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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Red is my absolute favorite colour (closely followed by hot orange and warm pink). 
That might explain why Poppy's are my very favorite flower (closely followed by red Tulips). 

I have never yet come across a red so striking and with such brilliance, than that of these beautiful flowers as they bask their delicate and translucent petals beneath the golden sunshine.

A friend of mine has a spectacular display of Poppy's, which prance proudly in the breeze in one sunny corner of her garden. Of course they are not there at the moment, but each year when the sunshine arrives, they spring up and shout, 'Look at me!!!'

She says that they have never once planted poppy's and that she can only imagine that they are there because it's the very corner of the garden where they empty their toaster tray on a regular basis. 
I imagine that the poppy seeds from the bread decided that it would be the perfect place to set up home :0)

I finished painting this today, and though there is an abundance of beautiful things to paint in the autumn, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of summer too :0)

© Sandra Busby. 8 x 20 inches, Acrylic on canvas

There is not a red in the palette that could possibly equal the vibrancy of the real thing, but I know exactly where this painting is destined to hang - and it will compliment its surroundings just perfectly!

I am more than a little frustrated with the photograph of this painting because the stalks, which are actually green - look brown and not only that but a lot of the detail in the petals has been lost, so the photograph doesn't do the painting justice. Never mind. I am very happy with the real thing :0)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A girls best friend II (after the dishwasher!)

The autumn leaves have almost all fallen now and though some of the trees have lost much of their autumn beauty, for now it's a lovely sight to see all of the school kids walking ankle deep through a crispy carpet of golden leaves along the pathways, kicking them up in the air for fun as they trudge their way home.

I have always imagined it would be such a nice feeling to walk barefoot across the crunchy leaves, in a park somewhere. 
The only thing that stops me is the fact that I can't see what's underneath - and of course there is the occasional dog owner who 'forgets' to pick up after their pet! 

I think that it might somehow spoil my fantasy of skipping along, barefoot in a floaty dress, throwing the leaves in to the air, twirling beneath the autumn confetti, with the leaves stuck between my toes... if I should then look down to find something 'else' stuck between them too - Ugh! 
So - I will just have to stick to my boots. Humph!

I do love the autumn, but I miss wearing my girly shoes! Especially these ones - my favorites...

© Sandra busby. 8 x 8 inches, Acrylic on canvas

What girl doesn't just LOVE shoes :0D

I am dedicating this 'girly' post to my sister, who has great taste in shoes and who lives with her husband and three boys and is consequently surrounded by a thick fog of testosterone! 
Though my daughter flew the nest just last week, I only have two boys to contend with - one being my husband!


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