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Sunday, 7 November 2010

A girls best friend II (after the dishwasher!)

The autumn leaves have almost all fallen now and though some of the trees have lost much of their autumn beauty, for now it's a lovely sight to see all of the school kids walking ankle deep through a crispy carpet of golden leaves along the pathways, kicking them up in the air for fun as they trudge their way home.

I have always imagined it would be such a nice feeling to walk barefoot across the crunchy leaves, in a park somewhere. 
The only thing that stops me is the fact that I can't see what's underneath - and of course there is the occasional dog owner who 'forgets' to pick up after their pet! 

I think that it might somehow spoil my fantasy of skipping along, barefoot in a floaty dress, throwing the leaves in to the air, twirling beneath the autumn confetti, with the leaves stuck between my toes... if I should then look down to find something 'else' stuck between them too - Ugh! 
So - I will just have to stick to my boots. Humph!

I do love the autumn, but I miss wearing my girly shoes! Especially these ones - my favorites...

© Sandra busby. 8 x 8 inches, Acrylic on canvas

What girl doesn't just LOVE shoes :0D

I am dedicating this 'girly' post to my sister, who has great taste in shoes and who lives with her husband and three boys and is consequently surrounded by a thick fog of testosterone! 
Though my daughter flew the nest just last week, I only have two boys to contend with - one being my husband!


  1. How I laughed ! I too have had the same wish to go kicking through autumn leaves - except for some reason (when younger), I always thought some rotter would have placed an anvil under the pile!
    Too much Tom & Jerry , methinks :lol:

    I've got my own tree in my garden now Sandra - and can guarantee no added extras! :)xx

  2. Even I had a good laugh. :)
    And this piece is so perfectly drawn.. The perspective is really tricky. But you have done so well here. The colors are very uplifting too. Nice one..

  3. Hi Sandra, this shoe is so perfect that I have no words to say.....just one : bravissima! Ciao!

  4. What an awesome painting! I love the subjects that you choose! Its so carefully painted. I could see a series of your paintings hanging on a girl's bedroom walls, or hanging in a clothing store!

  5. How do you walk in them????

    Beautifully drawn & lovely colours.

  6. hello sandra
    I liked your shoe picture. It was multi coloured
    From William x

  7. Thank you so much for the dedication! I love the picture and the shoes too!! No chance of me being able to walk in them so they are perfectly safe and unlikely to be borrowed by big Sister! X

  8. brilliant sandra ! love this ... need a painting of your boots next :)

  9. Not as easy as it seems.

  10. I'm laughing too. :):):) And Pat's comment cracked me up. Too much Tom and Jerry. he, he!

    Your shoe is simply fantastic. I love the bright colors! I can totally see why those are your favorites.

    I'm always afraid of letting my kids play in leaf piles for the same reason!! The dreaded 'else'. For some reason I have never had the desire to wade through leaves. Hmmm. Maybe I've misplaced my inner child somewhere.

  11. This is great the colors and the perspective on the stripes are fantastic

  12. What precision!
    Beautiful sketch, my wife asks if he can buy it! :-)))


  13. I love this!! Those colours, stripes and that buckle look fantastic! It just makes me happy looking at it : ))

  14. Pat - Oh I used to LOVE Tom & Jerry! I think they were best friends really :0) Now you have your own tree, maybe you should start kicking amongst those leaves!

    Prabal - Thank you! Yes, it was a little tricky - particularly those dreaded stripes!

    Arianna - Thank you! I love an unusual pair of shoes. they brighten my day :0)

    Tito - Thank you very much! Sometimes I just love being precise instead of always 'trying' to be loose. I think I am better at it too :0)

    Katherine - Thank you so much! It's funny you should mention the a series, because I thought I might do two or three more like this - all of different shoes! It was really fun to paint :0)

  15. Sue - Thank you :o) I don't walk. I 'totter'!! He he!

  16. William - You are very sweet - thank you :0D

    Amanda - Oh I'm sure you could walk in them with a little practice! :0)

    Jane - Thank you! I'm thinking another pair of nice summer sandals though! Lol :0D

    Willy - Thank you! You are right, it was tricky to get the perspective right, but worth the effort I think :0)

    Crystal - Thank you so much! I think you are a real 'girly' girl, like me :0) They say you should try something new every day - Maybe you should go and find a nice pile of of leaves somewhere :0D

  17. Dan - Thank you! Once I began painting those stripes, I did wonder why I chose this particular pair! it took a steady hand and lots of patience, but I'm glad I stuck it out :0)

    Franz - Thank you! I couldn't part with the shoes, but she is welcome to buy the painting! lol! :0)

  18. Kim - Thank you very much! Your blog is very inspiring - and I know how much you love a pair of shoes! I think I might even do a couple more to make a mini series :0D

  19. Sandra, youv'e painted a pretty picture in my head of you in that floaty dress skipping barefoot through those colourful dry leaves. Looking out of the window today though, the rain is lashing down and those leaves would be sodden and slippery and the dress soaked, cold and clingy, and the feet, well ...

