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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it's almost time - and there is still so much to do!

There are those last few presents to buy, there's the wrapping to do, the cards to write and send, the food shopping - you know, all of those last minute things? 

Still, it's a nice feeling when it's all done and we finally get to relax and enjoy the festivities with a nice glass of Baileys... Ahh, Baileys! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it!

Christmas will be a little different this year because my eldest has now flown the nest. 
Up until now, every Christmas morning we would hear the kids excited whispers at around 6am as they discovered their present filled stockings! 
We have them well trained though; They would always bring us in a cup of tea with their stockings, before sitting at the end of our bed and opening the little presents inside - one of which, would always be a tangerine. It's funny how those little things that you remember as a child carry on for your own children!

Next, I would hurry downstairs and turn on the fairy tree lights, Paul would make another cup of tea and then we would all sit around the tree and take it in turns to open some more presents. 
I imagine that this year we will all do exactly the same as we have always done, it's just that for the first time, Adele won't be here with Charlie in the morning... :0(

When they were really young, they used to get so excited that Santa had 'really been'! This magic was very much fueled by the fact that every year, Father Christmas would spell my Daughters name wrong!
One year he even knocked the fire-guard over and left big boot prints on the floor. And then there was the year that he must have been running late because instead of arranging the presents nicely around the tree, he literally emptied his sack down the chimney and all of the presents were spilling out from the chimney breast! 

...And what child doesn't get exited when they realise that the mince-pies, brandy, milk and carrots that they had left out for Father Christmas and the Reindeer's the night before, have all gone!

Christmas when I was little was always full of magic. I used to be so exited by the fact that when I was asleep, a jolly man in a red outfit would land on the roof in his sleigh and leave lots of presents! So I tried to make that magic last as long as possible for my own children too.

Right now, I am sitting in my living room by the little orange fairy lights of the Christmas tree, which the kids put up together on Sunday afternoon. It looks so pretty! And since it's such a busy time, this will be my final post of 2010, so I wanted to make it a little festive. 

I enjoyed everything about this painting, from thinking it up to setting it up, right up to the last brush stroke.

Before I go, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, my bloggy friends and followers SO much for all of your lovely comments throughout 2010!

My next post will be in January and this is when my usual, more regular, weekly bloggy activity will start again. 
In the mean time, have a FANTASTIC Christmas and I wish each and every one of you a very creative and wonderful 2011!!!!


  1. Sandra, that is simply STUNNING!! I absolutely love it and think it's one of my favorites of yours. The red ornaments against the black is so beautiful. Truly excellent work. I completely agree with you about painting what means the most to us instead of what we've been asked or assigned. :) I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family! :):):)

  2. Absolutely incredible! You really should never doubt your abilities because you are an amazing artist. It is brilliant.

    I am so lucky to have such a talented little sister! xx

    See you Boxing Day!

  3. Sandra is stunningly beautiful! I am speechless!
    Many, many compliments, wow!That painting!
    Merry Christmas! :-))



  4. Gorgeous!

    and I can't possibly wait til Jan! You have to post again before that ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  5. A fabulous piece Sandra and very festive ! I love Christmas too and always remember my childhood ones with great fondness.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. VERY cool piece, Sandra! Love the reflections. -Steve

  7. Dramatic! Wow, I just love this painting! Beautiful crisp reflections, gorgeous colours....a winner on all fronts : ) Merry Christmas to you and happy painting in 2011 : ) Very nice post : )

  8. Olá Sandra,
    Adorei a natureza morta.
    As cores estão decididas e elegantes!
    O seu hiper-realismo está muito bom.
    Feliz Natal.
    Um abraço

  9. I truly enjoyed your Christmas stories. Thank you, Sandra.

  10. like the first comment said.....

    I adore your work! you are a wonderful artist...and yes, when you envision something and sit down to do it, you really do make it happen!

    gorgeous! thanks for sharing...

    and I think you of all people should make the time to keep a journal..even if you just fill it with what you would consider 'chicken scratch' it would be an amazing collection of your work!


    start today!


    Creative CArmelinA

    said to!

    ciao bella!

  11. Sandra, this one is incredible!!! You nailed it! Everything about it is spot on. Enjoy your time off and have the Best Christmas!!!! Can't wait to see what you will be up to in the new year:) Thanks for being a great blogging buddy!!

  12. This is a masterpiece. I have no words for it.
    Enjoy Christmas with your family and have a lot of fun.

  13. I am spellbound! The glass looks precise and so very perfect!
    Thanks for liking my Ganesha, wish you a very enjoyable memorable Christmas Sandra!

  14. Hat's off to you, this is stunning!!! I love the way you've allowed the reflection to run off the bottom. Awesome piece.

