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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Work in progress...

Last week I was asked to do a series of glass paintings for our local pub restaurant.
It's a beautiful old pub with lots of history and a lovely old and cosy feel - Perfect for my style of painting!

The last time we popped in that particular pub for a quick drink was at the weekend. 
Hmm... Well, it was meant to be a quick drink, but it turned in to almost an entire evening, since a couple with a very distinct American accent approached the bar and being the inquisitive gal I am, I couldn't help but to ask them where they were from. 

It turns out that they were from Colorado. 
So many of my bloggy friends are from America and I was racking my brain cell as to whether any of you are from that part! 

Anyway - it triggered a really long conversation with the couple, who were on their first visit to England. 
And as intrigued as I was by their accent, it seemed that they were equally intrigued by mine. Apparently I sound very English, lol!
Poor things - I hope I didn't scare them off with all of my garbled nonsense!

They said that their favourite thing so far was that some of the buildings were so old. They then told me the entire history of our other local pub, which was built in 1348. 
What struck me was that they knew far more about it than we did, even though we have been going there for years!

It's always lovely to meet new people from such a different place. And they were such nice people too :0)
But anyway - getting back on to the subject - there is lots of glass painting to come and I can hardly wait to get started because it's one of my favourite things to paint :0)

Meanwhile, I will of course still be painting the bears.
Here are a few progress photo's for those of you who, like me, love to see a W.I.P.

This is after I had washed a few basic shadows over the bears...

Next, I washed in some background shadows...

...Hmm... This photo and the ones below show it as rather orange - but in fact the above image is much closer to the actual colour.

This is how I work. 
The set up is clear to see and I refer to that for textures and the general feel. But also, to the right, just below my easel is my charcoal sketch. This is what I work from when I am painting the shadows because this way they remain consistent and don't move as the day progresses!

It's already moved on a fair bit from here. The background overlay of depth and colour is complete and I now get to start on those bears and all of the little treasures that they appear so interested in!

So, what's on your easel right now?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Teddy Bear Times...

Anyone who might bump in to me over the next few days should be careful not to fall in to the huge gaping void in my face, that was once my mouth.

Seriously - I have a beam on my face the size of Manhattan at the moment! 

So, this is how my day started yesterday...

9am:                Start work

10am:              Whilst on phone, Mum pops in with six copies of the Teddy Bear Times magazine and plonks them on desk

10.01am:         Look alarmingly at Mum who is now fiercely prodding said magazines

10.02am:         Hurry customer off phone before Mum's finger pokes hole in desk

10.05am:         Convince self that it is indeed a double page spread and it is indeed about me

10.30am:         Read article for third time.

10.35am:         Imagine article framed on wall

10.36am:         Imagine sending signed copies of magazine to all of my adoring fans

10.37am:         Envisage self having casual and intelligent debate with the likes of Damian Hurst over a Martini cocktail

10.38am:        Wonder how to actually spell Damian Hurst Damien Hirst?

10.39am:         Imagine own series of 'sawn in half' teddy bears being unveiled at posh London Gallery

10.40am:         Read article for fourth time

10.43am:         Abruptly forced to return to real world as phone rings at work. How inconvenient - a customer!

...Teehee, I'm only kidding... I would NEVER saw a teddy bear in half ;0)

Anyway, joking aside, here it is - the 'Teddy Bear Times' magazine article, featuring four of my Teddy Bear oil paintings and an interview with yours truly :0)

It means so much to me that other bear lovers like my paintings and it is such a beautiful magazine to be featured in.

You'd think I'd be bored of bears by now - but actually I am quite the opposite. I have a further series of bears in mind once these eight are complete.

Bear six is well under way now. The under-painting is finished and I've started on the background.
Of course I'll be giving my bloggy friends a  a sneaky peak soon, I promise :0)

Anyway, I took this picture soon after I had started the under-painting...

Are any of you as messy as I am...?
I swear there is as much paint on my clothes as there is on the canvas!
Duh! Is that an apron hanging up behind me??

Meanwhile, my dad sent me this photo of yet another old bear who has been half eaten by a Boxer Dog...


Or maybe Damien Hirst has beaten me to it ;0)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

'Not' so Still-Life... (WIP)

Since the holidays are now over, it has been quite a relief to get back to a normal routine at last!

On the first day Charlie returned to school, not only did I manage to set up bear 6 - or should I say bears 6, since there are two of them in this composition - but I also managed to sketch them out to full size and transfer the basic lines to my canvas, all in one day!

I shouldn't really take any credit for my composition in this case, because it happened almost by accident! And I am quite sure that when I wasn't looking, the bears came to life, leaned in toward each other - clearly fascinated by the vintage props strewn around them - and then froze again when I turned around ;0) 

Anyway, the sun was streaming through the window and though once again, these bears will be before a dark, gloomy back ground, the bright streaks of light hitting the wall behind will form an important part of the composition.

So, here is my initial charcoal sketch...

As usual, there are a few adjustments to be made. I want to shift the light up a little so it isn't in line with the bears ear for one thing... But that's what these sketches are for - to spot problems before they are set in stone.

I am most looking forward to painting the buttons and pearls in this one. I just love painting that kind of thing :0)

This, I feel is along a slightly more feminine route than the other bears in my series so far. What I want to avoid is a cliche and though the theme could be leaning that way, I doubt that many people would choose to paint bears quite so dilapidated as these! The one on the left has a hole in his nose, which you can literally see right through and out the other side - poor thing!

So, now I have frozen the light in my sketch, I can refer back and forth between it and the actual Still-Life whilst I paint.

I'm not sure I can really call my bears Still-Life's at all. I swear that every time I walk in my art studio, something has moved!

I wonder what those bears get up to when I'm not there...??

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'Who, Me?'

Would you like to see the new bear?

Okay, here he is..............

'Who, me?' 


© Sandra Busby
18” x 22”  Oil on Panel


I adored painting this little fellow!

Before I go, I so often hear of people asking how you know when a painting is complete. 
Well, it took me a long while to work it out, but I've finally come to the conclusion that when I begin laying brushstrokes that don't make a difference, either for better or for worse, that is when it's complete - at least that's how it works for me :0)

Anyway - a new bear is now in progress as we speak! Yay!! So watch this space :0)


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