    Autumn is also my favourite time of the year, a time when everything around us has more or less reached it's maturity, the countryside is so colourful and there is a time of plenty for the birds with berries on the trees and our crops ready or gathered in.

    Your shoe painting is very precise in every detail and I might add, impeccably done - bravo! Those stripes must have taken you ages, and the way you have angled them precisely at the edges is wonderful.

    Don't know what the fascination is for women about shoes, and why don't women wear socks? My wife gets blisters from her shoes but won't wear socks, which would stop the rubbing on the skin causing the blisters! As for the dishwasher, that is one of my pet hates - you have to rinse everything before it goes in and larger items you have to wash by hand anyway, so why not wash the lot by hand in the first place?

    I'll get off my soapbox now ;)

  20. Shoes!
    Ahhhh what girl doesn't love to paint shoes! and wear them too, right! lol

    I'm your newest follower and I invite you to come by anytime....I'll put the coffee on!

    ciao bella


  21. Frank - Now really Frank!!! Picture a lady in these beautiful shoes (and of course the floaty dress) - also wearing SOCKS!!!!!!!!!! NO,NO,NO!!! You will have women cringing everywhere!!! Oh dear - be honest Frank... Are you one of those men that wear socks with their sandals? If so, that is the ultimate fashion crime and you have to stop! Lol!
    Okay, time to get off my soap box now. I'm really glad you like the shoe. It made a nice change to let my self be as accurate as I like for a change and not worry about trying to be loose just to please my tutor! I think I might even do a little series :0)

  22. Carmelina - Thank you SO much for popping in for a visit! I really appreciate your interest, and your lovely comment too :0)
    Coffee sounds good - I'm on my way!!

  23. Who wouldn't love those shoes:) It is always hard to put away the cute sandals and get out the boots:( but at least you'll have toasty toes. Just found your blog and looking forward to seeing more of your works:)

  24. Bricarwaller - Thank you! I really appreciate your visit and thank you so much for following along and your comment too :0)

    Antonio - Thank you very much! It is modern isn't it. I'm trying allsorts of things in an effort to find my style. I seem to have so many at the moment!! :0)

  25. Sandra
    This really caught everyone's imagination - I've never seen so many comments!
    Anyway, having been up to my eyes with my drawing, having a break and looking at everyone elses work. Absolutely love the shoe - brilliantly done.(You really have a thing about shoes, don't you?) As someone said - how do you walk in them? I've had 4 ops on my feet, so unfortunately have to stick to really boring footware, so I'm very jealous!
    I know what you mean about having to content with "boys" - last child went off to uni in Sept. - but my husband retired at the same time, so my life is still not my own!

  26. So many comments and so I am at a loss what to say so can I just say thank you for being you and doing what you do so well

  27. Lynn - It's funny, that the post which has received the most comments (and all good) on my blog so far is the recent seagull sketches! I suppose some things just appeal to a wider variety of people than others :0)
    My Mum always made me wear fitted shoes when I was growing up. I hated it at the time because everyone elses shoes seemed so much more 'fashionable'. Still, I can thank her for that now because my feet are problem free which allows me to wear whatever shoes I like :0) Maybe you could paint your footwear and make them extra funky! Lol!
    If my husband ever retires, I expect the house to be far noisier than it ever has been before - even when both kids were at home!

    Ralph - What a touching comment. Thank you so much! You have made me smile :0D

  28. Gorgeous shoes. I love the colours.

  29. Amalou - Thank you very much :0D

  30. Colorful and perfect...what size is this?

    is this the model of ur sisters shoe?

  31. Anudeepa - Thank you! It is one of my own favorite pair :0) It is 8" x 8" on a deep edged canvas.

  32. Hiya, Just come to yours from Katherine Thomas' blog, I love your drawings. Type in the word sketchbook project into google and it will explain all to you, I think they just extended the deadline as well.

  33. Hi Jill. - That's so kind of you to pop in to tell me :o) I will have a look! Thank you!

  34. BwHahahahah....would you believe its happened to me... just my own yard...Ooooops...and I was barefoot....Not good...but I loooooove your shoe/sandal...just amazing..!

  35. SmArtee - Thank you! And... YUK!!! :o/ Lol!

  36. Hi Anita - Thank you very much - It's definitely one for the girls isn't it! :0)


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