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Friday, 22 June 2012

Art Gone Mad.........

Well, here is something I just have to share with you!
I have never heard such pretentious codswallop in my entire life!

Clearly those of us who work hard at creating our art have got it all wrong!!! Just check out this link...

Yes, you read right - its an exhibition of EMPTY FRAMES!!!!!!
Apparently it is supposed to provoke your imagination. See what you want to see, blah blah...

Well, I only wish I had thought of it first either the 'Artists' are very clever and the people paying to see it are very stupid, or I have been a brilliant Artist all along!

Anyway, here is my own version. I call it...


22" x 22", nothing on canvas

Frankly, I prefer mine!
I think the frames in the exhibition distract from the subject I perceive within the emptiness of the canvas's. 

Mine on the other hand has no distraction at all and is therefore much better - Do you agree?

With that in mind, I have decided to sell this piece of Art at just £20,000. Bargain! So please do let me know if you would like to buy it :0)

Meanwhile, I am working on my next canvas with actual paint, using an actual brush and this of course will be MUCH cheaper and will probably never hang on a London Gallery wall, lol ;0)

Anyway - your thoughts on this please! What do you make of it all??

Oh, and please tell me what my empty canvas says to you and what emotions it evokes so I can wet self laughing so I can see if it is anything close to my own Artistic vision...??


  1. LOL!! This post cracked me up!! I am at a loss as to why people would actually believe even for a minute that this could be art?? Seriously, is this a ruse??

    And yes I'd love to purchase it, let me just remember where I set my invisible check book. ;)

  2. Hilarious. They will get away with it once and then the "novelty" will go away.
    Some "really far-outs" will rave about it just because they can and that will add another fling of interest.
    Useless? Yes. Stupid? Yes.
    But it inspired you to post a great post and for us to answer.

  3. Sandra, I don't even have to go to the link to know what stupidity this is.. ( but I will) just for you ...
    It's totally unbelievable what some people will do to make money, and then there's even more insanity that people pay to see it..
    Things like this have gone on forever.. You know the blank canvas ,, the big canvas painted in red or blue .. ! I wonder why we work so hard, but then again , I know why. BJ

  4. Don't joke because some idiot somewhere would pay £20000 for a piece of worthless *!£* because its there!! I looked at it very carefully and what came to my mind was "my screen is filthy!" So thanks for bringing that to my attention!
    When I look at art I want it to do the work for me and not expect me to create the piece in my head just because the artist ran out of ideas or was frankly too lazy to get up!

    Anyway, I wont ask you for a copy of this one!

  5. This made me laugh, Sandra:) I was a little disappointed though that there were no landscapes in the exhibition;) They're having a larf but it makes some of the modern bunch look almost talented. My latest watercolour, 'polar bear in the snow' will be going on sale for £20000+ very soon!

  6. This made me laugh, Sandra:) I was a little disappointed though that there were no landscapes in the exhibition;) They're having a larf but it makes some of the modern bunch look almost talented. My latest watercolour, 'polar bear in the snow' will be going on sale for £20000+ very soon!

  7. HA!

    So this is "The Invisible Bear" :)
    Drawn with invisible ink and known affectionately to his friends as Most Invisible, the Sixteenth - a bear of great military precision. So perfectly are his lines drawn that they blend into the surrounds, making him invaluable as a gatherer of information. :)

    I thought everyone would see right through your little ruse :lol:

    1. Most Invisible the 16th - love your thinking Pat!

  8. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahha :D

  9. Delayed thought - I'm tired from spending hours putting ink to paper, what a fool - it's a bit like the story the King's New Clothes from Hans Cristian Anderson.

  10. I am reminded of "The Emperor's New Clothes"!

  11. it is confusing and frustrating to us as artists isn't it? struggling and digging deep to come up with fresh ideas and interesting concepts. to be sure, like any other business, there are those in art only to make lots of money by creating absolutely nothing.

    it definitely reflects the current cult of personality elevating some folks to superstar status and unheard of riches for doing absolutely nothing and displaying no particular talent except to have a name linked to another name and, of course their looks.

    it is what it is i guess. some bored multi-millionaire will probably jump at the chance to own one of those blank canvasses and pay a fortune to do so. this is what drives the art scene. it's all cyclical though isn't it? i can't even imagine a time when artists like sargent fell out of favor. it's mind boggling. i read a review in the NY Times years ago where the writer wrote..."let's face it, Andrew Wyeth simply cannot draw!" really? who knew? i think the problem lies in the societal practice of many being told what to think of something by the few whose job it is to do so.

    but happily there's room for us all. there are serious collectors who appreciate talent and creativity as well as those just looking for the next trend. (besides, i think yoko ono already did this back in the day didn't she?) i would love to read the review of that show in the media, but mostly these days, the reviews themselves need to be reviewed as they mostly have little to do with what's being reviewed and everything to do with who's doing the reviewing. it's a strange world we live in. i'd be interested to know how many canvasses do sell!

    great post sandra! thank you!

  12. You all have such funny comments! I don't know what to say, it's hilarious and sad at the same time.

  13. this is just like the joke sketch I did of Miles and his pretentious art a few weeks ago! yes, it truly is the epitome of pretentiousness and those who pay good money to see this exhibition or buy any of the "art" are the epitome of gullible! they could get three blank canvasses for £9.99 in The Works!

  14. Oh my. Another exhibition on my list of exhibitions-not-to-visit next week I'm in London. Right after Damien Hirst. If they were at least pretty frames. And the thing about invisible ink drawing described on the museums website just made me laugh. Although, considering some of today's modern art, I think I really prefer "nothing".

  15. I like yours SO much better!! Ha...Ha...Ha.. Great post, Sandra!!!

  16. You have to read the end of art by Donald Kuspit.... you will really relate to what he says about post modernism and conceptual art... it is a big load of hot air isn't it... I know I was lucky to be at art school back when they still taught drawing and painting skills and that many young artists have no real grounding, but this is a bit far isn't it... love your take on it... think you put more thought in and your composition is outstanding... lol...!!!!!


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