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Thursday, 29 November 2012

When tears are good...

I promised you a change from glass and bears today, so here it is - my latest pencil portrait commission...

(I recommend clicking on the image to see it larger)

I was asked to draw a friends dad, who'd passed away seventeen years ago.
Sadly, she had just a couple of photographs of him and they were quite small and out of focus. But this meant so much to her that I just had to give it a try.

I was so nervous when she came to collect him - but I had no need to be because she loved it so much that she cried :0)

I've since finished another pencil portrait and next up is a new glass commission, which I'm doing for a fellow Artist. And what better compliment is there, than being asked to paint something by another Artist? :0)

In other news........... 


Sherlock now has a new home!

I actually managed to hand him over, though I'm quite sure that Sherlock's new 'adoptive parents' as they call themselves, must have thought I was completely bonkers as I hugged the painting goodbye!

Go on - admit it - You think I'm as daft as a brush too ;0)

Since then I have had an email from Sherlock himself, telling me all about his adventures so far - along with this poem written by his new owner...


All you see is an old bear.
Look a little closer, if you dare.
My persona you will see is in full view.
There, the pennies dropped, you have a clue.

A magnifying glass gives me away.
Oh it’s ‘Sherlock’ I hear someone say.
It wasn’t hard once you paid attention.
But where is ‘Watson?’ I hear you mention.

Sometimes I need to sit alone,
To ponder, pace and even roam,
It helps to get my grey matter working.
In my line of work there is no shirking.

Crimes to solve, work to do.
Searching closely for each clue.
Ponder this, and then ponder that.
Thinking about it, ‘Where’s my hat?’

My pipe is missing, I double blink.
Instead I’m wearing a ribbon of pink!
I bet you’re thinking, ‘He looks a ‘Dandy’.
Disguise I find can be quite handy.

To help me solve a crime sometimes.
It helps to read between the lines.
I eliminate both the ‘impossible’ and the ‘improbable’.
This leads us to the truth inevitable

So now I come to the end of my tale
This old bear will never be stale
Paintings like me you’ll find are few.
Because while you sleep, I have things to do.

© of Kathy

Isn't that wonderful?  
Now you can see why I was able to hand him over :0)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'After Hours ll'

There was a time when I apologised to you in case I was boring you with bears.
Now I am probably boring you with glasses!

Still, I have something completely different to post soon - a pencil portrait.
And after that, I plan to work on a new painting of a bottle of 'Hendricks Gin' with a full glass next to it, complete with ice and cucumber, as I'm told it should be served.
So plenty of variety coming soon, I promise!

Until then, here is the second of my glass paintings that I did last week...

And they look rather nice as a pair, don't you think...?

...So, I've called them 'After Hours l' and 'After Hours ll.' :0)

My personal preference is the plain glass. 
Cut glass is nice, but I prefer painting it when it has a drink inside, because it does such wonderful things with colour :0)

And I am still giving the bears my attention of course - just not much right now! I'm making the most of the Christmas period and selling some smaller works while I can! :0) 

Oh yes - there it is - the 'C' word! I can't believe it is almost here already! 
Charlie has been telling me how many days, hours and seconds it is at every opportunity - Gaaagh!

Am I the only one who isn't remotely organised?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

How do we let go of a painting we love?

Well, it's been a productive week for me.
Since my last post I have sold another glass painting and I've also completed two more to replace them. 

Here's the first of the two replacements...


...I'll post the other one in a few days.
Let's hope they sell as quickly as the last two did! 

Meanwhile, I received an email last week from a lady enquiring about how she can get hold of one of my original bear paintings - namely 'Sherlock'...

...This is good news, right?

Well, although I have limited edition prints available - I hadn't actually put the originals up for sale yet!
The plan was to get the series complete and then hold an exhibition, where the bears would be available to buy. But that was to be some way ahead, so I hadn't considered how selling one of the bears might actually feel.

I'm always so chuffed to sell my other work, but somehow the prospect of selling an original bear makes me feel quite emotional - even though that was always the intention! 

Sherlock and I go back a long way and if the lady does decide to buy the bear, then handing him over will be really hard! *sniff, sniff*...

Still, she does sound as though she would love Sherlock just as I do, which helps a lot :0)
I'm not sure I could hand him over to just anyone! 

Is this the same for all Artist's? Or am I alone here?
Have any of you had a painting, which you have been so connected with, that you have found it really hard to let go of ? 

I'd love to hear your own stories - if only to make me feel less ridiculous!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I'm back. Humph :0(
But we had a lovely holiday!

It is very hard to get back in to the swing of things straight away. I've been buried in washing since Tuesday, not to mention trying to catch up with all of my office work. The cupboards are bare so I need to go shopping tonight and I have countless emails and other things to catch up on! All this whilst trying to adjust to the 5hr time difference... yaaaaaaawn....

So forgive me if I have nothing new to show you just yet. 
And doubly forgive me that I haven't had a chance to answer your lovely comments on my last post as I normally would, or catch up with your own blogs while I have been away. But your comments were a joy to read when I got home :0)

Anyway, just so I have something to offer - here is a sneaky progress picture of the latest bear painting, which I took just before we went away... (Click on the photo for a larger image)


Some good news...

And the good news is that this painting of the glasses in my previous post...

...SOLD while I was away - Yay!

I was doubly chuffed because it's the first time I have actually displayed one of my original paintings other than on my blog and it sold within a week! 

Other news... 


In other news, I also received something very exiting in the post the day after our return.
It was this painting by Tracey Fletcher-King...

...which I was lucky enough to win! I was SO chuffed when I opened it up!

Tracey is completely bonkers - just like me - and if you haven't yet had the fortune to find her blog and read all about her crazy antics down-under, then you really must, because you are missing out on some proper giggling sessions!

Anyway - I find that photographs rarely do art the justice it deserves and this is no exception because when I opened the pears they were even more GORGEOUS than they are here! 
So, my thanks to Tracey. I LOVE them :0)

Anyway - this post is short and sweet so I can catch up on all of that other stuff I spoke about. I just wanted to say hello to you all and let you know that I'm back :0)

My next painting day is on Saturday and I can't wait to get that paint brush in my hand again!
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a random fact...

Random fact... 


Films I watched on the plane:

  • Ted  (Hilarious! Well of course I had to watch a film about a Teddy!)
  • Happy feet (I admit, I enjoyed!)
  • Ice Age, the continental drift (Hmm... It's becoming apparent that I have the mind of a twelve year old???)
  • Pride and Prejudice (Ooh, how cultural! I had never seen it and thought was totally fab. Slightly in love with Mr. Darcy myself, in fact!)    

One more important thing...

We were shocked to see the images from New York whilst we were away. So my thoughts go out to those New Yorkers who have been affected. I really hope everyone is safe now. xxx


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