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Thursday, 16 August 2012

More sketching in oils...

Since working full time again, whilst covering for holiday, I have been forced to find other ways to scratch my creative itch, aside from throwing myself in to detail.

The bear has taken a back seat for a while and I have been sketching again with oils.

This time, a rose...

© Sandra Busby
8" x 8" Oil on panel

...It took around an hour and a half to paint and then I left in out in the sun to help it dry off...

It's funny, looking through my blog recently, you'd think that there were several different Artists posting on it - the images are all so different! Still, it's fun to explore different styles sometimes, don't you think?

At the weekend, I will be doing what I do best in my 'usual' style and spending a few hours on the bear :0)

Roll on Saturday! Yay!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Whilst you were sleeping...

A couple of nights ago and for the second night in a row, I found myself tossing and turning for hours. 
Not even the gentle rumble of Paul's breath would help me drift off to sleep.
My mind was pondering over what seemed like a million jumbled thoughts - quiet thoughts, which seem so loud when they are all clattering around in my head at once.

The previous night, I had given up on sleep and got out of bed at 1.40am and didn't actually go back to bed at all.
This time, I quietly climbed out of bed at 12.20am and tip-toed down the creaking stairs. I felt like I was the only person in the world who was awake.

Alone with my thoughts I wished my art studio was in the house - I might have been able to paint myself to sleep. Instead I found myself watching endless vintage episodes of 'Home and Away' and browsing the Land of Blog.

It was then that I came across this quote that Crystal Cook had shared by Julia Cameron...

"Remember by being willing to be a bad artist, you have a chance over time to be an artist, and perhaps, over time, a very good one." 

Finally, I felt restful and validated and at 3.40am I climbed back in to bed.

Last night I felt so tired. And this time I drifted in to a wonderful deep sleep within minutes of climbing in to bed. And I slept solidly.....

.....that was until 3.28am, when my mobile phone rang! 
It was our daughter, Adele.
It turned out that it was her turn for a restless night and she needed to talk about her own worries.

Wearily, we chatted until around 4.30am and I think she felt better for it. 
I, on the other felt like I had been woken from the dead, lol! But we do anything for our children don't we?

This is how I hope both Adele and I will be sleeping tonight...

I just love drawing babies - especially when their faces are all squashed up :0)

Just before I go, following my last post, I came across this really old watercolour sketch I did from memory when I returned from climbing Ben Nevis a few years ago...

It felt so odd to be looking over the clouds!

At the bottom of the mountain it was a misty, dull day - but at the top it was bright sunshine and so warm, even though it was covered in snow!

Anyway - it's a very old and simple sketch, but I thought I would share it anyway.

I hope you are all having a good week :0)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sketching in Oils...

© Sandra Busby

Since I usually work fairly tightly in oils, I suddenly felt the urge to let go and do a loose warm up sketch before yesterdays session on the bear :0)

This little 8" x 8" Oil sketch took me under an hour and a half to complete from start to finish, using just one flat brush. 
It made a refreshing change to just pick a few things I had to hand - in this case, my mid morning snack -  and not fuss too much about composition, which usually takes so much more thought!

I sketched the basic shapes directly on to the canvas with the brush and simply built it up from there. Once it was complete, I ate it!  - I mean the props, not the painting ;0)

Ideally I would like to do more sketches like this, but spend more time on them - perhaps up to three hours. It would be nice to end up with something that is still loose, but refined enough to call it a painting rather than a sketch.

Anyway - completely changing the subject; To my surprise I found myself nominated by Nicola from Pointy-Pix for a Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you Nicola :0)

Nicola specialises in pointillism and her favourite subject is animal portraits, though more recently she has embarked on a series of 'rainy windows' which are just amazing!

The Liebster award is for those blogs with under 200 followers and until a couple of weeks ago I just qualified! So we'll just pretend for now that I got the award before then ;0)
Anyway, on receiving the award I have to tell you five things about myself that you probably don't already know and then pass the award on to five other bloggers with less than 200 followers.

So, five things about me? Hmmm, okay...

1. When I was a child I was a dancer. I did Ballet, Tap, Modern, Greek, National and Character dancing. I had my first (illegally paid) dancing job at the age of nine! 

2. I climbed to the summit of Ben Nevis and back in six hours. I didn't find it that difficult - it was just a long hard slog. Surprisingly, coming down was much harder than going up!

3. In order to raise money for The Rocking Horse Appeal, my Brother-in-Law and I, cycled from John o Groats  to Lands End in seven days - that's 120 miles a day - ouch! 
Nine months later, I gave birth to a baby bicycle, therefore should you ever fancy having a go, I don't recommend that you attempt it in anything under ten days!

4. I have a fear of dead things. I can cope with most things when they are alive (aside from wasps), but I run screaming from anything dead! This stems back from the day I unexpectedly found my first (and hopefully last) actual dead person.

5. I got married in 1999 on a Catamaran named 'Sweet Liberty' in Naples, Florida. There were dolphins at our wedding :0)

So, any surprises? Lol!

And now for the five fellow bloggers I would like to nominate:-

Katja from Nordljus.
Katja's blog is a recent find for me but I just LOVE it. Amongst other things, she creates the most beautiful Art Journal entries and I always leave her blog feeling totally inspired :0)

Lynn from One I Made Earlier.
Lynn's blog is a feast full of crafty ideas with the addition of her 'Doodly-Birds' which have a life all of their own! :0)

Liana's blog is full of sunshine and light! From beach scenes to the hustle and bustle of a bistro! Her watercolours are lively, colourful and uplifting :0)

Hilda is such a warm hearted lady and she paints the most gorgeous pastel portraits. And just recently she emailed me the most beautiful pastel sketch - of ME! :0)

Kathryn from Studio at the Farm.
Between her day job as a Dental Nurse and the demands of farm life, Kathryn finds the time to post endless step by step paintings of all sorts of subjects, from dead birds, to portraits! I don't know how she does it! :0)

Okay - just before I go, I want to say the most GINORMOUS THANK YOU, to every single one of you who have either wished me luck, shared, or voted for 'Sherlock' to win the cover competition I entered. The paintings it is up against are exquisite, so my chances are tiny, but your support has been so far beyond my expectations and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you all for being so kind and taking the time to get behind me :0)


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