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Sunday, 27 November 2011

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

... And here is that truth. Let me introduce you to............. 'Sherlock-Wilson' - my Mum's previously unnamed bear...

If you remember my earlier post on the bear as a W.I.P, you will know why I named him 'Sherlock'. So - why Sherlock-Wilson?

Well, when I spend so much time with one bear, I often find my self, um... talking to it!
Do you remember the Volley Ball that Chuck befriended in the film 'Castaway' and named Wilson?
Well, during the 60 hours I spent in solitude with this bear, he became my Wilson, hence the middle name!

Anyway, it turns out that Sherlock-Wilson has a cockney accent! Who knew? Lol! 

It also turns out that the best tutor I have had to date was my Dads old bear, Ted, from my previous bear painting! I knew I had learned a lot from painting him, but I didn't realise quite how much until I began this one :0)

I found the books to be quite a challenge, particularly that tatty old cotton covered book.
Aside from that, you wouldn't believe the trouble I had getting a photograph of the painting. I had such a problem with reflected blue light bouncing off from what in reality are warm, rich darks - particularly towards the bottom. I had to turn to my Dad in the end who managed to get a much better result than I had!

The painting is 18" x 22" on canvas covered board. 
I have three more boards of the same size, all of which will be paintings of bears. I am just looking for some new props. :0)

I hope you think he was worth the wait, lol!


  1. He is absolutely fabulous and well worth the wait. I love how that old book has lost some of its hardcover and the innards are breaking out. There's so much in this to let your eye wander around, I could look at it for ages! xx

  2. Wow ... definitely worth the wait! Stunning piece, Sandra ... masterly in fact. I love it :)

  3. WOW! It's a masterpiece! As Pat says, there is so much to see and all amazing!

  4. The gift you have is outstanding. You could go to amazing places with your work. I so wish you could exhibit here in the US. My towns gallery could really use work that is as fantastic as yours. Best wishes Melanie

  5. WOW!!! Incredible work, this painting is really a masterpiece Sandra. Everything is so perfect, so natural, so beautiful.....really a fantastic job. Congratulations!! Hug!

  6. ABSOLUTELY well worth the wait!! I ADORE this painting Sandra!!! :) There is just so much personality and story telling to this piece. It's fantastically well done. I love the book covers and the looking glass. And of course I LOVE the bear!! WELL DONE my friend.

    And this painting is definetly your style. SO happy to see it!

  7. Really wonderful the composition and the light, is it watercolor. Really a cut above. I go away and look what you have done! Wonderful enter it in something PLEASE!

  8. Pat - That's so nice to know, thank you! There is always that moment of uncertainty just before posting isn't there? I am happy with it though which is rare for me :0)

    Michael - Thank you! I am really glad you like it. Now, on to the next! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! I have a big smile on my face! :0)

    Melanie - You are so kind! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your thoughts on the bear. My big smile just got even bigger!! :0D

    Tito - Wow, thank you so much for such kind and generous words! I am so glad you like it too! :0)

    Crystal - Thank you! I am so glad that you can see that it is my own style since I do believe I have found it now - at last! I am happy with it which is a rare thing for me and I can't wait to get the next one all set up and ready to paint! Just need to find the right props! :0)

    Cathy - Thank you! This is an oil painting. I am beginning to fall in love with oils and I think I will probably settle on them, though I will continue to play with other mediums too. It's funny that you should suggest I enter it in something, because I do have something in mind! :0)

  9. Hi Sandra. Mr. Sherlock-Wilson is fabulous. The fur texture are great. The composition is so completely late-19th-early-20th century [the time frame of good old Sherlock Holmes] The wallpaper is so well done . the colors are SO rich and deep and warm. You have created a most extraordinary bear!! Now ... when do you start on Watson??? :)

  10. Wow Sandra, I am looking at this with jaw dropped! Your attention to detail is amazing. Really, really fabulous work.

  11. Hello Sandra,
    Sherlock is really well painted! I like the details of other books, the clock and wallpaper and of course the bear and plush!
    I painted for a few years, quite realistic. And I know the work it takes to make all the details. Today I paint in a more expressionistic, but that's another story. When you come to Brazil, we are waiting for your visit. I and Loyde...

