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Monday, 8 October 2012

The Big Art Secret...

Before I put up my next post this week, I thought I would share this worthy cause.
There will be an ebay link on their Facebook page should anyone across the pond be interested :0)

'In a special fund raising collaboration Towner, the contemporary art museum for South East England, and St Wilfrid's Hospice are staging ‘The Big Art Secret’ - an exciting exhibition and secret auction of original postcard sized art by celebrities, regional and nationally known artists and by local people and hospice patients. 

The auction aims to raise much needed funds for the Hospice’s new campaign - Campaign Hospice Reach – a campaign to transform end of life care for every person in our community.

The Big Art Secret features post card sized art which is signed on the back so that the identity of the artist remains secret until the end of the auction, when all is revealed. 
 The exhibition and auction has attracted national attention, and now features works by David Hockney, Tracey Emin, David Cameron and even David Dimbleby. There are over 500 pieces being exhibited and auctioned as part of the initiative. You could bag yourself a bargain if you can spot a masterpiece!

The exhibition at Towner in Eastbourne runs from 13 – 20 October with the eBay auction of all works running from 11 – 21 October.


  1. Thanks Sandra - I'll give it a look later on when I have 5 mins

  2. hi sandra! a wonderful cause. i'll take a good look, thank you.

    and thank you too for your wonderfully kind words on my blog. as always, they mean so very much. i'm taking it a day at a time and some days it works and some it doesn't. i continue to talk to tim constantly.

    and thank you for your comments on the portrait. working, when i'm able, helps so very much.

    love the bears that you're working on as well! hope you and the family are doing well. hugs, suz

  3. What a great initiative, Sandra! A good cause.

  4. I hadn't heard about this Sandra so thanks for the heads up. What a brilliant idea and what a great cause. I'll go and check it out.

  5. Sounds like this is going to be wonderful fun - and for a great cause as well!

  6. What an awesome thing to do. :)) I love this idea, so glad you shared it Sandra. :)

  7. Sandra that sounds like a really good cause and a wonderful idea on how to raise funds for it. I'll definitely try to get a look and see if I can maybe bag a piece of art history (Tracey Emin isn't my taste but just think how much her piece would be worth!)

  8. What a wonderful cause, Sandra. Will take a look!!

  9. This a very generous cause. It would be my pleasure to join it. Its for the good of all.
    Eagan Fitness Center

  10. Indeed a worthy cause how I wish I could have got along to see this. Now that is something because I am really not into celebs.

  11. Thank you everyone for showing your interest! If you bid, I hope you get something you love :0)

  12. Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.


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