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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

'And I quote...'

Well, I could go on fiddling with the bear for ever and a day, but as Leonardo de Vinci once said...

'Art is never finished, only abandoned'. 

Ooh, don't I sound knowledgeable! But in fact I only learned that the other day whilst on a visit to London's National Gallery with my Mum a few days ago...

As much as I would have liked to have taken such a good photograph of the Gallery, I found this one on a copyright free website and all of the remaining photographs on this post were courtesy of Wikapedia and similar sites.

I was really disappointed when we were told that we were not allowed to take photographs inside the gallery.
Never mind - we had such an amazing time! Just being in Trafalgar Square was nice. There is something to see in every direction; Nelsons Column, Big Ben, the Millennium Wheel... Oh and a few thousand students protesting about University fees along with an equal amount of police, TV Cameras, and helicopters!
Still, it was all harmless and quite an intriguing sight! All part of the London experience!

It was the first day of the Leonardo de Vinci exhibition at the gallery, but Mum and I have booked to see that one in January after the initial rush is over. Jolly glad I am too, since the queue ended up somewhere in China I think, lol!

Inside the gallery, well what a treat!

We saw paintings by Van Gogh, including these...

This one was SO much brighter and more vibrant in real life!

And this, one of my all time favourite paintings by Turner...

The Lilly Pond by the wonderful Monet...

We saw paintings by Constable, Botticelli, Rubens, Cezanne... The list goes on!
And Mum and I learned that in the 17th cenury, people seemed to love running around with no clothes on!

Whilst many of the paintings in the gallery weren't really our cup of tea, it was still amazing to see them. Many of the canvases were so huge that we couldn't possibly imagine that they had ever hung anywhere other than in castles and mansions!

It was wonderful to see paintings such as the 'Sunflowers' just inches away and being able to see every single brush-stroke. It is those details which are lost on a screen or on print.

What also surprised me was the sheer vibrancy of the paintings in real life when compared to what I have seen in books or on the internet. The best examples of this were 'The Fighting Temeraire' by Turner. If there is one painting to see in real life if you ever get the chance, it has to be that one! Also 'The Wheat Field', by Van Gogh. I have never seen a reproduction of that painting with any where near the brighness and vibrancy as the real thing. I was really surprised when I saw it!

Anyway, I must stop waffling because I could go on and on!

I hope to post my new bear soon, but meanwhile, I am HONOURED to have been featured on Crystal Cooks  latest post! I couldn't believe it when she asked me! She is such an incredibly talented artists!
I was so surprised to be asked and I had so much fun answering all of Crystals questions.

I was equally as delighted when Crystal agreed that I could interview her on my blog too. So, watch this space because that (and of course the bear) is all coming soon!

So don't go away!


  1. What a shame no photos allowed :(
    After Saturday at Earl's Court I was thinking I must do this again and go to the National - and here you are posting about it!
    So glad to hear its worth the visit - as it Crystal's blog and your interview. Fab piece! xx

  2. Oh I wish I was there! Some years ago I saw the Van Gogh and Gauguin exhibition in Amsterdam, and I was surprised to see THREE sunflower paintings by Van Gogh. I never knew he painted several! Very funny to see three similar paintings next to each other, they were all slightly different. Thanks for the tour!
    Love to see Leonardo too...

  3. Sandra, that quote by Leonardo de Vinci is SO true. Especially in my case, as most paintings are abandoned full stop!

    We also went down to London to see the National Gallery last month - it was wonderful. I never got to see those sun flowers by Van Gough, in fact I was so in awe of a lot of the paintings I came across, it was evident that more than one trip to this amazing place is called for.

    I think I have to blog the experience too - soon ...

  4. Wonderful exposicion!
    A hug Sandra1

  5. What an amazing experience! I can't even imagine how cool that would be to see those works up close. Well I take that back, I saw some paintings earlier this spring by Carl Bloch and I was literally moved to tears and stood in front of one of his paintings for probably fifteen minutes until my husband told me I had to move! It's so awe inspiring isn't it? To stand in front of a master's work that is so old.

