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Monday, 18 April 2011

When my Nan finally lost her marbles...

There is an ever growing list of things, which I have in mind to paint one day. 

The last time I got around to crossing one of those paintings off of my list was at Christmas, when I painted the Baubles in the Cocktail Glass.

Well, here is another one that I can cross off my list...

Acrylic on canvas

Unfortunately I couldn't get a great picture with either my scanner, or my camera - both of which have significantly altered the colours. 
But anyway, though I think it looks better in reality, you get the idea.

These are the very marbles that my Sister and I used to play with as children, when we used to visit our Nan and Grandads house at the weekends. Of course there are lots more than three! 

Nan used to keep them in an old 'Stork SB Margarine' tub in a cupboard in the lounge. I inherited the tub of marbles (shortly after she lost hers, lol) - and even though the old margarine tub has split in two places, I have never been able to bring myself to throw it away...

...It's funny how, what would appear as nothing more than a piece of rubbish to one person, could hold such an abundance of wonderful memories, for another isn't it? 
Hmm... well - maybe not all wonderful, since I do remember that 'Stork SB Margarine' used to taste absolutely horrid!

Actually, I remember just about everything about my Nan and Grandad's house, even the simplest things... like the blue, plastic ice-cream tub full of clothes pegs, which lived underneath the stool with the funny steps, in the kitchen. 
I still have very dim and distant memories of emptying the pegs out to play with! 

There was also a rather strange looking green object attached to the kitchen wall. It resembled a kind of rocket shape... Protruding from this object, which had caught my curious attention when I was about five, was a button - and inside the rocket was loose tea-leaves! I clearly remember just being able to reach the button and before I knew it, there were tea-leaves all over me and the kitchen floor!!!

Though they didn't have any toys in their house, my Sister and I still found plenty of things to keep us amused, but none more so than these lovely, shiny marbles!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


...No -  I don't mean the type of blossom that there is an abundance of here at the moment,  in this glorious spring time! As gorgeous as it is, I mean Blossom the cow and she is one of my Auntie Pam's best friends!

My Auntie asked if I wouldn't mind sketching her and I have just got around to doing it!

There are very few animals that I am scared of, but I admit to three things that I am TERRIFIED of:
  • At number one it is the wasp! Just typing the word makes my fingertips break out in a sweat!
  • At number two it's the camel. I was once KIDNAPPED by a Tunisian on a beach and FORCED to ride one! ... Well... okay... maybe not actually kidnapped... let's just say, heavily persuaded - but 'oh the trauma'!!!
  • At number three it's the COW!!!
I was once chased across a field by an entire herd of cows! I must have looked like an out of control windmill with my arms and legs flying all over the place as I ran screaming hysterically towards the gate! I have never wanted to be anywhere near one since!

So, would I have chosen to draw a cow? Absolutely not! 
But, anyway, here she is. Meet Blossom...

© Sandra Busby. Coloured pencils

I am told that she is a very friendly cow. 
In my son's words - 'This cow rocks!'  So, with that in mind I found it easier to draw her, than I would have a normal, 'KILLER' cow :0)

My Auntie is thrilled with it and that makes me happy - happier than Blossom looks. I think the farmer took her boyfriend out to dinner at MacDonald's and he is VERY late home...

On the subject of the things I am frightened of - you MUST check out Suzanne Berrys blog. Aside from being an incredibly talented Artist - she has recently painted some wasps that look so incredibly real! Real enough that I felt my heartbeat race the moment I saw them! Eek!!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Something cute...

Following my previous post, Mum was indeed very surprised when she opened my blog on Mothers day to find her own work on display!
But not as surprised as she was by all of the wonderful feedback she received from all of you!
She is genuinely amazed that people agree with me, in that she has a natural gift for art!

She also said that looking at her drawings on a screen, helped her to detach from the art being her own and look at it in a different way. It was clear that she very much enjoyed reading all of your comments too and was really grateful, so thank you to all of you!

Anyway, for Mothers Day, I also sketched this cute little mouse for her...

© Sandra Busby. Pen and Ink.

...I have always wondered how anyone could be afraid of something so cute!

It only took about 20 minutes but I just knew that she would love it.

I put a pale green, oval mount around it and popped it in a nice country-style wooden frame which finished it off really nicely. She was absolutely thrilled and within five minutes she had decided on which wall it would hang!
It just goes to show that sometimes, a simple sketch can be just as pleasing as a detailed painting.:0)

I would definitely like to do some more sketches like this. It is a style I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyway, I had a lovely Mothers Day too... 

Look what I woke up to, flooded by the the morning sunlight...

© Sandra Busby

© Sandra Busby

...and in the warm light of the evening :0)

My next post will be a coloured pencil portrait of a 'surprising' moodel, oops - I mean, model!! 
So, watch this space :0)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Drawings by my Mum...

It's Mothering Sunday this weekend here in the UK!

Last year I posted a pastel of some daffodils to mark the occasion, since she loves Spring flowers. 
This year I am posting something quite different indeed! 

She will be very surprised when she opens my blog today to find that it is her own work on show and not mine!

Just to be clear, these aren't drawings of my Mum - they are...

Drawings by my Mum...

...Just look at these beautifully observed eyes!

And I love this one...


 And I love these eyes...

My Mum drew these many years ago, probably in the 60's judging by the hairstyles! 
Anyway, it was long enough ago that the drawings have faded and the paper has weakened. It's clear that she didn't take herself seriously by the odd scraps of paper she chose to draw on!

She has always brushed off any comments I have made about her being a natural artist - but I really believe that she is.
Can you believe that she did these drawings, having never had a single art lesson?

She says that she used to enjoy drawing faces and on a few occasions I have watched her sketch just a few simple lines and yet manage to produce a recognizable, perfectly proportioned face!

The frustrating thing is that she almost never draws anything! She just doesn't realise that she is good. 
I would love to see her take it up as a hobby because it's such a wonderful thing to be able to do. She might be a little rusty, but with her natural ability she would be producing lovely drawings like these again in no time!

Anyway, after this post I could very well be in for the first telling off I have had since I was a child, lol!

Happy Mothers Day Mum. And as well as for everything else you do, thank you for passing me your artistic side :0)


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