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Friday, 21 December 2012

The Wonderful World of William...

Do you remember how magical Christmas was when we were small? 
And do you remember back then, when we used to just draw because we knew we could? 
We never questioned the result - everything was our own little masterpiece!

It's such a shame that as we get older, we question ourselves isn't it? 
Why on earth can we not just draw and love what we create, regardless of whether 'the perspective is right' or 'the tonal values are true'.

Oh to draw from the mind of a child! 
Don't you just love that idea?

Anyway - On that note, I decided that instead of sharing my carefully rendered Gin bottle with you today, I would instead share my Nephew, Williams own little carefree Christmas masterpiece!

By William Fountain

He has drawn with no questions and purely for the pleasure of drawing - and so he has created a little bit of wonderfulness! 
A perfect, unquestionable masterpiece! 

Don't you agree?

This is my final post of 2012 and I won't be back until the new year.
But before I go, I wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy, creative New-Year! 

I also want to thank all of you for your continuing encouragement and support - I am quite sure that I wouldn't have come nearly so far without you :0)

Merry Christmas!!!

PS. For my last couple of posts, I have been responding to comments direct through email rather than on the blog roll - but I'm not sure it's working! So, if you have left a comment but not got a response by email, could you let me know so I can go back to the old way of doing it?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Drawing with a smile...

I've been loving all of the festive posts in the world of blog lately.
I had hoped to paint some Christmas baubles myself, but I don't think I'll have enough time!

Anyway - let me introduce you to Rowland... (you can click on the image to see it larger :0)

Isn't he a dish? ;0)

How is it that just like a yawn, a smile is SO infectious! And none more so than this one :0)

Rowland is my Cousin-in-Law, who sadly passed away when he was still young. 
Last week, it was it the tenth anniversary of that day and soon after, it was his Mum's 70th birthday. So, though I've wanted to draw Rowland for a long time, now seemed like the right time to do it.

Though I didn't have the chance to get to know him very well, I do know that he had has a wicked sense of humour - but for fear of sounding like a complete loon, I'd best not elaborate!!
All I will say, is that is was fun getting to know him a little better during the last couple of weeks ;0)

In the photograph that Rowland's Brother gave me to refer to, Roland has the cheesiest grin on his face, which as you probably already know, is by no means easy to draw!

Coincidentally, soon after completing the portrait, I received one of Robert Genn's Twice Weekly Newsletters on that very subject - 'The Closed Mouth Convention'.
If you have the time, it's a really good read! It's all about the difficulty of painting teeth and why the great masters used to avoid doing just that!

But I believe that it's equally important to be able to capture the smile in someones eyes and not just their mouth. 
Without conveying that, then however perfect the drawing, it will never convince!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

And One for the Lady...

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends and followers, Nicola from 'Nic's eARTh' commissioned me to paint some glasses, as a birthday present for her Husband.
She wanted a painting of a pint glass and a short glass, which represents their tipple of choice.
What a nice idea :0)

It seems that my glass paintings are quite popular as gifts for men, because so far all of the ones I have sold have been brought by women for their husbands!

I'll be starting a new one shortly. This time, a bottle of Hendrick's Gin and along side it, a glass full of Gin and Tonic, with layers of ice and cucumber. 

It should be quite an interesting one to paint - especially with all of those tiny bubbles! :0)

Anyway, with the New-Year fast approaching, I've been thinking about setting my self a new list of goals for 2013. 
As much as I should be realistic, I've always believed that if you reach for the moon, you may or may not get there - but if you reach for the stars, you will almost certainly reach the moon and possibly even further! So reach for the stars I will :0)

How about you? Have you set your self any goals for the New-year yet? I'd love to know what they are :0)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Making Christmas Cards Matter :0)

I can't share with you what I've been working on this week, because it's a gift for someone very special and since they follow my blog, they might see!

So, instead I'll show you a Christmas card that I designed and printed, to send out to my family and friends...

And the story of the little bear is printed on the inside...

'Who, me?'

By Sandra Busby, 2012

...The little golden bear stared back at me with an innocent yet guilty look on his face.

..."Yes, you, little bear."
"Twas not me" he replied with a somewhat glazed expression.

"Why of course it was you!" I chuckled.
The little bear thought for a moment. "But how do you know it was me?"

"I know it was you, you dear little fellow, for only a bear would add ice to an apple brandy!"

I sniffed the apply aroma that filled the air."
Is it rather lovely?" I asked.

"Oh yes, he replied. It is rather lovely indeed!"

For so long, all of my arty friends have been sending me cards that they have had printed themselves and I have always thought that it is such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do. It just seems like that extra little bit of effort has been made and I always really appreciate that.

I, on the other hand am disorganised by nature and so have never actually got around to it myself - until finally, this year when I decided to get my act together and for once not send out my cards on December the 23rd, lol! 

This year I wanted to send a special card out to everyone and it felt so much nicer than scrawling inside cards left over from the year before! 
Not only that, but it's my way of showing my appreciation to those people who have offered me continuous encouragement throughout the year - How lovely you all are :0)

Anyway - I don't have the addresses of all of my bloggy friends (unless you would like to give it to me), so this one is for you :0)


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