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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Neat? ....Or not?

For those of you who despair of my 'neatness', this one's for you!
(you can click on the images to make them larger)

© Sandra Busby Watercolour and Gouache

It's about as far away from my most recent paintings as you can get, lol!

It was inspired by a painting I saw in a gallery recently, which I immediately liked.
I spent so much time studying the painting that I never thought to look at the name of the artist! It's a shame because I would have liked to have looked up some more of the artists work and shared their name with you too.

I took my newly found inspiration and used it to portray this scene from the woodlands at the bottom of my garden. Although initially it was meant to depict the pathway running through the woods, in the end it became a stream, because I felt that it seemed to read better that way!
Don't you just love the advantage of artistic license? Besides, who's going to know it was a pathway anyway? ;0)

As I have said before, I like to try to offer a variety of styles on my blog, though I will probably always lean towards and perhaps even settle on realism  - simply because I like it, it's me and instead of fighting it, I have finally begun to embrace it. Anyway - why not? I mean who makes the rules anyway?
To be honest, I question why anyone should feel pressured to follow the current trend - unless of course it comes naturally to them.
That said, I still like to dip my toes in the water now and again!

Now, to add a twist to this post - you may remember my Fields of Gold post in which I produced a  pencil sketch of a Spanish landscape. Well, here is a watercolour version.

I decided to post it, regardless of how I feel about it...
As much as I like painting realism in oils and acrylics I don't feel quite the same when it comes to watercolour. And following my most recent work, you may be surprised to learn that I prefer the first and find this one absolutely dull, uninspiring... even sterile!

© Sandra Busby

I really think that the opinion will be divided between these two paintings. I mean, if you like one, then you surely won't like the other, right?

Isn't art an interesting thing? It divides so many opinions! The naturally neat people are forever wanting to loosen up and the naturally loose people are trying to neaten up! Just as those of us with straight hair long for curls and those of you with curls long for straight hair!

So, tell me - which of these paintings do you prefer? Maybe you don't like either! And please, don't be shy - Say what you really think! I am entirely comfortable with that because I don't consider either one of these paintings to be the real me. One is my interpretation of somebody else's style and the other is a forced effort to paint the very subject which I least enjoy - Landscapes!

This should be interesting :0)

Friday, 22 July 2011

The 'My 7 Links Project'...

The My 7 Links Project was generated by TripBase to "unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again." Bloggers list their Top 7 Links in the following categories...

– Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of
...and then Bloggers tag others and so it goes on.

I was tagged for this project by Sue Pownall from Art of a Nomad

Here are a selection of my past posts, some of which are fairly recent, but some of which I think deserve this trip back in time:

I chose this not so much for the painting its self, but rather for the sentiment of the beautiful memories behind it :0)

© Sandra Busby

This post has received the most comments!

© Sandra Busby

This post continues to catch peoples attention, not only because of the painting its self but because of the tricky subject I wrote about.

© Sandra Busby

This is the only post where I have showed a step by step guide to how I reached the finished result

© Sandra Busby
© Sandra Busby

I was amazed at the volume of positive response I received for such a simple sketch!

© Sandra Busby
But this was probably because it was only my third post and I had yet to gain any followers!

© Sandra Busby

Aside from the bear which I have already listed, this is still one of my favourite paintings

© Sandra Busby

Finally, my five nominated artists to take part in the 7 Links Project are:

Crystal Cook of Art by Crystal Cook

Barbra Joan of Art Hearts Place

Happy posting! :0)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Feeling Bubbly...

I had intended to do something a little more 'playful' for this post, but after having so much fun with the glass, I just couldn't resist some more realism!

I have been wanting to paint some bubbles for some time and at last I have finally scratched that itch :0)


As much as I prefer to paint from life, clearly this isn't possible with this particular subject! But getting a reasonable photograph proved to be a challenge in it's self! 
In the end I had to seek some help from my Dad, but even he found it difficult! 
So, as well as using photographs for reference, I had to call upon a little of my imagination too :0)

Though not as complex as the glass, this painting still required a considerable amount of concentration and observation. My eyes are actually still hurting as I type!