    I love the Turner painting too. So vibrant.

    And thank you for that lovely shout out! I was honored to have you on my blog! :))) I'm waiting anxiously for the bear!!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the Gallery, Sandra. My favorite ..The Lily Pond by Monet. I also, look forward to your finished bear!!

  7. You LUCKY HEADLESS CHICKEN. LOL.. I am actually jealous of you right now. Van Gogh's work for real.. What a treat it muct have been..
    Anyway now I must read your interview. I am sure that would be fun

  8. Sandra, What an experience to be able to see up close the wonderful paintings by those artists!
    Photos do lose so much of the originality, not that I have much to compare, I live in a cultural vacuum ... that means I need to travel to London, France, Italy, !! I wish. lol Thanks for sharing.. it's as close as I'll ever get. BJ

  9. Oh, I wish I was there! What a treat. I know what you mean about vibrancy being lost. It so often is the case. A good reason to frequent galleries! Anyway - off to Crystal's blog to read you interview! Have a good day : )

  10. Great interview Sandra! I love your mouse sketch. Exquisite. I look forward to reading your interview with Crystal.

  11. This sunday I'll go to Genoa to see Van Gogh's pictures! I like a lot Turner, too. Arianna

  12. Hi Sandra, you really had a good time having in front of you such amazing paintings! Un abbraccio!

  13. Glad you had a fabulous time.

  14. Van Gogh, simplesmente mágico. Fantástico teu blogger. Adorei tudo, aqui. Parabéns... A arte parece correr pelas suas veias. Um abraço desde o Brasil...

  15. Hi Sandra. I am totally gutted that I never managed to get a ticket to see Da Vinci! what a total idiot I am for not booking sooner. Oh well, never mind. I must go anyway and look at those other gems. Great post and good taste! :D

  16. It sounds like a fabulous day out Sandra. It's about time I made the effort to get to the National Gallery.

  17. Pat - Thank you! It is a great experience. It's just a shame I couldn't share it through photo's :0)

    Judy - Oh! Now it makes sense! When I put the Sunflowers on my post, I kept thinking 'I swear that the highlight looks different than the one we saw', I even checked that it was a genuine Van Gogh photo! I didn't even know that he painted more than one! Thank you for solving my little mystery! :0)

    Frank - I agree. Certainly when we went to Tate Britain we both agreed that we needed two full days to be able to see it all. We only had three hours at the National Gallery! Still, we managed to see the main ones that we wanted to see :0)

    Antonio - Thank you! A hug for you too :0)

    Crystal - Thank you! It really was amazing to see the actual canvas that once stood before a Great Master on his own easel. As for the bear, it will be coming next - right after your interview :0)

    Hilda - Oh, mine too! Though if I had painted it my self, I am sure my tutor would have told me off for putting the bridge across the middle! Still, sometimes it works to break the rules doesn't it? :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! Van Goghs paintings are actually much better in reality than I thought they would be. They are much more vibrant! :0)

    Barbra - Thank you! Well, Mum and I want to re-visit the Tate, so when we do, I promise to take lots of photo's!

    Kim - Thank you! It was quite nice to be interviewed! I'm more used to asking questions than answering them! :0)

    Arianna - Thank you! Enjoy your Sunday! What a treat :0)

    Tito - Thank you! Yes, it was wonderful! :0)

    Sue - Thank you! Can't wait to go again! Might even visit the Tate Modern if only for a giggle :0)

    Maxwell - Muito obrigado por seu elogio lovley sobre o meu blog! Estou tão feliz que tenha gostado da sua visita. Van Gogh é grande não é ele: 0)

    James - Thank you! Oh no, what a real shame! When we got there on the first day of the exhibition, the que was endless! And when we booked there was nothing available until mid December! So we booked there and then for January. I bet no photo's are aloud again either :0(

    John - You must! It's a joy to see and totally worth it. I actually prefered the Tate Britain as there was more to see but still, it was fabulous! :0)


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