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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

For me...???

 Just LOOK at what was delivered to me this week...

 Aren't they just beeeeeeautiful???

As I opened the gate to the bell, I was greeted by an eager Delivery Man peering from behind this gorgeous bouquet!
Since this is not an occurrence I am used to, as I scratched my head I could only imagine that he had come to the wrong house!

'Are you sure they're for me???' I asked, taking one step back as he proceeded to pass them in my direction.
He looked at me, quizzically... 'You are Sandra?' He said.
'Yes!' I squeaked! In an unexpectedly ridiculous voice.
Thrusting the bouquet forth again, he replied, 'Then, yes madam, they are most definitely for you!'

It's been a very long time since I have had flowers delivered to my door. 
I quickly opened the little card which was peeking through the foliage. Who could they possibly be from?  

Inside the card, read...

'Dear Sandra. 
Thank you so much for the lovely painting of Jack. 
We all absolutely love it! 
Love from Julie, Steve and Eleanor xxx 
P.S. You're a star!'

How lovely to receive such warm thanks for a painting! 

Since there are some rather gorgeous purple blooms within the arrangement, I think they sit just beautifully in my purple kitchen, don't you?

It's so lovely to know that another of my paintings will be treasured!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted any art for you today. I must admit to going through a bit of a dry spell of late. This will quickly pass and I will be back on track shortly.

Meanwhile, I have a very special post coming up this Sunday, so be sure to pop back then!!


  1. What a lovely surprise! You absolutely deserve them! Are you not tempted to paint them?
    I love your purple kitchen, btw!

  2. Beautiful flowers! So wonderful to be appreciated.

    Take loads of photos from all angles, I bet you'll get a few paintings out of it!

  3. so well deserved for an incredible painting! these are just gorgeous! congratulations!

  4. Those are beautiful Sandra!!!! (I've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    And what a wonderful gift to receive for using your special talent. I'm just so happy for you I feel like I'm the one who received the flowers!

    :):):) I'm off to check out your paintings since I've been absent for so long.

  5. Judy - Hmmm... I did think about it! I do want to try some flowers soon :0)

    Pat - Well, I must admit, I haven't picked up a brush other than to begin a new lanscape which I hope to finish over the next few days :0)

    Suzanne - It did make me feel so happy when they came. It double showed how much they liked it :0)

    Crystal - It is SO great to have you back! You have been missed! Hmm... there is quite a variety to look at, some not so good! But, I think there is a portrait you might like - I do! :0D

  6. Prabal - Aren't they just? :0)

  7. How lovely! Perfect for your kitchen, well deserved.

    If you were on FB you'd see I also had a surprise bouquet (not as lovely as yours)from some of my students.

  8. How wonderful to be so appreciated!

  9. I am going to be travelling on Sunday so will not be able to read the blog but you deserve every flower that you ever get.

  10. Well deserved. Isn't it nice when some really appreciates your work? Well done on a lovely painting.

  11. You deserve these Sandra .. Enjoy... what a nice surprise.. B

  12. OH that is lovely Sandra !! Your kitchen is wonderful too.. Love the purple cabinets.. they are great!! Take care,Diana

  13. Sue - That's so lovely! It's a nice feeling isn't it! PS - I am on FB!

    Studio - it really is :0)

    Ralph - That is so lovely, thank you so much :0)

    Lynx - Thank you very much :0)

    Barbra - It really was! :0)

    Davisart - Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely compliment too :0)


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