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Friday, 16 March 2012

Patience meltdown...

Grrr... I feel the need for a rant!

Rant number 1:

Is anyone else having problems with blogger at the moment? 
No? Well I AM!!

This morning, Blogger decided that it might be quite fun to wipe off lots of the images from various older posts of mine. My heart sank, as several lengthy posts seem to have lost the pictures that went with them!! 
Humph - I was NOT impressed!

I spent ages on 'Blogger Help', trying to figure out what was wrong, but no joy! Then I spent even more time trying to figure out which images they were so I could try to reload them. 
Anyway, after a couple of hours of trying - and failing - to sort it out,  I decided that I needed to take a break. 
And when I came back to my blog, all of the images had simply re-appeared!! 


Well, yes of course I was very relieved, but up to that point I had been tearing my hair out!

Rant number 2:

And - what is with the whole rDwo feTncviiaro...Gaah... odwR ftCiaoenvir... 'word verification' thingy? 
They are getting harder and harder to read and I never seem to get them right first time when trying to leave comments! The other day I actually gave up on leaving a comment after three attempts and still getting it wrong!

Blogger says, it is to make sure I am 'not a robot'. I can't help wondering how many little robots are sitting at computers trying to leave spam??? I mean, I understand that the likes of R2-D2 and Metal Mickey might be struggling for work these days, but really???

I've never had word-verification on my blog and in three years I have only had one bazaar comment capable of offending people... But I'm pretty sure that was left by a human being and not a robot (unless it's common for robots to worship Satan!) 
Besides, all I had to do was press 'Delete'. Easy-peasy!!

Phew!! I feel MUCH better now for letting off steam! 
I am now back to being all things jolly and marvellous again!

Thank you so much for being an ear :0D

Meanwhile, here are some more silly sketches I have done over the last three days (as always, you can click on them to make them bigger)...

 My boots, sketched as I found!

Exploring the human nose...

And here is a subject I have always tended to avoid where sketching is concerned!

I realised today that since I began this sudden, unexplained sketching spree on the 1st March, I have filled more sketchbook pages than I had in the entire previous two years!

So - Are you bored of them yet? 

As you can see on my side bar, I am so used to posting completed paintings, polished portraits and other serious bits of work! 
I will of course still be doing that, but I just thought it might be a fun way of keeping my pencil skills up and also keeping my blog more active between times.

Hmm, that will probably mean I end up with more things like this on my blog than my more serious pieces... Do you think that matters? I wouldn't want to chase my followers away!
Incidentally, I had a confidence melt-down when two disappeared last week - just as I had reached 180! 
It turned out that those people had closed down their own blogs, but for a moment I thought that maybe the sketchy thing was putting people off!

Before I go, don't forget to check out my interview on Carrie Waller's blog! You can see it here :0)

And - Since you were all kind enough to listen to me ranting on today, I think it's only fair to return the favour. So, instead of leaving you a random fact about my week today, instead, I'll ask the question and you can leave your own answer...

Q: What's ruffled your own feathers this week? 
I am all ears!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. No you have not chased me away :) Your sketches are great and an encouragement for me to sketch more! And blogger problems... sigh... this morning my thumbnail pictures disappeared, but back now. I had spam since I threw out word verification but you're right: just delete and gone.

  3. Having been in a similar situation with both blogger & facebook page over things disappearing and reappearing, I now know to ignore it, but it is worrying the first few times it happens.

    Word thingy - if you are not sure reload the image and get 2 new words. I have been spammed badly on my blog, which is why I keep anti-robot thing - although I think you are right & it was peps rather than bots. The problem is when you get spammed and you are not on-line for a few days. Fingers crossed you stay spam free.

    Sketches - your blog so it's up to you.

  4. Sandra, I can't comment about blogger's recent activities as I haven't had time to get to mine. My time has been taken by a combination of extra work (due to my upcoming retirement) and my biggest ever drawing project.
    The thing that ruffled my feathers most this week (and for the last few weeks) has been that old enemy 'time'. It has been a month since I last visited any of the blogs I follow .... people will think I'm no longer interested.
    Keep doing the sketches, and posting them .... you know how I feel about sketching. ;-)

  5. The new word ver has really made me cut back on commenting. I just can't sit and waste ten minutes trying to get it right!! I hate it. I took it off mine too. I had some problems last year with someone spamming me with links leading to naughty sites and so I put it back on and that stopped it. But when the new word ver changed I took it off again because I can't stand it and I don't want to put others through it either.

    I think that if people want to be able to control their comments before the public sees them they should enable comment moderation, if you have comment moderation you really don't need word verification too. It's totally redundant.

    Well I think that's my rant for the day. :)) And no your sketches do not put me off at all I LOVE them! Off to read your interview!

  6. Sandra, GREAT rant!!! All justifiable, too. Before I rant, I'll say I do love seeing your sketches here.
    Other than the wet weather, which is leaving standing pools of water and mud everywhere, and compromising my sanity and Bruno's hoof health ...
    One of my sisters offered her brilliant solution to my underemployment situation - get work as a flag person for the municipal road services. Somehow I could not see myself handing in notice for my dental hygienist job to go and stand in the middle of the road in Langley, directing traffic.

