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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Self Portrait...

Yes - for those of you who have managed to work out what exactly that sketch is meant to be on my desk at work, it is indeed a 'headless chicken', or a 'Self-Portrait' as I aptly call it... because that is exactly how I feel at the moment!

Well, I did promise you some chicken drawings didn't I, lol!

Oh go on then, here is a close up, I know you want one ;0) ...


Here in the UK the clocks went back at the end of October and this means that the Autumn sun begins to sink towards the horizon from around 3.30pm. By 5pm it is completely dark and this really does limit painting time.

Still, I am trying my best to fit as much painting in as I can between my usual day job and other things I need to do such as keeping a cozy and clean home and spending time with my family.

I am very lucky to have the most amazing husband - and today, I managed to paint for six straight hours! Meanwhile, Paul was attempting his second Victoria Sponge following the slight disaster he'd had with the first attempt! He also cooked us the most yummy dinner! :0P

Thanks to Paul doing those things for me today, I am on the home stretch with the bear now. It really is all just minor details now such as highlights on the bears fur, the bow needs a little more work and the looking glass needs the last few highlights. I am sure that one more day would do it!

That said, tomorrow we really need to start our Christmas shopping, since we haven't even started yet! So as much as I would like to paint, a trip to Tunbridge Wells it is!
I still hope to squeeze in a couple of hours painting time in the afternoon..

If all goes to plan, I would like to think that by mid-week the painting will be complete. Then I will leave it for a few days and look again with fresh eyes to see if any adjustments are needed.

Oh I do hope that the final result is as I hope it to be!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the sketch I did, just for you whilst I was at work yesterday, lol!


  1. Don't take your sketch anywhere near your chicken house. You may have a mutiny on your hands, ha!!! I share your pain, way too much too do and way too little time!! Good luck, my friend, paint on:)

  2. :-))Funny!
    Have a great sunday!
    Ciao Sandra!

  3. This is me as well....way too often! -Steve

  4. Hello Sandra,
    very funny the design of the headless chicken!
    I hope you succeed in completing the painting of the bear.
    a hug

  5. You are indeed a busy woman! Glad you have such good help. And good luck shopping tomorrow.

  6. Ha ha, great sketch! Good luck with all the things you need to do! And looking forward to see the finished bear painting!

  7. looking forward to the completed painting! goodluck with your Christmas shopping!

  8. ROFL!!! LOVE the hedless chicken!! :) And I can't wait to see the oil painting! I'm dying of the suspense over here.

    And do you know that a very good friend just educated me about what a Victoria Sponge is and now I am jealous that you have one and I don't. ;)

    Good luck with the finish!

    And one more thing. . . I havent' started my Christams shopping yet either!! EEEEEK!! You'll be ahead of me. :)

  9. Too funny!!! Glad you're taking a break with Christmas shopping! I need to do the same thing soon...I look forward to your finished bear!!

  10. hahahaha great headless chicken!
    One I suspect we can all relate to!

    Enjoy TW, lovely place to shop. Get my pressie in the art shop, please :) xx

  11. Brilliant and very funny and a clever title that certainly captured my interest ;-) Christmas Yay! Christmas shopping ... Bah, humbug :-)

  12. If you see, my lttle red rooster ...
    Headless greetings.

  13. Ha ha ha.. That headless chicken looks very expressive.. Strong lines indeed. And next time you are treated to a dinner like this buzz us too. :) Waiting to see your painting now..

  14. It's guys like Paul that give guys like me a bad name. ;-) I hope his Victoria Sponge came out better than my last effort. lol.

  15. PERFECT SELF PORTRAIT!! we could all use that. you should sell it as a print or greeting card! you have a wonderful husband! cannot wait to see the bear!!! push on my friend!

  16. Carrie - Ooh, I wouldn't dream of it! My chickens heads remain firmly attached, lol! :0)

    Franz - Lol, thank you! :0)

    Steve - I don't know where the time goes, lol! :0)

    Antonio - I'll be posting the bear soon, so I hope you like it, lol! Thank you :0)

    Kathryn - Thank you! One successful shopping day down and another one to do tommorrow! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! I've finished the bear, so not long now :0)

    Mr Anand - Thank you so much for dropping in! Lovely to see you :0)

    Crystal - Lol, well following Pauls second disasterous attempt at a Victoria Sponge, his cook book now lays open at another page, named 'Never-Fail Sponge Cake', haha!! :0)

    Hilda - Thank you! Not long now! :0)

    Sue - ;0) Lol!

    Pat - Ooh, so you've been too? Its just a 20 minute drive from me. The art shop is my favourite place to be! :0)

    Michael - Lol! I wonder how many of you were expecting an actual self-portrait! :0)

    Willy - Lol! I'll pass your message on! :0)

    Prabal - The bear is finished! Hurrah! So soon, I promise :0)

    John - Well you're not alone! After two failed attempts he has a new cake in mind called 'The Never-Fail Sponge Cake... We'll see! lol ;0)

    Suzanne - Have pushed on and reached the finish line! Hurrah! Thank you :0)

  17. Sandra, you got an outloud laugh on that one! So clever you are. I do hope with all the activities of the season that you will still find some time to steal away for you painting. At least, maybe you will have time to sketch the head :).

  18. Sandy - lol! Yes, poor thing definitely needs a head! Thank you everso much! Glad you enjoyed it :0)

  19. Hi Sandra! I could only pray that I am blessed to have a husband that understands your passion...your purpose. I am sure it makes life much easier, and inspiring too!

  20. The Artist in Me - Thank you! He does make it easier. He is a real gem. I wish the same for you too :0)

  21. This would make a wonderful BIG framed poster for my office.........

  22. Paula - Well, it's only small but I would happily post it to you, lol!!


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