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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Big Ted on Beethoven...

"Now listen Big Ted, we need to talk... 

You and me? We're finished, we're through... IT'S OVER.

It's not you, it's me... I've got itchy feet and it's time to move on.
I have met a new bear you see, and I'd like to get to know him better. 

I hope you understand and I hope that you will soon meet someone else who will take care of you as I once did.

I'll never forget you Big Ted..."

'Big Ted on Beethoven'

... Tee-hee, sorry - I just couldn't resist!

Well, this has been one of the most frustrating paintings I have ever had to photograph, which is why it has taken such a long time to actually post it on my blog!

Dad and I tried all sorts of ways to get it right, but even now it doesn't show the colours and tones as they truly are, but - it is the closest I can get and I think it's close enough!

In reality there are more cooler colours within the fur, like those rich yellows and greens you see on the Beethoven music cover he is sitting on. So, the bear is actually a little lighter than this.
There is also a more obvious difference in tone too - Oh, and that blue tinge in the top right hand corner is just light reflecting off of the darkness.

Oh well, you get the idea!

By the way, I haven't painted the same wallpaper as was in my last bear painting. That was a Victorian pattern, whereas this is of course a pattern from the Classical era - Well what else could it have been for this particular set up, lol!

Once again this is oil on 18" x 22" canvas covered board.

I have already sketched out the composition for bear number four and I'll blog that in a few days.
I am just sorry this one took so long !! 

Back soon!!



  1. Hi Sandra, I have no words to comment this bear.....just a masterpiece!! BRAVISSIMA!! Ciao.

  2. In one word: fabulous! It is a pity it is so hard to photograph the painting, but I get the idea of the colours you used. Sounds like a dear John letter you sent big Ted. :) So you met another bear...

  3. SPECTACULAR, OUTSTANDING AND BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! i love the warm rich tones, the composition, everything is just perfect. well worth the wait!!! congratulations on an incredible work of art!

  4. Can't you find somewhere to scan it? A local printers perhaps? You could then use the scan for greeting cards/ prints/...

    Anyway frustrations aside he is lovely!

  5. Sandra this is FABULOUS!! I think you have truly found 'your' style with these bears!! I love the colors, and his fur is divine, and that little turn of his head is so endearing. It's simply wonderful!!! :))) And I loved your little conversation with him too. tee hee!

  6. Oh, Sandra, but it is wonderful! and I am sure that it is also more beautiful in reality!
    I love your oils, I find this medium so hard to manage! so I admire your talent so much!
    and your teddies are so tender and full of life!
    (and I know the frustration in photographing paintings... but we are not professional photographers, and we do our best!)
    Ciao! xoxo

  7. Hello Sandra

    I like the bear because he is very very very very very fluffy. The violin is a beautiful red.

    Love William x

  8. I am RARELY happy with any of my pieces through the camera lense! I even went out and spent some $$ on a great camera. It helped, but it's never great in my opinion. Love your bear! Great piece!

  9. Sandra, this is magnificent. I love the rich reds, the angle of the teddy's head ... You really are becoming a Master/Mistress of Teddy Bears!! What a wonderful painting!

  10. I can bear-ly control myself about this one ! absolutely stunning. You're quite good at this realism stuff aren't you ;) Not sure you should dump Big Ted, then again I had heard that he's been seen out with Gemima LOL.

  11. Hello Sandra,
    Bear was excellent, the details of the violin, the music, book and glasses, are very well painted. You are hyper-realistic. And do it without losing the spirit of art!
    a hug

  12. You are soooo good, Sandra!! You did an incredible job with this painting. I LOVE IT..CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  13. Fantastic!!! as always you blow me away with your gifted talent. Beautiful!!

  14. This is just gorgeous! And so well executed! Bravo Sandra, you're on a roll : ) My favourite part? The magnified music notes - stroke of genius : )


  16. Good painting! I love the glasses ;) Arianna

  17. Sandra, this is outstanding. I love everything about it, from Ted's glazed expression to the shimmer of light on the violin. This is an awesome painting - love it!!

  18. Tito - thank you SO much! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! Yes, but the next poor chaps name is unknown! I'll have to think of one :0)

    Suzanne - Wow, thank you! What lovely words! I forget you are talking about my own painting at times :0)

    Sue - Thank you! It would need to be a huge scanner! All the rights to reproduce and sell my paintings now belong to the gallery so I am tied in that respect. But I wouldn't change that of course ;0)

    Crystal - Thank you so much! This style does feel quite natural for me. I like his tilted head too. Mum says it's quite endearing. The next bear has the same tilted head but is a different and very unusual bear. I can't wait to get my brush to canvas now :0)

    Cristina - Thank you very much! And you make a good point; We are not photographers! Oil can be a little hard to manage but I find that with each painting it gets easier. Actually I find watercolour more tricky! :0)

    William - Yes, he is really fluffy! He's doing well for his age. Thank you for your lovely words my little sultana scone with rasberry jam and a huge dollop clotted cream :0)

    Steve - Thank you! It is a frustrating task getting a good photo isn't it? I prefer to keep them as close to the real thing as possible which is not easy at times :0)

    Kathryn - A Mistress? Wow! What a compliment, thank you! On to the next bear now :0)

    Michael - Oh dear, oh dear... You just couldn't resist the pun, lol! Realism, but with a touch of naivity I think - Kind of goes with the subject! Actually, I heard that Gemima holds a torch for Little Ted, lol!!! :0)

    Antonio - I am so glad that you think I paint without losing the spirit of the painting. That is my hope of all hopes. Thank you so much :0)

    Hilda - I'm so glad you like it. Thank you! :0)

    Melanie - Thank you SO much! Your kind words mean a lot :0)

    Kim - Thank you so much! And that's my favorite part too ;0)

    Jane - Thank you very much! Yes, you are right. These will be very hard to let go. It will be like selling my soul! :0)

    Arriana - Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the glasses too. That's my favourite part also :0)

    John - Thank you very much! I am really glad that the paintings seem to appeal to the men too. That's what I was hoping for :0)

  19. Fab! Love the staring into space look in Ted's eyes - and the violin, outstanding!

    1. Thank you Pat! He does look rather glazed doesn't he? Just like me, lol!! :0)

  20. Sandra, I know that the subject in this painting is the bear, but I just couldn't help noticing how well you have painted the violin. The detail is perfect and lighting incredible - approaching Grand Master standard! :)

    1. Wow! Thank you! Mind you, I decided soon after I began painting the violin that I would avoid painting another one at all costs, lol!! :0)

  21. Sandra, this is wonderful. You are truly talented. There are many things I like about the painting, but, I just want to touch the bear's left foot. It looks like super soft leather. Keep on, you have a great collection of bears!

    1. Thank you Liana! I can see what you mean about his left foot, lol - I hadn't noticed! :0)

  22. gorgeous! is this another one that will be in your exhibition! the detail in your work is incredible regardless of the photo, thats clear to see!

    1. Well, I hope that if I get an entire series together, I may one day have an exhibition - Though I think that's a long way away! I am glad you like it! Thank you very much :0)

  23. Hi Sandra,
    Ted is fabulous! He has so much character and, well, how could you leave him? I don't think that will be possible with the look he has on his face. In any event, I want to say how beautifully I think you have done on this painting. The violin is especially captivating, too! It is all such a nice story and so well told. Thank you for sharing it. Kindly, Sandy.

    1. Thank you very much Sandy! I was sad to let him go, but he was missing his owner anyway ;0)


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