  15. Hi Sandra, this is simply fantastic! Everything is absolutely perfect!! To me this is a masterpiece!!!
    See you again here in January and......Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Un abbraccio!! Tito.

  16. Nice work Sandra. Merry Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year. Frank.

  17. Super, high level, work!!
    Mery Christmas,and good luck for you, and the family.

  18. Sandra, this is exceptional!!! Absolutely beautiful:)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. Absolutely brilliant - well done. You need to get it printed and sent out as a Christmas card - it's better than lots of the professional ones.

    Hope you have a very happy Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing what you produced next year - it's always a delight reading your blog and seeing what you've painted.


  20. Sandra!!! This is just exquisite!!! Your year is certainly ending on a triumphant note---well done!
    I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit here in cyberspace and watching you develop your artwork. Happy Christmas to you, too, dear woman.

  21. sandra,

    i looked deep into the picture to find out beautiful piece of wine glass...

    it is Christmas coming and i became happy in advance because i read your blog...
    and also that i found you paintings...


  22. Wow, Sandra! I have absolutely no words in front of this painting! It is GREAT! The idea, the design, the colors, the execution ... everything is absolutely perfect, fantastic! Brava, brava, brava! And Merry Christmas to you too, I understand your sadness with your children who grow up and go away... a kiss! ♥♥

  23. Sandra, your painting is amazing.. and so are you! I wish you the Merriest of Christmas' and a Happy New Year. You have been a wonderful blogging friend , supporting my work and inspiring me to keep going... Thank you ever so much and hope to continue that into next year. ! your friend Barbra Joan

  24. Crystal - Thank you so much! I really enjoyed painting it :0)

    Amanda - I am very luck to have you! Love you millions :0D

    Franz - You have made my day! Thank you so much :0)

    Pat - It's lovely to think my posts might be missed. Thank you! :0D

    Michael - Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you too :0)

    Steve - Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment :0D

    Kim - Thank you so much! This is one where loose just wouldn't have worked :0D

    Antonio - Você é muito gentil. Muito obrigado! :0D

    Studio at the farm - Thank you and merry Christmas! :0)

    Carmelina - Thank you so much for your very encouraging comment! :0D

    Bricarwaller - Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and for being such an inspiration too :0D

    Prabal - Thank you! That means such a lot :oD

  25. Padmaja - Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :0D

    John - Reflections really fascinate me. I enjoyed setting it up too. Thank you so much for your kind words :0)

    Tito - Thank you so much! You have really made me smile, so thank you! :0D

    Frank - Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :0)

    Willy - Thank you so much! Have a fabulous Chrismas! :0D

    Sue - Thank you! :0D

    Maria - Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas :0D

    Lynx - Thank you! I think you are right about it making a nice card and though time is too short this year, I would love to get them printed as cards for next Christmas :0)

    Laureline - It's always lovely to hear from the person who inspired me to blog in the first place. Thank you so much for dropping in and for leaving such a lovely comment! Merry Christmas! :oD

    Jyothisethu - Thank you very much for dropping in to my blog and for your lovely comment :0D

  26. Cristina - You are so kind. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! Have a wonderful Christmas :0D

    Barbra - If you think I have inspired you then that is a huge compliment! You are a wonderful artist and such a lovely person too. :0D

  27. You are a gifted artist. I love art and I appreciate your beautiful paintings. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Philip

  28. stunning !you've captured alitte magic here sandra wishing you and your family a very very happy christmas ... sandra

  29. Phivos - I am so grateful for your visit and for your wondefully encouraging comment! Thank you so much! :0)

    Jane - Thank you so much for popping in and for your lovely comment! Have a wonderful Christmas! :0)

  30. you are so talented Sandra,I like this a lot ....thanks and happy cristmas and a wonderful new year.

  31. Merry Christmas Sandra and thank you for your support all year. Your painting is just unbelievable, just beautiful.

    I love the Christmas memories you shared with us. It's different when the kids move out,things change,so i try to work on making new memories. xoxo merry merry and blog with you sooon!

  32. This painting is PERFECT!! I looked at it several times....the reflections, color ..amazing! You are incredibly talented!! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  33. Anudeepa - Thank you very much and have a wonderful Christmas :0)

    Cathy - Thank you! And you are absolutely right! Merry Christmas!:0)

    Hmuxo - Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have just checked your own blog out and you have an amazing talent! Merry Christmas :0)

  34. Lovely painting but could I just have an olive in mine?

  35. onpainting - Thank you! I'll see what I can do. Lol! :o)

  36. Hello Sandra,
    Happy new year!
    Happy, happy, happy 2011!

  37. Paula - Thank you very much for popping by! Happy newyear to you too!!!

    Antonio - Happy new year to you!!!

    Sofia - Thank you so much for your visit!!! Happy new-year!!!


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