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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thoughts and photo's to share...

Nature offers such treasures for us to find at this time of year; an abundance of inspiration for small paintings and sketches!

During my earlier woodland walk, I took some photographs of the colourful and glossy fungi that has sprung up over the last few days...

... Aren't they beautiful?

If anyone would like to use any of these particular photographs for painting or sketching purposes, please feel free!

I have had little time to do so myself over the last couple of weeks for various reasons. That said, I currently have one painting on the go, and a new one which I am about to start.

It's funny how I have so many mixtures of feelings when I paint. I will often go from excitement, anticipation and loving each brush-stroke, to a feeling of sheer frustration! Of course sometimes it's the other way around :0)

And then there are those finished paintings, which I like at first and then later go on to never wanting to see them again! Like this old one...

Acrylic on canvas

I quite liked it at first and yet now, I see so much about it that I would change!

It goes to show how each painting or sketch that we do, teaches us something about ourselves as Artists and which direction we need to take next in order to evolve :0)


  1. Beautiful Shots Sandra,all to be painted!!
    Good evening!!

  2. I recognize the mixed feelings and I also have paintings that I can't look at anymore... your right, it is all part of our learning process. Lovely pictures btw!

  3. Those mushrooms are fabulous! The one that looks like flames is crazy! I know what you mean about hating or falling in love with a painting. Sometimes I think we just need some distance. Hope you get some time at the easel.

  4. I know exactly what you mean Sandra. I found a really old sketch book from 20 years ago! and couldn't believe that I was actually proud of anything I did then lol. Personally, I love your seascape :) PS the fungi photos are fabulous too - nothing like that around here. No time for art for me at the moment either :(

  5. Wow Sandra, those are awesome. If you visit my blog frequently you'll know I love to post mushrooms and fungus too. I did take the one that looks like flames for possible future painting. It's spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol B.

  6. Wonderful fungi photos, Sandra!! Thank you for posting them.

  7. Hello Sandra,
    I liked the pictures of mushrooms, they will enchant and inspire, as well as the old walls and rotting logs where they live.
    The brightly colored painting is becoming dramatic, without having to leave their mark, like your graphic to be pop!
    I love to see your work, your blog. I really appreciate your comments, I love opening my blog and find your criticism, praise and encouragement. All this is very good, especially when it comes from a special artist like you!

  8. Beautiful photos Sandra.I might have to draw the orange one on the tree truck - when I have somewhere to draw ;?

  9. Beautiful snaps. We have only black and white fungi growing here. I loved the colors in them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the red fungi Sandra - the first and last time I encountered some of these was in a wood in the lake district many moons ago. I may just take you up on painting one of them :)

    You're right, looking back on paintings can change your feelings about them. The ones of my own that I didn't like at the time often look MUCH worse at a later date.
    This week I was looking through some of my paintings to put in an exhibition, and I am in a deep state of depression, as most of them look pretty awful now!

  11. Great photos. I have never actually seen fungi like that in real life! can you believe it? I always have that problem of looking back at work, so I know what you mean. It is something we have to live with and not get too upset about, it shows growth at least.

  12. Hi sandra, I well understand what you mean, from time to time, for me is the same. Each time I start a new painting I wonder if it is what I really want to do....curious isn't it?
    To me, your sea landscape is really beautiful, the blue is fantastic. Hugs.

  13. Go back and read the comments on that painting from when you did it, and it will cheer you to read how many loved it!

    The woodland shots are fab! I've never seen a red fungi like that in real life. Just the boring pale ones !

  14. Ah yes the emotional journey of painting and art. We are so ego invested. As for the painting i say yay. Very lovely. The mushrooms are just magnificent

  15. Really very beautiful snapshots and paintings especially the last one showing the beauty of nature.It's just awesome man!.The beauty of nature has always impressed me very much.Thanks! for the beautiful painting.

  16. Sandra, thank you for always writing the most encouraging things on my blog. You are so sweet and such a delight, I wish we lived in the same town so we could paint together. Thanks for sharing the amazing mushrooms. I have never seen mushrooms in these colors. Ours are just brown. As for your beach scene, I like it a lot. It is dramatic and emphasizes the expanse of sea, sky and land. I think you did a wonderful job.

