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Thursday, 29 November 2012

When tears are good...

I promised you a change from glass and bears today, so here it is - my latest pencil portrait commission...

(I recommend clicking on the image to see it larger)

I was asked to draw a friends dad, who'd passed away seventeen years ago.
Sadly, she had just a couple of photographs of him and they were quite small and out of focus. But this meant so much to her that I just had to give it a try.

I was so nervous when she came to collect him - but I had no need to be because she loved it so much that she cried :0)

I've since finished another pencil portrait and next up is a new glass commission, which I'm doing for a fellow Artist. And what better compliment is there, than being asked to paint something by another Artist? :0)

In other news........... 


Sherlock now has a new home!

I actually managed to hand him over, though I'm quite sure that Sherlock's new 'adoptive parents' as they call themselves, must have thought I was completely bonkers as I hugged the painting goodbye!

Go on - admit it - You think I'm as daft as a brush too ;0)

Since then I have had an email from Sherlock himself, telling me all about his adventures so far - along with this poem written by his new owner...


All you see is an old bear.
Look a little closer, if you dare.
My persona you will see is in full view.
There, the pennies dropped, you have a clue.

A magnifying glass gives me away.
Oh it’s ‘Sherlock’ I hear someone say.
It wasn’t hard once you paid attention.
But where is ‘Watson?’ I hear you mention.

Sometimes I need to sit alone,
To ponder, pace and even roam,
It helps to get my grey matter working.
In my line of work there is no shirking.

Crimes to solve, work to do.
Searching closely for each clue.
Ponder this, and then ponder that.
Thinking about it, ‘Where’s my hat?’

My pipe is missing, I double blink.
Instead I’m wearing a ribbon of pink!
I bet you’re thinking, ‘He looks a ‘Dandy’.
Disguise I find can be quite handy.

To help me solve a crime sometimes.
It helps to read between the lines.
I eliminate both the ‘impossible’ and the ‘improbable’.
This leads us to the truth inevitable

So now I come to the end of my tale
This old bear will never be stale
Paintings like me you’ll find are few.
Because while you sleep, I have things to do.

© of Kathy

Isn't that wonderful?  
Now you can see why I was able to hand him over :0)


  1. So well done Sandra, I can understand why it was so emotional for her...

    Glad to hear Sherlock is doing well. !!!

  2. The twice I've met you I wouldn't have said bonkers but hugging a picture hmmm :P Glad Sherlock's gone to a good home and he's inspiring his new owner.

  3. Bonjour Sandra :)
    Ce portrait est superbe, expressif, et très réaliste.

  4. Sandra, what a wonderful and happy post!!! The portrait is fabulous, and I am so glad it moved your friend to tears [you know what I mean.] And it sounds like Sherlock has found the perfect home!!! The poem is delightful. :)

  5. Sandra I'm so happy that all these good things are happening for you. :) That is such good news! And I'm so happy that Sherlock found a good home. ;) Obviously they love him to pieces, and your pencil portrait is just beautiful!

  6. I understand. So glad Sherlock went to a lady who loves him too. Beautiful Pencil portrait. love to you,Diana

  7. Love the new look blog! It's a beautiful portrait and I think it's a huge compliment when art reduces the recipient to tears - the first dog portrait I did had the same effect!
    I can totally relate to the hugging the painting goodbye thing too - I felt the same way packing up my cow even though it was staying in the family so to speak!! how lovely that she took the time to write a poem about Sherlock!

  8. Oooh Sandra:) Sherlock did just get the perfect adoptive parents! I would feel exact the same as you by saying goodbye to Sherlock. I'm a bit sensitive too:)
    Your portrait is beautiful. I'm so happy for you your friend liked it too!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  9. I don't think that brushes are daft so that must mean that you aren't daft either... as for the poem... how absolutely awesome is that... so nice to know he will be loved...
    the fresh look on the blog shows off your beautiful work amazingly...xx

  10. Sherlock has found a loving home and he will be cherished forever! What a nice portrait, Sandra - your drawing skills are excellent!

  11. That portrait is fab. Almost alive. You have done awesome job on that.
    And Sherlock's poetry is funny. :)
    Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Hi Sandra, I'm happy for you and......for Sherlock! Congratulations also for the beautiful portrait, you are an Artist with the capital "A"! (in Italy we say...."sei un artista con la A maiuscola", to say that you are a very good artist!!). Have a good week end!

  13. Sounds as if Sherlock has landed on his feet. Bonkers? Of course you are ... and so are we for also referring to some old dried paint daubed on a canvas as if it's alive. But that just goes to show what a truly outstanding artist you are.
    Love the portrait. I have a new portrait commission and I'll be pleased if I can do half as well as you. ;)

  14. Lovely pencil portrait - and a wonderful new home for Sherlock! xx

  15. Wonderful portrait, Sandra! And so good to hear Sherlock found perfect adoptive parents!

  16. Something elementary about Sherlock's Homes' my dear Watson. You are busy, Sandra, but it's all good busy isn't it?

    Great portrait!

  17. Marvellous. Would so love to commission a painting of this quality. Keep up the great work


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