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Friday, 29 June 2012

Vintage Teddy Bear Prints finally in production...

Firstly, you need to imagine my big, smiley face...

My publisher has just sent me a proof of the advert for my Vintage Teddy Bear Prints :0D

If you click the image, you should be able to see it much larger than you see it here :0)

I'm really happy with it!
It's a shame he couldn't get all four bears on the ad, but still, I think it looks lovely!

Meanwhile, here is one of the prints mounted, wrapped and ready for shipping (taken at a rather odd angle, but you get the idea)...

© Sandra Busby

My first collector is picking up bears 1, 2 and 3 next week and she has already reserved a bear 4 print too. I am SO happy about that, as you can imagine! :0)

But, now it's time to get on with bear numbers 5 and 6!

Yesterday, I started playing around with some new set ups. This is always the part I find to be the most difficult. The composition is just so important!  
I am going to do eight bears in this series, so I would really like to have two in progress at once this time.

Until I have the bears set up and ready to paint, I'm going to have to take a break from my blog for just a week or two, because I really need to spend as much time in the studio as possible. 
I will still keep up with your own blogs though, so I'm sure you won't miss me that much ;0)

And - when I come back, I might have a bit of news to share, so don't go away!

Meanwhile, maybe you could click the like button (that's of course if you actually do like)? 
Obviously I would love you to share, but from day one I have had problems with the original 'like' button code which didn't actually work and so I have re-entered the code today. 
I'd like to know if it actually works now :0)

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Horse Poo...

Since reading all of your great comments about my last post, Art Gone Mad, which highlighted an exhibition of 'empty frames' in London... Instead of answering you all individually like I usually do, I am instead going to share with you a conversation based on one that took place yesterday between my Dad and my Uncle Danny (who is a brilliant Artist). 

They were discussing their own thoughts on my post and I am sure you will all agree with me that this is one perfect all round answer!

(Danny) "Well Ted, What do you make of it?"

(Dad)   "If I'm being really honest, it's a load of horse poo"

(Danny) "Funny you should say that, you must be seeing the same subliminal image as me."

(Dad)  "Are you serious? That's a bit deep! It's only a blank box. Even though she's my   daughter I  can see  no artistic or intellectual merit in it whatsoever."

(Danny) "But surely you can see the horse?"

(Dad)    "What horse?

(Danny) "The one eating all the grass!"

(Dad) "Are you on a wind up, or am I so artistically bankrupt that I'm blind to a potential masterpiece? So I can't see a horse and now I can't see any grass!"

(Danny) "Well you won't see any grass now will you."

(Dad) "Why not?"

(Danny) "Because the horse has eaten it all."

(Dad) "Okay, so the horse ate the grass. But that still leaves the fact that I can't see a bloody horse!"

(Danny) "Well now it's eaten all the grass it's gone."

(Dad) "Aha, I was right!"

(Danny) "What do you mean?"

(Dad) "Well, if the grass is gone and the horse has gone, that can only leave a load of horse s**t, which is what I said it was in the first place!"

That says it all perfectly, don't you think? Lol!

Anyway, this time I thought I ought to post something other than a blank canvas! I was going to sketch a pile of horse poo, but I'm sure you'd prefer a bear or two :0)


Have a great week!


Friday, 22 June 2012

Art Gone Mad.........

Well, here is something I just have to share with you!
I have never heard such pretentious codswallop in my entire life!

Clearly those of us who work hard at creating our art have got it all wrong!!! Just check out this link...

Yes, you read right - its an exhibition of EMPTY FRAMES!!!!!!
Apparently it is supposed to provoke your imagination. See what you want to see, blah blah...

Well, I only wish I had thought of it first either the 'Artists' are very clever and the people paying to see it are very stupid, or I have been a brilliant Artist all along!

Anyway, here is my own version. I call it...


22" x 22", nothing on canvas

Frankly, I prefer mine!
I think the frames in the exhibition distract from the subject I perceive within the emptiness of the canvas's. 

Mine on the other hand has no distraction at all and is therefore much better - Do you agree?

With that in mind, I have decided to sell this piece of Art at just £20,000. Bargain! So please do let me know if you would like to buy it :0)

Meanwhile, I am working on my next canvas with actual paint, using an actual brush and this of course will be MUCH cheaper and will probably never hang on a London Gallery wall, lol ;0)

Anyway - your thoughts on this please! What do you make of it all??