See you again soon :0)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Single-Malt, no ice...

All be it only one object, this is probably the most exhausting painting I have done to date!
Not because of the time it took to paint, because it didn't actually take very long, but because of the intense level of concentration it demanded...

Acrylic on canvas

If I could turn the clock back and do this again I would have used slow drying acrylics or fast drying oils rather than standard acrylics. This would have allowed for some more subtle blending in places.

This is not a painting which should be viewed as closely as you see it here, but rather with a little distance between the painting and the viewer. When viewed this way it could almost be real.

This brings me to and interesting point; 'Why bother deliberately painting something to look so close to the real thing, when you could just take a photograph?' After all, there is nothing here to provoke any sort of emotional response; it is, after all just a glass of whiskey! (Though I think it might look rather nice on the wall of a classy wine bar perhaps?)

So - this painting could be considered a little 'uninspiring', perhaps even slightly boring, but I have my reasons for challenging my self in this way.
The idea here was not to create a great painting, but rather to exercise my skills in observation. It must be good for the brain because I don't think I have ever concentrated so hard on a single object in my life! 
Regardless of this I loved every moment that the brush was in my hand :0)
It is staggering just how many shapes and colours there are to find in a crystal cut glass of whiskey! And also fascinating to observe how the colour and light refracts withing each crystal cut.

Another reason for presenting myself with such a challenging object, is that so much emphasis is put on imagination in art these days and so early on in the learning process. I feel that not nearly enough attention is paid to teaching Artists how to 'see' anymore.
Don't get me wrong - I mean, I understand that imagination is a very important part of art, but technical skill should surely come first...

On that very subject, I must introduce you to James's Art Blog - He came across an old post of mine: 

Do you remember, 'How to get your art noticed...?

© Sandra Busby

The post caught his attention enough to provoke an epic post on his blog, on what I think is a very interesting subject - 'What Makes Art Good or Bad'?
You can see his post on the subject here and please do because it is a fascinating read and my comment on it is equally epic!

I would love to hear your views on the subject as I'm sure James would.

I think the next post will be something a little less challenging because my poor brain cell needs a rest! Maybe a sketch - Who knows? 

See you soon :0)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Because sometimes you just have to 'play'...

I've been working on a highly complex still life today.  It's a joy to do, but when so much mental energy goes in to one painting, as it did the bear - sometimes you just have to do something quick and simple and just PLAY!

Following a couple of weeks of solid rain, a few days ago I awoke to be greeted by the long absent, big fat yellow sun and an array of daisies, which had sprung up to say hello.

What could possibly be more inspiring than that?

© Sandra Busby. Acrylic on Canvas

This was a welcome creative break and took me all of about half an hour to do :0)
Mentally exhausted by the intricate paintwork I have been doing today, I am keeping this post very simple!

But, before I go, I have two very big thank-yous to say; The first is to Sue Pownall who, to my surprise sent me her original sketch of me sketching on our sketchy day last year in a lovely frame, all the way from Qatar for my 40th birthday!! I was SO surprised! SO delighted!  

You can find more of her work here :0)

© Sue Pownall

Secondly, I would like to thank Barbara Fox who recently sent me such a beautiful painting, which I was lucky enough to win in a recent 'painting give-away' that she did. 

I never win anything, so I was delighted! Here is the very painting by Barbara Fox...

© Barbara Fox

You only have to visit her blog to see what a talented artist she is, but I can honestly say, that as good as her art looks on a computer screen, it is even better in reality!

In the next few days I hope to post what I have been working on today, and I will also be introducing another of my bloggy friends to you. So, watch this space because he has some very interesting and thought provoking things to say!!

Now I'm off to rest my weary eye's before another painting session tomorrow.

Ta-ta for now :0D


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