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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thoughts and photo's to share...

Nature offers such treasures for us to find at this time of year; an abundance of inspiration for small paintings and sketches!

During my earlier woodland walk, I took some photographs of the colourful and glossy fungi that has sprung up over the last few days...

... Aren't they beautiful?

If anyone would like to use any of these particular photographs for painting or sketching purposes, please feel free!

I have had little time to do so myself over the last couple of weeks for various reasons. That said, I currently have one painting on the go, and a new one which I am about to start.

It's funny how I have so many mixtures of feelings when I paint. I will often go from excitement, anticipation and loving each brush-stroke, to a feeling of sheer frustration! Of course sometimes it's the other way around :0)

And then there are those finished paintings, which I like at first and then later go on to never wanting to see them again! Like this old one...

Acrylic on canvas

I quite liked it at first and yet now, I see so much about it that I would change!

It goes to show how each painting or sketch that we do, teaches us something about ourselves as Artists and which direction we need to take next in order to evolve :0)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Putting things into perspective...

... And that's what I was trying to do here...

© Sandra Busby Watercolour

As you know, landscapes are simply not my thing. I don't like painting them and I am not fond of using watercolour either. But because of this I make myself do both from time to time.
Give me oils or Acrylics any day!
This watercolour sketch was going perfectly well until it came to the shadows of the trees, which where meant to hugely emphasize the perspective. It's a shame that impatience got the better of me and I began painting the shadows whilst the wash beneath was still too wet! Grrr...

The idea was that they would start off much thinner in the distance and get progressively larger as they came further towards the foreground. Instead they are the same all the way along and this actually takes away that feeling of distance that I had hoped to achieve. Talk about fall at the last hurdle!!
Oh well, never mind - another lesson learned!

At first, I was really disappointed and I almost put the painting away, never to be seen again. But then I really did 'put things into perspective' and changed my mind, because there are elements of it which I am really pleased with. 
I am very happy with the light, which gives a real sense of the sun going down. This adds mood and atmosphere to the painting, which was largely achieved by studying other Artists and the way in which they work. 


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