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Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'll drink to that!

Well I am just about as excited as I ever get right now, because on the morning of the 21st of October, I'll be on my way to Gatwick Airport!
We'll be making our way back to the Maldivian Island, which we have been fortunate enough to visit several times before.

So, until some time around the 8th November, I will be spending much of my time doing what I love doing the most, which is Scuba-Diving 30 metres beneath the Indian Ocean, swimming with the sharks - so there will be no painting or blogging for me!

Until then, I'll leave you with another of my simple glass paintings, which I did on my day off last week...

10" x 10" Acrylic on Box Canvas

What I love about these paintings is that is that I can walk in to my studio to an entirely blank canvas and walk out just a few hours later with a completed painting! 

This is very different than my bear paintings, which I build up slowly in layers :0)


 I just LOVE painting glass...


 ...and there's plenty more to come :0)

So don't forget, I can't answer you're comments once I leave, which I always do, but I will really enjoy reading them when I get home :0)
Nor can I visit your blogs, but I promise to catch up with you all when I get back :0)

Ta-Ta for now my friends!

PS. My talented Ozzy pal is doing an unmissable giveaway on her blog!
Click on the link below to find out more :0)


  1. Sandra, have a beautiful time away, take lots of photos, and just enjoy yourself.

  2. I can't believe these only take a few hours. They are lovely.

    Have a great holiday. I hope you remember to pack your sketchbook amongst your scuba stuff :)

  3. Cheers to you, what a fabulous glass painting! Have a happy holiday!

  4. Hi Sandra, your glass painting is absolutely fabulous! Have a happy holidays period! Hugs!

  5. I've spent a lot of time in the Maldives. The Island of Gan lies in Addu Atoll, 25 miles from the equator. We had an RAF base there, which I visited twice a month for 12 years. BTW 'Maldives' is Sanskrit for 'Garland of Islands' isn't that wonderful?

    I wrote a short story (fiction) called, 'A Garland of Islands.' It was about two Maldivians who went to work in a dhoni everyday (a canoe with a sail). A magazine bought it. I was dead chuffed!

    Your glass paintings are ...intoxicatingly excellent.

    Have a well earned rest, Sandra

  6. Hello Sandra:) Unbelieveble how nice your glass painting is! So real. I wish you lots of fun on your holiday and a save return!

  7. You just keep getting better and better. Stunning pictures the dark is wonderful,as is the subject matter!

  8. It sounds like a wonderful trip and I know you will have a great time! I love the way you paint glass - it sparkles!

  9. Hello Sandra,
    wonderful painting!!!
    Very beutiful stil life, congratulations.
    A big hug

  10. I wish you would have told me that you went swimming with the sharks after you got home safely!! LOL I said the same thing to my daughter when she went skydiving!
    Your paintings of glass is absolutely OUTSTANDING, Sandra. Painting the glass with the dark background is truly beautiful!!!

  11. Your glass paintings are out of this world Sandra. Have a great holiday!!

  12. have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment! your work is outstanding, just brilliant! and your words of comfort and support mean so very much to mean sandra, you are so kind to care.

  13. I hope you have the best time!!! Just love your paintings! Maybe we'll get some undersea inspirations when you're back:)

    Carrie Waller

  14. hope you had a great holiday .. you paint glass so well sandra

  15. I know you're on holiday right now (hopefully not getting eaten by sharks!!) and I sent you a massive rambly email, but I wanted to comment on your blog so you'd get it when you come home and know that I missed you!

    I so LOVE these glass paintings Sandra. They are so beautiful. I think you should look into setting up an online store because these would be very popular I think. :)

  16. Amazing work Sandra, I can't believe how quickly you can do these.

  17. Hi, your glass paintings are incredible. I came here via Nicola's page and I'm glad I did.

  18. Tus vidrios son increíbles! Felicitaciones.


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