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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Red is my absolute favorite colour (closely followed by hot orange and warm pink). 
That might explain why Poppy's are my very favorite flower (closely followed by red Tulips). 

I have never yet come across a red so striking and with such brilliance, than that of these beautiful flowers as they bask their delicate and translucent petals beneath the golden sunshine.

A friend of mine has a spectacular display of Poppy's, which prance proudly in the breeze in one sunny corner of her garden. Of course they are not there at the moment, but each year when the sunshine arrives, they spring up and shout, 'Look at me!!!'

She says that they have never once planted poppy's and that she can only imagine that they are there because it's the very corner of the garden where they empty their toaster tray on a regular basis. 
I imagine that the poppy seeds from the bread decided that it would be the perfect place to set up home :0)

I finished painting this today, and though there is an abundance of beautiful things to paint in the autumn, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of summer too :0)

© Sandra Busby. 8 x 20 inches, Acrylic on canvas

There is not a red in the palette that could possibly equal the vibrancy of the real thing, but I know exactly where this painting is destined to hang - and it will compliment its surroundings just perfectly!

I am more than a little frustrated with the photograph of this painting because the stalks, which are actually green - look brown and not only that but a lot of the detail in the petals has been lost, so the photograph doesn't do the painting justice. Never mind. I am very happy with the real thing :0)


  1. Sandra complimenti,sono molto belle.


  2. Beautiful!
    and the stalks read green to me!

  3. Wow, Sandra, is a fantastic painting! I was immediately charmed as soon as I saw it! And if you say the original is still better than the photo, then it must be breathtaking! Ciao!

  4. Perfect creation of a trio"Paardebloemen" horse-flowers,beautiful framing!!

  5. These are lovely, I think I might just buy some poppy seed bread, how lovely that would be

  6. Poppy's to me always associate with fragility and grace, your poppy's have both, they are gorgeous:)

  7. Hi Sandra. Glad you liked the chin stories. They are a handful.

  8. Beautiful Sandra! They are so eye catching. I love the composition, you have done a wonderful job:)

  9. Simple, yet a vibrant composition that is looking very attractive! It is my favorite color too Sandra!

  10. If this photo doesn't do justice to the actual painting, then the original must be stunning. This is beautiful Sandra.

  11. I just loved the transparency of the petals. The photograph is not good for sure. I can see uneven distibution of light in the photograph. But still it looks striking.

  12. Hello Sandra,
    Que beleza de trabalho!
    Isso é aquarela?
    Ps vermelhos estão convincentes. São Vermelhos!
    Um abraço
    Antonio Machado

  13. I like your poppy's. They look like real Poppy's. Love William

  14. That is such a fun story about the toaster! And I have a very blonde question, could that really happen? ;)

    Such a lovely painting Sandra, and the simple composition is perfect. You have such a delicate but confedent touch here that I truly love. I think i have the perfect spot to hang that in my home too! :)

  15. So beautiful I just love how simple this looks, in a good way my friend.

  16. Studio at the Farm - What is your name, by the way? Lol! Thank you very much for your kind comment :0)

    Franz - Grazie mille per il tuo commento molto gentile: 0)

    Pat - That's good then, thank you! They are a little greener than this in reality :0)

    Cristina - Thank you so much! I really enjoyed painting this one and I do think it makes a difference to the result :0)

    Willy - Thank you! I thought that simple is best as the flowers speak for themselves :0)

    Jill - Thank you! That's a good idea! Then you could draw them :0)

  17. Egle - Thank you so much! That is just what I love about Poppy's :0)

    Frank - Thank you! Hope you are feeling better now :0)

    Bricarwaller - Thank you very much! Red is such a 'look at me' colour isn't it? :0)

    Maria - Thank you very much :0)

    Padmaja - Thank you! I am learning that sometimes less is more because there is nothing distracting from the flowers :0)

    Sue - Thank you! I can't wait to see what you have been working on :0)

    Prabal - Thank you! My photographs often seem to alter the colours which is quite frustrating at times. Still, you get the idea :0)

    Antonio - Muito obrigado! Este é pintada com acrílicos. Eu realmente gosto de pintar de vermelho. Eu concordo - o vermelho é um abraço

    William - Thank you poppet! They are the same colour as Santas hat! A happy colour! xxx

    Amanda - Now don't forget to act really surprised at Christmas!!! ;0)

  18. Jane - Thank you! I would like to try some in watercolour too :0)

    Crystal - 'Your very blonde' question is the same question I have! Lol!
    I am very flattered that a brilliant artist such as yourself would hang it on their own wall! Wow! Thank you! :0)

    Melanie - Thank you! I toyed with the idea of a few splatters here and there and perhaps some buds too, but then realised I liked it just as it was. Sometimes less is more :0)

  19. Hi Sandra, congratulations for these very nice poppies and for their poetic composition- Un abbraccio.

  20. Just stunning and my favorite color too!
    Also thanks for stopping by my Babybonbons blog today. I appreciate your sweet comments, Best,
    Rosanna Hope

  21. Tito - thank you very much! :0)

    Rosanna - Thank you! I love the idea of making things like you do. I just need about 24 more hours a day! :0)

  22. Breathtaking...simple, gorgeous and inspiring..!

  23. SmArtee - Breathtaking? Wow! What a compliment - thank you SO much :0D

  24. This is beautiful Sandra, I love red too at the moment......I know what you mean about photos, so hard to get them looking right.

  25. Stephie - Thank you so much for your visit and for leaving me your lovely comment too :0)

  26. Beautiful. I know what you mean about lack of definition with a photograph, but it still looks good and the green is fine - honest.

  27. I saw your last works. Great all them!


  28. Espresso - Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving your lovely comment :0)

    Wawos - Thank you so much! :0D

  29. Understated yet powerful Sandra..... beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!


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