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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it's almost time - and there is still so much to do!

There are those last few presents to buy, there's the wrapping to do, the cards to write and send, the food shopping - you know, all of those last minute things? 

Still, it's a nice feeling when it's all done and we finally get to relax and enjoy the festivities with a nice glass of Baileys... Ahh, Baileys! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it!

Christmas will be a little different this year because my eldest has now flown the nest. 
Up until now, every Christmas morning we would hear the kids excited whispers at around 6am as they discovered their present filled stockings! 
We have them well trained though; They would always bring us in a cup of tea with their stockings, before sitting at the end of our bed and opening the little presents inside - one of which, would always be a tangerine. It's funny how those little things that you remember as a child carry on for your own children!

Next, I would hurry downstairs and turn on the fairy tree lights, Paul would make another cup of tea and then we would all sit around the tree and take it in turns to open some more presents. 
I imagine that this year we will all do exactly the same as we have always done, it's just that for the first time, Adele won't be here with Charlie in the morning.

When they were really young, they used to get so excited that Santa had 'really been'! This magic was very much fueled by the fact that every year, Father Christmas would spell my Daughters name wrong!
One year he even knocked the fire-guard over and left big boot prints on the floor. And then there was the year that he must have been running late because instead of arranging the presents nicely around the tree, he literally emptied his sack down the chimney and all of the presents were spilling out from the chimney breast! 

...And what child doesn't get exited when they realise that the mince-pies, brandy, milk and carrots that they had left out for Father Christmas and the Reindeer's the night before, have all gone!

Christmas when I was little was always full of magic. I used to be so exited by the fact that when I was asleep, a jolly man in a red outfit would land on the roof in his sleigh and leave lots of presents! So I tried to make that magic last as long as possible for my own children too.

Right now, I am sitting in my living room by the little orange fairy lights of the Christmas tree, which the kids put up together on Sunday afternoon. It looks so pretty! And since it's such a busy time, this will be my final post of 2010, so I wanted to make it a little festive. 

I enjoyed everything about this painting, from thinking it up to setting it up, right up to the last brush stroke. I can't tell you how lovely it feels to paint what I want to paint, something that comes from within me rather than something that I have been asked to do for my course, though I know that all of the hard work will be worth it in the end :0)

Aside from acrylic being a medium I am comfortable with (unlike watercolour which I hope will come eventually), I think it makes a huge difference to the result when I choose and therefore enjoy what I am painting, as you could probably tell by looking back on my blog, since the peices I have done for fun are always the best.  Anyway, I hope you like this one!

Before I go, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, my bloggy friends and followers SO much for all of your encouragement throughout 2010. I am sure I wouldn't have progressed nearly as much without you!

My next post will be in January and this is when my usual, more regular, weekly bloggy activity will start again. 
In the mean time, have a FANTASTIC Christmas and I wish each and every one of you a very creative and wonderful 2011!!!!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Love it? Or hate it?

Well - as promised, here is something quite different!  I think this is one that you will either love or hate!   

The idea here was to interpret my initial impression of the scene in front of me as quickly as possible and not to get at all involved in detail. 

The painting was finished in around fifteen minutes (including drying time).

© Sandra Busby. Watercolour.

Well, I did say it would be loose!

Of course it is not meant to be a finished painting, but rather an exercise in 'letting go' - and I think I did that. I intend to do plenty more of these very loose watercolour sketches because it was quite fun! I enjoyed the freedom of allowing the colours to flow and merge on the paper whilst being free from that feeling of having to paint exactly what is in front of me as carefully as possible.

I am really interested to know what you all make of it because I can't decide what I think of it myself. Do you prefer to look at loose paintings like this one, or neat and tight paintings? Personally I think somewhere in between is perfect. I just need to find the right balance between the two.

Now, before I go, I wanted to share some photographs with you. 

The snow has now melted, but the extreme temperatures have now given us the heaviest frost I have ever known and it doesn't melt during the day as it usually would. Where I live at the moment looks rather like Narnia and though it is extremely cold, it is more beautiful than I have ever seen it...

© Sandra Busby

The pavements are covered in a layer of what looks just like shattered glass and just look at these close up pictures! 

First of all, the cobwebs...

© Sandra Busby

© Sandra Busby

 The edges of the Holly - remember, this is not snow, just frost... 

© Sandra Busby
© Sandra Busby

And the twigs on the trees...

© Sandra Busby

The trees look so pretty. Unlike when it snows and the snow just sits on top if the twigs, the frost has formed all over. Beautiful!


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