  17. Franz - Thank you very much! :0)

    Judy - Thank you! And we all feel the same it seems :0)

    Carrie - Thank you! And yes - the 'flame fungi' was a new find for me. I had never seen one before. It really was so beautiful :0)

    Michael - Thank you! I often see some of my really old art hanging on my parents walls and it makes me cringe, lol! Slowly I will replace them all with new pieces. I hope you find some time to paint soon :0)

    Carol - Thank you so much! And you are very welcome to use the photo's for future paintings. I hope to see them on your blog some time :oD

    Studio - Thank you very much! :0)

    Antonio - You always make me smile from ear to ear! Thank you SO much! You are always so lovely and I love reading your comments too :0D

  18. Sue - Thank you! I can't wait to see it! :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! I am surprised, because I imagined that in India you would have some amazingly colourful fungi! I don't know why I thought that but I did. Maybe it's the wet weather that they need rather than glorious Indian sunshine :0)

    Frank - Thank you! Lol, you are so amusing! I am sure you are being far too self critical :0) There are fungi like these everywhere in the woods at the moment, you just have to look for them. They are beautiful at this time of year. You are most welcome to use the photo's! :0)

    James - Thank you! But, really? You have never seen these? But you live in the UK don't you? Maybe take a walk down your local woods. There will be an abundance of them I'm sure! I half expected a little pixie to be sitting on the top of the little red spotty one. You are right, the only good thing about looking back at old work and hating it is because it shows how much we have developed since then :0)

    Tito - Thank you! It seems that we all feel the same doesn't it? I often start a painting with a vision and yet it almost always ends up entirely different than what I expected! :0)

    Pat - Thank you so much! Next time you take Missy down the woods, have a good look around, they are everywhere! :0)

  19. Cathy - Thank you! And yes, aren't we just? They are lovey mushrooms aren't they? How could something that looks so pretty be so poisonous? :0)

    Laura - Thank you so much for your visit and for leaving your lovely comment! I am also a lover of nature and all of the treasures it has to offer. That's the most wonderful thing about art, I never looked properly at anything before I started painting. Now, I see things so differently :0)

    Liana - Thank you so much! And you are so welcome :0) And wouldn't that be wonderful! You would never get rid of me, lol! :0)

  20. i've never seen the "orange" flame funghi on the tree trunk sandra would make a beautiful painting are you going to paint any of them ?.. i have lots of funghi photos too italian's love collecting "funghi hunting" and eating them ! .. .. so true sandra i guess we never stop learning.

  21. My dear, dear Sandra. I first came and read your post the day you posted it, left a comment, which was then promptly eaten by Blogger, left another comment only to have it meet the same fate! *Sigh* So, here I am again, trying to leave a comment. Let's see if it will work. . .

    I do love those mushroom pics Sandra, they look like something straight out of a fairy tale! It is so foreign to me to think that I could just wander outside and find such treasures. I'd probably just find some roadkill or something. :/

    I may take you up on your offer to paint them.

    And boy do I ever know what you mean about looking back at our work. I remember the first portrait I ever did where I finally thought I knew what I was doing. I was SO proud of it! Then I pulled it out a few months ago and had to stuff it under my bed super quick. It was horrid. Well. . . maybe not horrid, but certainly not the beauty I thought it was at first.

    Such is the life of an artist.

    I for one love all of your work. There is such a winsome sweetness to all of it that I can't help but be drawn to it. Including the ones you don't like. :)

  22. Sandra I too have been AWOL but hopefully back in blogsville, so checking up on all my friends near and far.
    We all have the exact same feelings about art. I too look back and say " Barbra Joan, what were you thnking" and I do that now too.. so much emotion we spend on our craft that somedays I have little left for other things. I can honestly say that out of hundreds and I mean 'hundreds' of paintings and drawings I can pick something I don't like .. ( except for my
    drawing " Sophistication," the only thing I've done in 50 years, that I can't pick apart . LOL ! hugs , BJ

  23. Jane - I have so many things that I want to paint at the moment that I find my self not painting at all! But, I do have plans for a series of paintings which I intend to start very soon, though not the fungi. I wouldn't dare pick a fungi to eat! I've heard that it's so easy to pick ones that though look edible, are actually deadly! I definitely think that the most beautiful are probably the most dangerous, so I wouldn't be trying these ones in a hurry, lol :0)

    Crystal - Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment :0) How frustrating for you! It's happened to me too, where I leave a comment and it somehow disappears in to cyber space... But I do SO appreciate you coming back again! Your comments mean the world! I had to laugh when you said that you would probably just find road kill! I suppose I just assumed that these fungi grow everywhere, but obviously not. It seems that they thrive in damp woodland, so maybe there are some around but you just need to go and seek it out. I live right on the edge of a wood. I have the woodland directly behind the house, and a main road directly in front of it, so I could find both fungi and road kill quite easily ;0)

    Barbra - Thank you!!! And 'Sophistication' really is a masterpiece, but you have so many others that are equally wonderful! It's odd that we often don't see in our own work what others do isn't it? :0)

  24. great snaps! will make great paintings! i can so relate. sometimes i'm pleasantly surprised, sometimes i'm horrified. ebb and flow, yin and yang, well done and poo-poo. so it goes. hope all is well!

  25. It's always such fun to see what you're up to, Sandra. I'm looking forward to seeing what paintings are going to be forthcoming from lively you!

  26. Suzanne - Thank you very much :0D

    Laura - How lovely of you to pop by when you have so much to do and so many places to be! Thank you so much :0)


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