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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Drawings by my Mum...

It's Mothering Sunday this weekend here in the UK!

Last year I posted a pastel of some daffodils to mark the occasion, since she loves Spring flowers. 
This year I am posting something quite different indeed! 

She will be very surprised when she opens my blog today to find that it is her own work on show and not mine!

Just to be clear, these aren't drawings of my Mum - they are...

Drawings by my Mum...

...Just look at these beautifully observed eyes!

And I love this one...


 And I love these eyes...

My Mum drew these many years ago, probably in the 60's judging by the hairstyles! 
Anyway, it was long enough ago that the drawings have faded and the paper has weakened. It's clear that she didn't take herself seriously by the odd scraps of paper she chose to draw on!

She has always brushed off any comments I have made about her being a natural artist - but I really believe that she is.
Can you believe that she did these drawings, having never had a single art lesson?

She says that she used to enjoy drawing faces and on a few occasions I have watched her sketch just a few simple lines and yet manage to produce a recognizable, perfectly proportioned face!

The frustrating thing is that she almost never draws anything! She just doesn't realise that she is good. 
I would love to see her take it up as a hobby because it's such a wonderful thing to be able to do. She might be a little rusty, but with her natural ability she would be producing lovely drawings like these again in no time!

Anyway, after this post I could very well be in for the first telling off I have had since I was a child, lol!

Happy Mothers Day Mum. And as well as for everything else you do, thank you for passing me your artistic side :0)


  1. These drawings are simply beautiful Sandra! She really does have natural talent. I think it's obvious like you say, in the confidence and surety of her placement of marks. What a talented mother you have! Happy mother's day to you and her!

    And do you know that she sounds EXACTLY like my mother?! She's an amazing artist too but hardly ever draws anymore and thinks she isn't good at all. Why is that do you think? I wish we could convince them!

  2. Yes, your mum has talent. Maybe we can persuade her to come on our sketching day?

  3. Hello Sandra,
    you know I really like the spontaneity of drawing and painting.
    I was charmed by the pictures - expressive, spontaneous and light!

  4. I love them all too Sandra.... she has the natural artistic element in her drawings by means of shadow, form and as Crystal says placement of marks.
    My dad is the same.....but does not believe in his capabilities and hasn't lifted a pencil at all in nearly 40 years. Except to design a technical drawing once in a while!!!! Quite sad really!

    Bless her and happy Mothers Day to you both!

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! So now we see that the talent runs in the family! Thanks for sharing her work. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

  6. Love it. Mom is a natural as are you! The sketches are great. Like mother like daughter.

  7. it looks like your talent comes to you naturally ... from your mom! You're right, she IS a "natural". I'm sure she will love the surprise.

  8. Hi Sandra, your Mum is really an artist, these drawings are simply beautiful!! You did a wonderful tribute to her putting these wonders on your blog. Congratulations!

  9. OH Sandra, you better thank your Mom for your talent... She is really good, and I honestly love her '60's style, (hey, I was there too)
    She should still be doing it.. and blogging and posting YES.. !! you tell her I said so ..
    and as for your letter writing comment, I will say this. I too loved handwritten letter received and sent.. I even went so far as to use a fountain pen.. What does that say?? LOL bj

  10. A family of artists...these drawings are very well-done! Arianna

  11. I must admit Sandra, that at first glance, I thought you had done a self portrait because the girl in the first sketch looks like you!
    Your mother does have considerable talent, and if I were you, I would buy her a good pencil set for mother's day, then insist that she puts it to good use.

  12. These drawings are beautiful! Your mother and you are both very talented! Maybe this post and all the comments will persuade her to take up drawing again!
    I hope she had a good Mothers Day (Mothers Day in NL is in May...);-)

  13. Mother - pick up those pencils again! Don't waste that talent!

    I like Frank's idea - buy her some kit, Sandra :) xx

  14. Give Mum a gift cert to drawing class once she put that pencil to paper again she'll feel the luv!!!

  15. To be HONEST Sandra, she is awesome!! Now I see where you got your wonderful talent. Start a blog for her and she'll do the rest. And when you do...please share her blog info with us...

  16. Wow! I see where your gift comes from! These are amazing drawings. Has your Mom thought of starting her own blog? Beautiful work! Happy Mother's Day Sandra's Mom!

  17. Crystal - Thank you! I think artists are a self doubting bunch in general. I hope this persuades her to see herself and her drawings in a different way. Maybe you should post some of your Mums drawings! :0D

    Sue - Thank you! Hmm... I doubt that! I think, if anything she might pick up a pencil in private and have a dabble some time. I really hope so! :0)

    Antonio - Thank you! Yes, that's what I thought too :0)

    Debbie - Thank you! It is sad isn't it? I hope she does do some more drawings some time. It would be lovely, however simple, if she could add to this small collection :0)

    Katherine - Thank you! I have to have got it from somewhere, though I think my Mum is more of a natural artist than I am - I have to work hard a it! :0)

    Cathy - Thank you! She really is so surprised by all of these wondeful comments! :0)

    Studio - Thank you! She got a bit of a shock when she opened the blog, that's for sure. But once she realised that people like her drawings she felt a little more confident about it :0)

    Tito - Thank you! She was very pleased that you think so :0)

    Barbra - Thank you! I like the 60's style too. The hairstyles, the make up... I wasn't there though, lol!
    I have decided that I would like a really nice fountain pen, a personalised wax letter seal and some nice writing paper for my 40th! Then maybe I can mail some of my bloggy friends properly :0)

    Arianna - Thank you very much! She is very pleased :0)

    Frank - Thank you! I would be delighted to look like that :0D
    Even my Mum can't remember who the people are. I think it's a good idea to get her a little sketching set, just to play around with. Then if she likes it she could even do what I did and join a local art class. Hmm... Now I just have to persuade her! :0)

    Judy - Thank you. I really do hope so :0)

    Pat - That's right! You tell her!! Thank you :0)

    Sew it my way - I think thet would be a nice I dea. She might even agree if I go with her :0)

    Hmuxo - Thank you! Wow, she will be so chuffed to read that! But I don't see her starting a blog anytime soon. She has only just got to grips with where the on/of button is on the computer, lol! :0)

    Suzanne - Thank you! Actually, watching my mum try and find her way around a computer is rather amusing! Somewhere in the background will be my Dad saying... 'For goodness sake Monica - If I've told you once, I've told you a million times... There is the on button!!!'
    It really is like watching a sit-com, lol! So I can't see a blog coming any time soon, but if she does anymore drawings I would love to post them for her on mine :0)

  18. How fabulous that you have these!! They are really great, your Mom has some skills! What a wonderful momento to have:)

  19. Carrie - Thank you very much. I agree. These drawings will be well looked after for years to come :0)


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