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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More Naked Nonsense...

Well, you asked for it!

More silly sketches from my world!

But remember, no pencils used here - These sketches are raw! 
Though I've paid some attention to shading on some of them, the outlines are put down as quickly as possible and come complete with mistakes...

...But I'm not worried about the mistakes.

The purpose of these sketches is to do them as FAST as I can, so in time I become more accurate, the first time around...

So, I will just keep on sketching...

...Because it's better to be sketching and making mistakes, than not sketching at all!


And I am comfortable in the knowledge that if I had have given my self whatever time I needed - they WOULD have been accurate.

This is SO much FUN! 

And that is all that matters :0)

I have never been comfortable with sketching.

It's the annoying perfectionist in me that has been fighting the need to sketch. And I do NEED to sketch!
Looking back, this was my very reason for starting this blog!

So - I am working towards feeling more confident in taking my sketchbook out in public, without breaking out in a sweat!

I have a few pages left in my sketchbook.

When I start a new one, I think I will start adding some colour :0)

I can hardly wait!

And now for today's random fact about my week...

Q: What's new?

A: Well,  Carrie Waller interviewed me for her blog and it will be featured this Friday! Don't forget to check it out!

I am honored :0D


  1. Fab fab fab! Keep them coming! I am trying to pluck up the courage to venture outside with my sketchbook (where people might be able to SEE ME sketching, good grief!)

  2. I have an orphan key on my keyring too! :) Great sketches, Sandra! Those hands are fabulous!

  3. Well done Sandra - random sketching is something I really don't do very much, although I should. As you say - it doesn't take much time out of the day - it's more of a mind-set. I will try to take a leaf out of your book and do it more often. Keep them coming!

  4. Well I love your sketches! So full of life and it's fun to see your thoughts there as well. And I agree with you that sometimes the best way to sketch is to just do it quickly! Other than the fact that it's a great way for you to get better, it stops you from freaking yourself out that whatever you put down will be horrible! Or is that just me? :)

  5. These are great Sandra!! I should be doing the same thing!! Great practice.. I love the way you painted the hands. It's not an easy subject..I'm looking forward to more of these quick sketches.

  6. Sandra, I am so glad you are posting these. It really allows us to get to know you better, and you have one great sense of humor! Naked Artist indeed! And your sketches are good, your comments are wonderful. LOVE IT!!!

  7. these are great sketches!!!! you could have fooled me, you have a natural talent for sketching and shading so well!!! I can't wait to check out your interview! Congrats!

  8. I am enjoying these so much Sandra.. I think you have a very steady hand. Your lines are strong and confident and sketches are absolutely great. I'll be reading your interview on Friday for sure.

  9. Hi Sandra, great sketches indeed, I like them. Simple things but drawn very well. I should do the same from time to time, but I always find an excuse to delay it. Hug!

  10. Sharon - Thank you! There is plenty more to come! It's quite intimidating venturing outside isn't it? Particularly when somebody looks over your shoulder - eek! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! Yes, I have other keyrings too and each have unknown keys on them! :0)

    Lynx - Thank you! Absolutely! I used to blame time as my issue, but then these take just minutes to do. Some quicker than others but I have purposely made it easy to fit in to my days, so I have no excuse! :0)

    Crystal - Thank you! I used to freak out all the time! But, I think that now I am purposely going straight in with pen and doing it quickly, I am already accepting that it won't be perfect, so I'm not setting my self up for anything I might be disappointed in to begin with :0)

    Hilda - Thank you! And good, because I am getting quite a habit now so I will be posting them regularly :0)

    Kathryn - Thank you! And there are lots more on the way! It's much more fun than it used to be when I was 'trying' too hard! And it's a relief from such intricate painting :0)

    liana - Thank you! Shading is a challenge with pen I find. I am used to blending with charcoal or oils - But it will, I hope, start to come a little more naturally as time goes on :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! As I progress, I am hoping to become even more raw and then add colour. It's a lovely, fun exercise! :0)

    Tito - Thank you! Me too! I always used to find an excuse not to sketch, but when I started on these more serious and long-winded paintings, I realised that I have been neglecting my drawing skills. Sketches are all I need to do to keep it in check and now I am FINALLY doing it on a regular basis! Hopefully in a few months I'll be ready to venture out with it and feel confident to do it outside :0)

  11. Hello Sandra,
    deicious sketchs!
    A hug

  12. Great sketches, Sandra. I was trying to fit the caps into a word, but they didn't want to play :lol: The more you do, the better you get - and your sketches are great fun too! Especially with the narrative :) xx

  13. Antonio - Thank you! And a hug right back! :0)

    Pat - Thank you Pat. They are great fun to do and I usually do them before breakfast! So, very little time needed :0)

  14. Hello Sandra - I'm a bit new to blogging (this time around), so I hope this works.

    Just read the interview over on Carrie Waller's blog and linked over here from there. I thought you did brilliantly - honestly.

    Like your sketches :0) probably because I only do pen & ink work.

    Is it alright if I join as a follower?

  15. Hi John! Of course you can, I would LOVE that and I really appreciate you taking the time to visit! I thought that perhaps my sketches might not be quite what people are expecting. I'm glad you like them :0)


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