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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Seaside villains...

Of all the birds I have ever come across, these guys are one of my favorites. 
They're not rare, nor are they blessed with splendid beauty - but I have never yet met any other bird with such unconcealed boldness, personality and character!

© Sandra Busby. Pen, ink and watercolour

They are such crafty and cunning little crooks - I have seen them steal everything from a cherry in a cocktail glass, to a whole ice-cream from a child's hand! 

Last year, one of these rascals even stole a sausage whilst it was still cooking on our barbecue - That was surprise enough, but I was actually turning the sausages at the time! You have to admire such barefaced, unashamed bravery don't you?

© Sandra Busby

Apart from that, they remind me of my first love - the sea!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Daddy's Home!

Well, here it is - that long awaited 'shoe painting'! 

© Sandra Busby. Watercolour.

Actually, I completed this several days ago.  I was just reluctant to post it - mainly because I had shared with all of you such expectations in which I would finally produce a still life, with 'life'! 
Well, I do believe I have done that, it's just that the vision I had in my head, is entirely different to what I see on the paper! 
Now, I'm not sure if I like it or not. I don't hate it... Um... I'm just not sure! What do you think?

In a recent post by Crystal Cook, she talked about how sometimes it is a good idea to make lists of what you like about your work and why we paint. I thought about this for a while and decided to note what I do like about the painting rather than focusing on what I don't.

So - I like the sentiment behind the painting. I like the title I gave it too - 'Daddy's Home'. I like that my brush strokes were lively and not over cautious as they usually are, I like that it is very different to what I have done before and I like that I am one step closer to creating paintings with an individual style.

Crystal didn't mention listing the things you don't like - I'm sure that is definitely not what she had in mind! But me, being me will do that anyway - and that actually helped me to get my head around the painting because I realised that there is nothing about the painting I really don't like, but rather things that I am simply 'uncomfortable' with. 
The style is very different than my usual, which is surely not a bad thing - but I suppose I am naturally more of a realist, so this type of painting feels quite alien to me. I find myself wondering that if someone else had painted it, whether I would then really like it..?

Unusually for me, I stood to paint the shoes. This helped me to stand back and 'lunge' with my brush! Okay, so I didn't really lunge, but, I do think that standing helped me to let go a little!
The painting filled a large sheet of A2 paper, which was almost completely upright on an easel to encourage drips, though I actually mopped them up when they occurred because I thought that they just didn't look right. 

Because the shoes were sitting on and expanse of neutral coloured carpet on a dull day, I had to make up a background and exaggerate the light.  I deliberately left my rough pencil marks in and used loose translucent brush marks and spatters to suggest a wet, textured tiled floor, dirtied by the shoes. 
I used fresh, clean washes on the little shoes, yet deliberately muddied up the faded old work boots. For those, I used more layers of pigment, which I then lifted off in places with damp cotton wool to help describe those faded areas - Quite effective... I think? 

If I could change something now, I think another small item such as a bunch of keys or a small toy in the picture would have helped - odd numbers of items definitely help a composition. 

I think I will get very mixed reviews on this painting. My husband was very unsure at first. He doesn't get the whole 'spattering' thing. Having said that, the painting seems to have grown on him and he says he now actually quite likes it!

Yesterday morning I sketched my husbands other boots - his newer ones, which were sitting in the hallway. It took around ten minutes.

Pen and Ink

How ever much I try to talk myself into liking the painting - I still prefer this pen sketch!


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