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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Naked Artist...

... Well, put it this way, this is the closest I could feel to standing naked in the middle of the street without actually taking any clothes off!

Let's face it - Most Artists aren't entirely comfortable with opening up their sketchbooks for all to see. I don't know why this is.
Perhaps it's the fear that our full abilities might be judged on these mere, sketchy morsels...

...Yes, I admit, maybe that is a big part of it.

 Anyway, now I am spending more time on each painting, I need to make sure that I keep exercising my drawing skills in between times.
This is often a problem and even more so since my hours at work have gone up again until the Autumn, so I needed to find a way around this.

It's not realistic for me to go out sketching on a regular basis while I am so busy and let's face it, that's never been something I have been able to do comfortably anyway. 
So, instead, a few days ago I made a promise to my self to sketch one simple thing every day. And I don't mean careful sketches with attention to detail. I mean very simple pen sketches of anything at all, captured in as little time as possible!

They can take as little as five minutes of my time and with that in mind, I am more likely to keep it up! 
And should I happen to have a few extra minutes to be a little more creative with some colour or text, then I can always do that too.

Having done this now for just a few days, I have already begun to really enjoy the freedom of going straight in with a pen and sketching with little thought to either the sketching process or mistakes I make. I simply leave it as it is because it can't be erased - It's really quite liberating!
And as cartoon like as they appear, the hand-eye coordination has still been exercised!

In fact, I think I could really get in to this!
So far I have found it to be a great way of scratching my creative itch between painting days.

 Flicking through the pages I can see how easy it would be to fill a book quite quickly. And the more I enjoy doing them, I am in no doubt that over time the more creative and interesting the pages will become.
So, the plan is to end up with lots and lots of sketchbooks, or rather, 'visual diaries,' filled with all sorts of quick sketches like this, that one day my children will find and hopefully love to look through.

Okay - so the next decision was that I should share these daily sketches on my blog every few days, however simple and however raw. 
This way, you get something to laugh look at, and I will also be posting on my blog much more frequently between paintings. 

That's if you all like that idea... What do you think?

Anyway... Time for this weeks random fact:

Q1: What is the worst thing that happened to me this week?

A:   On Tuesday, I crashed my car - or rather, somebody crashed in to me.

Q2: What is the best thing that happened to me this week?

A:   The  jolt I received from the collision, seems to have knocked some sense in to the right side of  my brain!


  1. Welcome to my world, now you understand!

    I suggest posting ever so often.

  2. I think it's a great idea (I'm trying to do much the same myself!) Keep 'em coming!

  3. I have also decided to sketch more often, it must be the spring waking up our brains and creative spirit, although yours is still alive

  4. Great sketches and a very good idea to sketch (and blog) more often! You encourage me to sketch more also, it's on my to-do-list for ages.

  5. Sketching is a very good exercise that should be done often! Something I NEVER do but always wanted to...!! Sorry about your car BUT just as long as you're okay...that's the important part.!!

  6. I think that is a fabulous idea! I LOVE seeing your sketches! There's always so much life and personality there, and I'm cracking up while I'm reading the little notes you have alongside them. :)) I always love your posts Sandra. This one really made me smile today. And I'm glad the only thing that happened to you in the crash was the sense that got knocked into your right brain! :D

  7. Oh keep them coming.... I love sketch books.. And especially when there is commentry along side those little sketches like the ones you posted. I hope the crash was not bad.. Take care..

  8. Hello Sandra,
    I found a great idea.
    The more freedom better. Its design will be even more precise.
    The drawing will be lighter and safer.
    Even for works hiperrealistas this is the best way.
    Congratulations, the drawings are great.
    a hug

  9. Sue - Yes, I thought of you as I posted this :0)

    Sharon - Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed and there is definitely more on the way! :0)

    Jill - Thank you! Yes, maybe the carrot of Spring dangling before us is something to do with it too. I can not wait until the clocks change in a couple of weeks! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! Now I'll be expecting some sketches on your blog too :0)

    Hilda - Thank you! Yes I am okay thankfully.
    It's taken me four years to finally give my self a good talking to and to start sketching daily. I know they are not sketches of people in cafe's, urban scenery or anything as fancy, but I just don't have enough time for that. And - my thoughts are, that when I do have time for more complex sketches, I will be able to capture them more quickly because I have at least kept drawing. You should try it like this. They are so quick! I am sure the text took me longer than some of the drawings :0)

    Crystal - Thank you so much :0) I also love looking at sketches, but have never really got my head around doing them myself on a regular basis. So, this is a new developement for me and I am sure they will get more and more creative, the more I enjoy them! :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed them too. Okay, I will make sure I post them every few days. You asked for it ;0)

    Antonio - Thank you very much! This type of drawing goes against my realist instincts but I think that this is a good thing too. I'm glad you like them :0)

  10. hey.. sandraw how are you??? its always exciting to read your blog and see your work.. again its a great idea to draw every of luck..

  11. i love this idea. i genuinely don't sketch much. when i did the twistytown series i would do a rough layout drawing before committing to canvas but otherwise noy so much. i mean a do a pencil outline for my pet portraits before stippling them but i would genuinely never sit and just sketch. which i definitely should. you're right about artists being scared to show thissort of work (i could never paint or draw in public) but i really like these every day objects you're sketching and they'll totally help improve perspective and shading so i should make time!
    sorry about your car accident-glad you're okay.

  12. Now that's an optimistic gleaning from a collision! LOL Sandra, I think it's a fantastic idea. I came across the blog of William Ternay and he is such an inspiration! He just started sketchbook #55! Man, can that guy draw. Here's his link - enjoy!

  13. Sandra, the quick sketches are such a good discipline - I admire you for that, and do believe I must emulate your effort. You can never get enough sketching under the proverbial belt. And I love that you post them. Everyone LOVES to peek into an artist's work-book. When I take mine to the office, it is always studied and commented on. [arghh ... dangling participle, or some grammar no-no]

  14. U.Kalyani - Thank you very much! More coming soon :0)

    Nicola - Thank you :0)
    What is it about us that feels the need for approval all the time? Not to mention the feeling that we should be able to get things precise and correct in a nano-minute! I think that is all in our heads really! I actually think that it's the imperfections that make a sketch more interesting and characterful, don't you? Perfection is for serious art - sketching is for fun. At least, that's what the new, post crash me has decided! :0)

    Kim - Thank you! Yes - ever the optimist, lol ;0)
    Thanks so much for the link. I will be checking that out right after this :0)

    Kathryn - Thank you :0)
    I am beginning to think that there is something in the air! Maybe it's Spring approaching, or perhaps it's the moon, but I am coming across so many posts that talk about 'sketching again'. I would love to see you post some of yours too :0)

  15. neat feet sketches sandra telephone and pens ...sorry someone crashed into you car ..rhs and lots of sketching :)

    1. Thank you Jane! Just nonsense really, but still fun :0)

  16. So nice to see you playing around with drawing and sketching, Sandra. I know it's hard to keep up the practice when one is in the midst of a painting period, but isn't it a relief and a source of joy when we manage it?

    1. Hi Laura! So lovely to see you :0)
      Yes - It really is! In fact, I feel quite liberated! I love looking at sketches more than anything else and yet the perfectionist in me seems to prevent me from just letting go my self and accepting mistakes. But I have made that promise to myself and I'm intending to keep it! :0D


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