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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Because sometimes you just have to 'play'...

I've been working on a highly complex still life today.  It's a joy to do, but when so much mental energy goes in to one painting, as it did the bear - sometimes you just have to do something quick and simple and just PLAY!

Following a couple of weeks of solid rain, a few days ago I awoke to be greeted by the long absent, big fat yellow sun and an array of daisies, which had sprung up to say hello.

What could possibly be more inspiring than that?

© Sandra Busby. Acrylic on Canvas

This was a welcome creative break and took me all of about half an hour to do :0)
Mentally exhausted by the intricate paintwork I have been doing today, I am keeping this post very simple!

But, before I go, I have two very big thank-yous to say; The first is to Sue Pownall who, to my surprise sent me her original sketch of me sketching on our sketchy day last year in a lovely frame, all the way from Qatar for my 40th birthday!! I was SO surprised! SO delighted!  

You can find more of her work here :0)

© Sue Pownall

Secondly, I would like to thank Barbara Fox who recently sent me such a beautiful painting, which I was lucky enough to win in a recent 'painting give-away' that she did. 

I never win anything, so I was delighted! Here is the very painting by Barbara Fox...

© Barbara Fox

You only have to visit her blog to see what a talented artist she is, but I can honestly say, that as good as her art looks on a computer screen, it is even better in reality!

In the next few days I hope to post what I have been working on today, and I will also be introducing another of my bloggy friends to you. So, watch this space because he has some very interesting and thought provoking things to say!!

Now I'm off to rest my weary eye's before another painting session tomorrow.

Ta-ta for now :0D


  1. What a beautiful celebration of sun and flowers! I usually do the same thing - keeping 2 or 3 going at once, especially if one requires a lot of detail and thought. Love your teddy.

  2. Hello Sandra,
    I loved the posts. Daisies against an abstract background, the watercolor bears on the frame and the chair. Three different trends, all successful in their goals.
    Thank you for your visits and comments on my blog, I really like your words.
    A big hug

  3. Beautiful post Sandra,congrats and have a nice sunday!!


  4. so true! and so lovely! nothing like taking a break to paint what brings you joy! your birthday gift is just beautiful...happy birthday by the way! isn't barbara fox amazing!!!! i'm astonished by each painting she posts, just brilliant work. congratulation on your win, it's an incredible painting! enjoy the weekend.

  5. Oh I love this Sandra! So cheerful and FUN! Looks like it was just what you needed. I agree sometimes we need to step back from complex projects and just do something quick and fun! And wow look at those fantastic artistic goodies!! How lucky you that from Barbara, you totally deserve it. ANd how sweet of Sue to send you that. :) Hope you're having a lovely weekend sandra, I missed you around good old bloggy land! :D

  6. This painting is lovely, very fresh and fun. Would make a good greeting card!

  7. Congrats on the win, wonderful surprise for your birthday and those daisies - I adore them! :) xx

  8. I loved that blue.. And yes you just have to let go. Then you create such beautiful pieces. :) And what is it with your luck. You seem to be getting a lot of gifts. :) Congratulations.

  9. You had some wonderful gifts for your birthday! I love the cheerful daisies! Looking forward to the still life!

  10. Beautiful use of colour Sandra. You may have been just playing but I'd say put it somewhere for everyone to see!

  11. Daisies, daisies, I love them.. they're so fresh !!!!
    And you lucky duck you.... originals and all that good 'stuff' for your birthday. Oh, 40 is wonderful, just starting to live... and enjoy life... and look at you... !! hugs. BJ

  12. Beautiful daisies! And paintings of your friends...Arianna

  13. Hi Sandra, considering that you did it in half an hour, this watercolor looks nice to me, very fresh and with a pleasant composition. Waiting for your last still life. Have a good week. Ciao!!

  14. Studio - Thank you! And I hope to begin doing the same soon and having a couple of painttings on the go at all times :0)

    Antonio - Thank you very much! :0)

    Franz - Thank you! :0D

    Suzanne - Thank you very much! Sometimes a little fun with some paint and taking it less seriously once in a while can be quite refreshing :0)

    Crystal - Thank you! I think I will be doing lots more simple things in between more serious things now. That means I get the best of both worlds - and my followers will get lots of variety too :0)

    Sue - Thank you! I really want to get in to greetings cards but have yet to find a way in to it!

    Pat - Thank you very much! :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! Yes, it was definitely my lucky week :0D

    Judy - Thank you! And the still life is coming very soon :0)

    Michael - Thank you! Hmm... I was thinking of my Mums toilet, lol!

    Barbra - Thank you! 40 is being very kind so far. Life is good :0D

    Arianna - Thank you very much! :0)

    Tito - Thank you! This one is acrylic but a watercolour one might have been fun to try. Maybe next time! Still life on the way shortly :0)

  15. Happy Birthday Sandra!! nice effect with the daisies and as one of your comments says it would make a smashing greetings card, I could totally imagine seeing it on the shelf.. I would guess there is a formal process of approaching retailers etc.. would be amazing to earn some money from what you love doing. Go for it!

  16. Happy 40th birthday! Love the daisies and your gifts! Good idea to take a creative break, I will have to follow your lead. FYI, can print your image on cards.

  17. Atelier - Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon :0)

    James - Thank you! Yes, it would be a dream do get paid to do something I love wouldn't it? You never know :0)

    Liana - Thank you! And thank you so much for the link! I so appreciate it. Will visit the site :0)

  18. Such a plethora of wonderful art work!! I love your fun daisy sketch and you're right sometimes after working on really intricate pieces it is a welcome relief to do something quick and lighthearted! The sketch of you sketching is a wonderful present to receive - a great momento for an artist to have of themselves at work!
    As for the bear painting - wowsers! Barbara's work is outstanding - how lovely to win something so special.

  19. Pointy Pix - Thank you very much!I'm glad you also like the Daisy painting. it's light-hearted and fun :0)

  20. I wish I could create something like this when I 'play'. Fabulous!!!

  21. hey sandra....its amazing work once again..:)
    and Barbara Fox's work is no less. . thanks for sharing and telling us about one more creative mind.. as you have suggested last time i have also uploaded my work and i am here request you to have look ,although its no where near your work,but i would really appreciate if you could spare 2 mins and comment and help me improve...:)

  22. John - Thanks so much! I need to play more often :0)

    U.Kalyani - Thank you very much! I am on my way to yours right now :0)


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