Oh, and please tell me what my empty canvas says to you and what emotions it evokes so I can wet self laughing so I can see if it is anything close to my own Artistic vision...??

Monday, 11 June 2012

Vintage Bear number 4...

Here is Bear number 4...

As much as it might seem that he took a long time to paint - he really didn't at all. I just had a lot of breaks between painting time allowing layers to dry, working on other things, re-designing my Art Studio... But really he took very little time to paint at all; at least half the time that Sherlock-Wilson took. 

The beautiful glass and decanter belongs to my Uncle Danny. The decanter is very old and I loved the way it's slightly wibbly surface distorted the straight edge of the box, the wording, and the ellipse of the wine. 

Me and 'Archibald' (I Call him 'Archibald' because his name is 'Archie' and he is mostly 'bald'), seemed to gel so perfectly - just like lemon and ginger.

We sipped wine together and talked about the beauty of all things 'old'.......... Oops, there I go again, back to the world of boggle... ;0)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Perfect Art Studio Complete!!

Well, it's finally done!

I can not begin to explain what a HUGE difference my new art studio has made to me.
It is everything I imagined and a million times more!

...And I have just spent my first weekend painting in it :0))

It was so wonderful to be working in a dust free room, flooded with evenly diffused, natural light, in an even temperature, with everything I needed exactly where I needed it - and with RUNNING WATER!!! YAY!!

Paul made me a double sized desk, so I can have one side always set up for oils and acrylics and the other set up for drawing and watercolour.  The two areas weren't set up when I took the photo but now everything is all laid out, just where I need it.

This way, I don't have to clean everything down, put everything away and set up again every time I want to do something different in a different medium.
I have no doubt it will make for a much more productive studio! :0)

Here is my still life area. There are hooks on the wall behind so I can hang up background sheets of any colour.

Paul has also made a shelf both sides so I can choose which direction to shine my lamp. Here I am about to set up the bear again, so I closed the blind for a dark corner.

The unit beneath is also full of drawers for pastels, pencils, inks, as well as fabrics and things for textural effects :0)

This is a great space with ample room for two easels to be pulled out next to each other. This way I can work easily on two paintings at once! 

There is also an eye-level shelf for my iPad, if I am working from photo's  :0)

... More storage for my various paints, brushes etc. 

Also, the carpet has now been replaced with a vinyl floor covering.

...You just can't have enough storage!

And this area is just amazing...

Here I have two drying shelves with dust screens,  shelves for canvases, paper etc and a lovely long shelf on the wall above for books, and still life objects. 

There are even hooks underneath to hang inspiring things!

...And the very best bit! My sink! 

In the cupboard beneath, I keep all my jars and rags :0)

 All that's left for me to do now is fill it with lovely, pretty and inspiring things! No doubt this will happen over time. For the moment, it is a blank canvas and I LOVE IT!

I feel so lucky to have this space to work in and it's all thanks to Paul. He is just the most amazing husband :0))

Anyway, at the weekend, I took a photo of my working space on the day that I completed Bear number 4! 
I had missed painting him so much!!

I am really happy with this bear and now he's complete, I will be posting it very soon, so watch this space :0))) 

Friday, 1 June 2012

A Right Royal weekend!

On the lead up to the Queens Diamond Jubilee this Sunday, the entire country has gone all patriotic!

There are Union Jack Flags flying just about everywhere you look; on cars, on buildings, in windows... even the products on the supermarket shelves have turned red, white and blue! 

This weekend there will be street parties, carnivals, festivals - you name it!

So what could I possibly put on my blog today other than a 'Right Royal Post'?

(Yes folks - I have finally started my new sketchbook - Hurrah!!)

I happen to really like the Queen.
She is the only member of the Royal Family who really fascinates me.
Maybe it's because she reminds me so much to look at, of my Nan.
And I have never been in this world without her being 'The Queen'. So, unlike the other royals, she has just been around forever :0)

Or maybe I get it from my Dad. 
He just LOVES the Royal family and will no doubt be glued to the telly this weekend while waving his Union Jack flag and singing 'God Save Our Gracious Queen...!'

Anyway, I will be celebrating this weekend by spending my first ever day in my NEW Art Studio, which is now finished! Yay!!! 

So, on my next post I will share with you the photographs of it as it is now :0)

Until then, what ever you're doing, have a great weekend!! :0)


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