  7. You've taken all the rant from me!!! Thank you so much. I think you commented on my blog after I was so frazzled and crazy trying to leave comments, I posted about it and honestly I'm not leaving comments on peoples blogs.
    Used to be they had that word verification stuff , now it's even worse, ..I too never had it and never had even one bad thing. That's because I'm such a good person !!!! LOL LOL !
    Whew! did that feel good to rave a while.. love your sketches,, I need to get my head back in the studio.. hugs, BJ

  8. This post made me laugh, Sandra!!! Too funny!!! I feel the same way you do with this "word verification"...I still don't know what they mean with the Robot thing!! It always takes me two times to comment!! they don't make it easy..!
    Love your sketches..especially the one of you "tearing your hair out"! Just got back from your wonderful interview with Carrie...! looking forward to your next post!

  9. The ways of blogger.. Arrrrrrrrgh.. Anyway I hope you get back all your lost data.. And by the way I read you interview and enjoyed it.

  10. Sandra, I completely agree with you....I hate these bloody "word verification", a real lost of time!! We should ask to our bloggers friend to change their "comment configuration" to avoid these!
    Beautiful sketches.....bravissima! Un abbraccio!

  11. Judy - Really? That's odd! I have never had a problem at all apart from that one comment a long time ago. I can understand when it is 'that' type of spam. I would be really upset! But for me, so far all has been okay. I'm glad you're enjoying the sketches :0)

  12. Sue - I wonder why some people get spam while others remain problem free. It's a mystery! I think if it were me I'd just set it to comment moderation instead though :0)

    John - Thank you! I knew you would like them ;0) Once you retire, you will wonder how on earth you found the time to work! :0)

    Crystal - Yes, I agree! That's the perfect compromise! I am enjoying these silly and quite ridiculous sketches, but I am still on the bear too! I might even post a small section of it over the next few days - if only just so people know that there is something better around the corner! :0)

    Kathryn - It has been raining here today too, all day! Still, I was in my art room on the bear so it didn't make any difference to me. BUT, Marjorie, Babs and Frankie were not at all impressed! By the way - where exactly do you live? I presumed America, but there is a place 30 minutes from me called Langley! Wouldn't that be funny if you turned out to live nearby! :0)

    Barbra - I think we are all a little frustrated with it! Like you, I've never really had a problem! I think Crystal has the right idea - Comment moderation is all that's needed when it is a problem :0)

    Hilda - Thank you! Well, of course there is a new bear on the way, but it's got a way to go yet! I might post a section of it soon to give a sneaky preview ;0)

    Prabal - Thank you! Luckily they all came back! I believe that blogger once ate Carries entire blog! Can you imagine??? :0o

    Tito - Thank you! Let's hope everyone gets rid of it soon and switches to comment moderation instead :0)

  13. Hello Sandra,
    I love the drawings, I also do from time to time to keep fit.
    I can not understand the need of those crooked letters of comments.
    "To not look like a robot" ... It really is very annoying!
    Complaining is good for the heart. We put out what is bothering us!
    A good weekend!

  14. I love the sketches! I could never get bored of seeing them.
    I think everyone realises when you paint in oil it could be ages before you see a new painting. They are no way fast like watercolours :) Keep them coming.

    I don't like to complain, but word veri did it for me too!
    Don't allow anonymous comments, you get less spam!

  15. I didn't realise you'd changed your avatar and just left a response to you on Jana's blog. I said "I had a moleskin sketchbook once - never again! I counted off every page until the horrid thing was filled because it wouldn't take watercolour." in response to your comments about not being able to add colour to yours.

  16. Antonio - Thank you! Yes, you are right. Letting off steam is good from time to time :0)

    Pat - I'm so glad you like them! Oil is very frustrating because they do take an age to dry! But acrylics have the opposite problem and dry far too quickly! My bears just wouldn't work for me in watercolour because I want them to have a true vintage look. But, when my new sketchbook arrives I'll be using watercolour in it for a happy release :0)

  17. Sue - Yes, Moleskins! Ugh! I don't know what all the fuss is about with those things! :0)

  18. The sketches are fun!

    The one of the lady pulling her hair out is definately me in hobby Craft. So my rant this week would have to be is it really too hard to put reels and reels of ribbon in colour order or even size order!! Why shelves and shelves of mixed colours and sizes. Definately shop online next time!!

    1. Hi Mam-Mams - Yes, that would definitely irritate me too! But, there is nothing like being able to see and touch something you want to buy, so I would probably just treat myself to something 'extra' just for the trouble, instead of buying online! ;0D

  19. I was sure I had commented in here! I reckon Sandra thought I was a blob of spam and kicked me out :0)
    Anyway, I've learnt a lot from this posting ...I went away and found out how to switch off Verification and put on Moderating that right? or did I get it the wrong way around?
    We've spoken at length about your sketches, elsewhere, Sandra.

    1. Hi John
      Yes - I think that way it makes it easy for people to comment but you get to check first before allowing it. I don't have either on mine, but that's only because so far I've never had a problem :0)


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