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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

And One for the Lady...

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends and followers, Nicola from 'Nic's eARTh' commissioned me to paint some glasses, as a birthday present for her Husband.
She wanted a painting of a pint glass and a short glass, which represents their tipple of choice.
What a nice idea :0)

It seems that my glass paintings are quite popular as gifts for men, because so far all of the ones I have sold have been brought by women for their husbands!

I'll be starting a new one shortly. This time, a bottle of Hendrick's Gin and along side it, a glass full of Gin and Tonic, with layers of ice and cucumber. 

It should be quite an interesting one to paint - especially with all of those tiny bubbles! :0)

Anyway, with the New-Year fast approaching, I've been thinking about setting my self a new list of goals for 2013. 
As much as I should be realistic, I've always believed that if you reach for the moon, you may or may not get there - but if you reach for the stars, you will almost certainly reach the moon and possibly even further! So reach for the stars I will :0)

How about you? Have you set your self any goals for the New-year yet? I'd love to know what they are :0)


  1. Beautiful Sandra, It looks great! I can see why they're popular gifts : ) As for resolutions? Hmm. Haven't thought about them yet. I love reading but maybe I'll make a formal goal to read a novel a month. What are yours? : )

  2. Oh my word!!! I LOVE IT! thank you so much Sandra, it's perfect! I'll email you my address now. It'll be the first original artwork for our new home (apart from my own which don't seem to count in the same way!)

  3. I simply LOVE your glass paintings Sandra. The way you capture them while still leaving some spots empty is the best part I think. And how do you get it to blend so well? I always had trouble with that with acrylics. These are acrylics aren't they?

    And I love your star version of goals. I've always felt the same, but you said it much nicer than I did. I like to make goals that I know I can reach just so I can cross them off. ;) Tee hee.

  4. Wow, fabulous, Sandra! I haven't thought much about goals for next year yet. But there are some in the back of my mind about painting. Maybe I should write them down.

  5. Per ardua ad astra ...... The glass paintings are really top-class, Sandra...honestly! I have become fascinated by paintings of glass and have been enthralled by many artists, none, I might add, that were better the yours, in fact the contrary!

    We have reserved January as our 'planning-month' in which we plot how we will take over the (art) world! At least define our strengths and weaknesses and target specific markets we feel we can develop

  6. I have to sneak up on goals or else I freak myself out... not necessarily a bad thing as we all need a good freak out... however one thing I will not be putting on my list is to try to paint glass... I would fall sooooo short of your wonderfulness I may not recover!!!
    PS lucky Nic's husband.... he is going to love that...xx

  7. Your glass paintings are absolutely fantastic, Sandra!!! As far as 2013...I'd like to join another workshop..maybe do some plein air...(so much to little time!!!..LOL)

  8. Love the idea of reaching for the stars and passing the moon on the way! Can't wait to see the gin and tonic painting!

  9. Another nice painting.

    Goals - I'll do that on Jan 1st before I head to UK for 3 weeks.

  10. Gorgeous painting, and what a wonderful present, he's going to love it! I haven't made a list of goals for 2013 yet, but I have a few ideas of what I would like to make happen. Some of them do feel like reaching for the stars, but then 2012 so far seems to have turned into a quite unexpected trip to the moon, so anything seems possible right now, even the impossible. We'll see.

  11. you are a master, your glass paintings are fascinating!! congratulations on the sales and i'm looking forward to seeing more.

  12. Very cool! Looks awesome.
    Happy Holidays

  13. congratulation sandra on the sale great pint glass ! ... look foward to the next in the series's good to set goals

  14. Beautiful glasses! I'm sure they'll be treasured :)

    New Year, I want to get the first draft of my novel finished! and paint a bit, too :lol:

  15. Hello Sandra,
    I really liked the glasses. The effects of transparency, cleaning the paint, with tasteful colors. It all adds to the beauty of one of his most beautiful works!
    A big hug

  16. Really amazing, very very very very good done.

  17. Hello Sandra:) Unbelieveble!! How do you do that? Very beautiful Sandra. My compliments:)


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