pity that a look and a smile so beautiful are no longer here. His family will certainly appreciate this lovely portrait. Hug!

  11. I have recently been answering all comments direct through email. I do hope you are all getting my replies! Let me know if not :0)

  12. Sandra, what a fantastic job you've done here. And I also wanted to say thank you for your comment on my last post.(I'm not sure how to send replies at the post )
    I know you're close to your Dad, and thats why you appreciated it so much. Thank you again.. A big hug to you .. Have a Merry Christmas BJ

  13. I can only say I am moved by this post and leave it at that.

  14. He is a dish! Good job drawing teeth! I know how hard that is.

  15. Sandra. What a wonderful gift to give to my mother. She absolutely loves it (as do I). You have really captured his good looks, sense of humour and zest for life. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. This drawing will always remain in our family and I really can't thank you enough. Lots of love, Jeremy xxx

  16. Dear Sandra, what a beautiful gift of love you have given Jean. Not only have you captured his lovely smile and glittering eyes, but you have shown his playful personality. This will give Jean such happiness, every day she looks at him. Love Linda xxx

  17. Dear Sandra,You have captured a beautiful boy who was so happy,cheeky and handsome.Rowland will live on forever in the amazing portrait that you have produced,and its so great that I can now look at my wonderful son again each and every day for the rest of my life.Love Richard xx

  18. He is a dish! You are great at doing portraits.


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