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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Something cute...

Following my previous post, Mum was indeed very surprised when she opened my blog on Mothers day to find her own work on display!
But not as surprised as she was by all of the wonderful feedback she received from all of you!
She is genuinely amazed that people agree with me, in that she has a natural gift for art!

She also said that looking at her drawings on a screen, helped her to detach from the art being her own and look at it in a different way. It was clear that she very much enjoyed reading all of your comments too and was really grateful, so thank you to all of you!

Anyway, for Mothers Day, I also sketched this cute little mouse for her...

© Sandra Busby. Pen and Ink.

...I have always wondered how anyone could be afraid of something so cute!

It only took about 20 minutes but I just knew that she would love it.

I put a pale green, oval mount around it and popped it in a nice country-style wooden frame which finished it off really nicely. She was absolutely thrilled and within five minutes she had decided on which wall it would hang!
It just goes to show that sometimes, a simple sketch can be just as pleasing as a detailed painting.:0)

I would definitely like to do some more sketches like this. It is a style I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyway, I had a lovely Mothers Day too... 

Look what I woke up to, flooded by the the morning sunlight...

© Sandra Busby

© Sandra Busby

...and in the warm light of the evening :0)

My next post will be a coloured pencil portrait of a 'surprising' moodel, oops - I mean, model!! 
So, watch this space :0)


  1. A beautifully drawn and extremely cute mouse! Good choice of paper too - it really makes the whole drawing sing.

  2. This is so sweet! Simple is powerful! And I agree about the paper.

  3. What a beautiful drawing of a cute little mouse! My mother - however - would certainly not have been amused with a present like this: she was so afraid of mice!

  4. Sandra, your mouse is definitely from the land of "AWWWS"!! Lucky you to get such an exquisite bouquet! Maybe you could get your mother blogging, too?

  5. This mouse is gorgeous and as someone who had 4 pet hamsters as a child, i agree they're cute wee things and not at all frightening! What sort of paper did you use-is it pastel paper? It has a lovely texture to it.

  6. Love that mouse!
    Much nicer than the real thing in your bathroom at night :lol:

    Not at all surprised your mum loved it - and tell me, is she going to pick up her pencils again?

  7. This is indeed cute.. Loved this..

  8. You had some lovely flowers and your little mouse is simple and well cats caught one just like it this morning!

  9. It's beautiful Sandra. I bet your mum loved it.

  10. This is a great drawing, beautifully done as usual. You have done very well for flowers recently judging by your blog and wow how good is your mum. I would love to think this has encouraged her to get her pencils and paper out to start drawing some more.

  11. Che tenero questo topolino,brava Sandra!

  12. Hi Sandra, I love that little indeed cute! Ciao!

  13. Oh Sandra, Mr. Mouse could an illustration for your up and coming children's book! Adorable.

  14. sandra, this mouse is DELIGHTFUL!!! i can see an entire children's book written around him, what a lovely drawing! you continue to surprise me, you are truly gifted!

  15. Michael - Thank you very much! Now, when are you going to start your own blog? :o)

    Judy - Thank you! I like the natural tone of the paper too. It suits the subject :0)

    Inge - Thank you! As far as I'm aware, I don't think my own Mum is afraid of mice. She is quite fond of hampsters and really they are almost the same. I'm not actually sure if there is anything at all that she's afraid of! I'm afraid of wasps and cows! :0)

    Studio - Thank you! Mum just isn't the computer type really. But, she does love looking at my blog :0)

    Pointy Pix - Thank you! I had two hampsters too. I love them! My first was called Hanibble. As he grew old he went almost completely bald! He looked like a giant baked bean on legs! My second was called Baby-Cakes.
    My daughter has one now. She called him Scrambler and he has to be the most friendly Hampster on the planet :0)

    Pat - Thank you! I agree, I wouldn't actually want one living in my house! But, they are so cute! As for Mum, well I think I am going to have to put a pencil and paper in her hand myself at some point!

    Prabal - Thank you very much :0)

    Cathy - Thank you, well apart from the last bit, lol!!! Maybe I should draw a picture of a giant mouse eating a cat! :0)

    Sue - Thank you! Actually, I thought you might like this one. Mum really likes it :0)

    Arianna - Thank you very much :0)

    Jill - Thank you very much! And I do hope so too :0)

    Franz - La ringrazio molto per il vostro bel commento: 0)

    Tito - Thank you very much :0)

    Cathy - Thank you! He is cute isn't he? Actually, I would LOVE to write a childrens book. But, I guess it's all about knowing the right people, which unfortunately I don't. Still, maybe one day an opportunity will come my way :0)

    Suzanne - Wow! Really? Thank you so much - I am smiling from ear to ear :0)

  16. Pointy-Pix - I forgot to tell you about the paper! Though it looks highly textured, it is actually quite thin and very smooth. It's from my Cache Sketchbook, which has nutral mid-toned paper throughout. Great for pen and ink! :0)

  17. This is simply fantastic Sandra! I love mice too. :) I love his eyes and that little twitchy, whiskery nose. What a great gift. I would love to see some more of your sketches like this.

    And your flowers remain simply gorgeous!

  18. "Mice is nice" - that's what they say ... or should that be 'rice' - I forget.
    Quick sketches like these are often very rewarding and bring faith back into your work if especially if you've been struggling with an intricate work of art beforehand.
    On the subject of mice, we had one in the garage, which seemed to be chewing away at everything we kept in there. I decided to put a trap down and caught it overnight. Resetting the trap, eight more nights caught eight more mice!!! The sad thing was though, that the last one was not your common grey mouse, but a lovely brown one with the longest tail and huge bulbous dark eyes. I would think he was crossed with something like a fieldmouse or something - so beautiful but now dead!

  19. This little fellow is indeed cute Sandra. Your flowers are beautiful .. :)

  20. Hello Sandra,
    that this cute mouse. Seeing such an illustration, I will dare to draw.
    The flowers are also wonderful!
    A hug from your Brazilian fan

  21. Wow, this little mouse is gorgeous, Sandra! It reminds me of the drawings of Jill Barklem... you are so talented!

  22. What a marvellous post and a truly amazing little mouse. Well Done Sandra.

  23. Crystal - Thank you! I will definitely do some more. I really enjoy this type of cute sketch :0)

    Frank - Thank you! It did help me get over a few hurdles, I must say. Hmm.. not quite sure whether to thank you for the story of the dead ones though... I think not! lol! :0)

    Ingrid - Thank you very much! :0)

    Antonio - Thank you! I enjoyed it! Something non-challenging for a change :0)

    Cristina - Thank you! That is a huge compliment - I LOVE Brambley Hedge but had forgoten all about it until I looked her up. I used to have some of her books when I was little. Thanks for the memory :0D

    Ralph - Thank you very much! :0)

  24. Nana - Thank you very much for dropping in! And for your lovely comment :0)

  25. I've never seen a rat look so cute before. I agree with the other poster I really like the paper as well.

  26. Shelley - Thank yo so much! This little guy is a mouse, I'm not very keen on rats either! :0)

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