  12. Studio at the Farm - Thank you so much! I have just won a couple of bids on ebay for some new props for the next couple of bear paintings, so as soon as they arrive I will be trying out some new set ups! I can't wait!! :0D

    Frank - Wow, what a compliment! Thank you SO much! I am BEAMING!!! I really appreciate it :0D

    Antonio - Thank you very much!!! It does take a lot of time and a lot of concentration doesn't it? But I don't mind spending the time if the end result is as I hope it to be and thankfully it is. I must make sure that Brazil goes on my list of places I must visit, lol! :0D

  13. Sandra, this is an award winning piece, please enter it into something , somewhere.. It's an all around beautiful painting, Subject matter, technique, composition, what else can one say.?
    you've done an outstanding job on it..
    hugs, BJ

  14. Definitly worth it Sandra. This is a lovely painting.

  15. Love the details. Fabulous.

  16. I love teddy bear's, I love books and I love tradition! You have captured them all here Sandra in a haven of warm, rich colours! A fantastic painting ... love it! :)

  17. Barbra - Wow, thank you so much! I have got something in mind that I had thought about entering it in to, but you know what it's like, we always wonder about our own work. But these lovely comments have given me that extra bit of confidence to do it, so thank you :0D

    Sue - thank you very much! I'm glad youlike it too :0)

    AK - Thank you very much! :0)

    Ingrid - Thank you very much! And I love all of those things too, which is why I chose to paint them. I always find it so much easier to paint subjects that I love! :0)

  18. REALLY wonderful painting, Sandra!

  19. This piece is a BLUE RIBBON, Sandra!! I hope you are feeling the excitement I have right now!!! Its a gorgeous piece!! I waited for this painting to be finished...Now I can't stop looking at it.!!

  20. I KNEW this was going to be good but I'm in awe at how good. I've always been a big fan of your work but you have excelled yourself with this. Absolutely stunning.
    In your reply to Barbra you say "we always wonder about our work". Well stop wondering girl ... you've nailed it!!!

  21. Sandra. He's amazing. Love, love, love your painting. Your composition is masterful. Your style is all over this and I think you may be on to something. People collect bears of all kinds, this could be really lucrative. I'm sure there are bear collecter sites. I would reach out to that community. Fabulous job, Sandra:))

  22. sandra he is OUTSTANDING!! so beautiful!!!! lovely composition, i can get lost is the books, so incredible and definitely worth the wait! BRAVO!!!!

  23. Linda - Thank you very much! :0)

    Hilda - Thank you! I am so glad you feel that way! It's a rare thing for me to be happy with something and I am, so that was a good sign :0)

    John - You are always so lovely about my art and I really appreciate your words. You have made my day, so thank you! :0)

    Carrie - Thank you so much! One of my husbands customers wants to buy him and she collects bears, but there is something I might enter it in to first. The chances of it getting through are incredibley tiny, but it I don't try, I'll never know :0D

    Suzanne - Oh thank you!! I love books too. I could never imagine swapping a real book for a Kindle! I already have five further bear paintings in my head which I really want to get on to canvas too, so I hope that in a few months there will be an entire series :0D

  24. Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving me such a great comment. I just had to come back and let you know how much I love your visits.

    Your painting is over the top darling!
    The colours are so vibrant and your style is so crisp....well done.

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  25. He is FANTASTICO! I love the old world charm and how it seems he can hardly wait to get his paws on that magnifying glass.

    It is one thing when you pick a medium, it is magic when a medium picks you. Congratulations on being "picked!"

  26. Beautifully done, Sandra - I love it. You seem to just keep getting better and better. Well done, you must be really pleased with this.

  27. Hi Sandra, excellent job and definately an improvement.

    There is much more going on in this one and a nice cosey atmosphere to it.

    Nice to see you playing with those edges more. Well done for sticking it out and finishing it. I expect Wilson was pleased.

    I just wish I had the patience to spend 60 hours on a painting!

  28. Hey Sandra. I posted on here but it hasn't shown up! - Strange. I can't remember what I wrote but I thought this was great and a definate improvement on the last. Well done!

  29. Carmelina - thank you very much :0)

    Sandy - Thank you so much! It took me a while to brave the oils since I was blown away by all of the mediums involved, but now it has to be my favorite :0)

    Lynx - Thank you! It's so nice of you to say! I am pleased, but I'm just itching to get on with the next now. It's hard because the vision won't hit me until I have the right props to inspire me which fit together :0)

    Jane - Thank you :0)

    James - It's odd because I have your comment on my email but it just doesn't show here! I'm glad you like it. With every painting a brand new lesson is learned :0)

  30. It is certainly worth the wait, Sandra ... and surely it is worth the commitment you have made​​, because this painting is fantastic! : D

  31. wow, wow, wow!! I've been trying to comment on this for days but I'm usually on the train using my tab and the connection isn't great. Anyway here I am finally and I just can't believe how amazing your oils are - outstanding. You should visit my online artist friend Alex from Pencil Scribbles - her blog is on my blog roll as she's just finished a piece with a doll and teddy bear in and your work reminds me of hers - so photorealist and gobsmackingly fabulous!!

  32. Wonderful painting .Great colour balance.

  33. Cristina - Thank you very much :0)

    Pointy Pix - Thank you so much! I have several more in the pipe-line, in my head and I'm collecting props as we speak! Am off to find the blog you mention :0D

    Shubhankar - Thank you so much :0)


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