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Friday, 3 September 2010

Sandraws Colchester...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by fellow blogger Sue, from Art of a Nomad. She was going to be in the country for a while and wondered if I'd like to meet up for a day out sketching.

Those of you who have been following me for a some time, will know that I don't like sketching in public. For this reason it would have been very easy to make my excuses, but bearing in mind that some time ago I set myself a challenge to be sketching in public regularly by the end of the year (something which I have still managed to avoid), I decided to just go for it! 
It was also so nice to get an opportunity to actually meet a someone from the blog in person! Sadly, most of my bloggy friends come from so far away.

We arranged to meet in Colchester, which is apparently the oldest town in England and what a great choice that was. It really is any sketchers paradise - There was something to sketch everywhere we turned! Our meeting place was the George Hotel on the High Street. I was relieved to see that Sue really is who she appears to be on her blog and not an 'axe murderer' as my husband had put to me on the way there!

After a quick cuppa, we made our way to Colchester Castle Park and sat by the ornamental pond. Sue perched herself on a bench and I decided to sit right next to the pond, where it would be more difficult for somebody to sit next to me and put me off! This was my first experience of sketching with other people around. I was surprised just how friendly and nice they seemed though as they stood first over Sue's shoulder who was thankfully taking 50% of the attention and then over mine. Hmm...

This is the sketch I did of the water feature...

© Sandra Busby

I hadn't realised that Sue had also been sketching me, whilst I was sketching! 
So, this is Sue's sketch....

© Sue Pownall

...Isn't it lovely? 

She took a photo too....

© Sue Pownall

Next stop - lunch at The Mineries for a bowl of warming and surprisingly spicy Butternut-Squash soup. Afterwards, we made our way to Hollytrees Museum, where Sue did an amazing sketch of an old fashioned camera and I did a pen sketch of an old iron. We then made our way back to the George Hotel for a drink and sketched a lovely big lantern, which hung above the courtyard alley way.

I did both sketches on one page. Here they are....

© Sandra Busby

Whist sketching the lamp, a boy stood watching over my shoulder, totally intrigued it seemed.

© Sandra Busby
Next, I set off to find this lovely palm tree in amongst one of the many flower gardens...

You can see Sue's sketches of our day here.

Thanks Sue!!


  1. Thank you for a lovely day Sandra! I am so pleased you didn't find some excuse not to come.

    I still like the flowers and I am very jealous of your great curves on the castle roof, far better than mine. All your sketches are very successful and the house definitely works better in colour. Like you, I think your first and last the best.

    Looking forward to doing another "Sandraws (somewhere)" with you.

  2. Hi Sue - Yes, I can hardly wait - I'd better keep practicing then!
    By the way - thanks for the title idea too! :0D

  3. That looks like so much FUN!! I wish I could have gone. Your sketches are so lovely and bright Sandra, they are just YOU and I love them. All of them :) I'm so glad you posted them, and that flower arrangement that you think is a failure? I actually really like it!

  4. Hi Sandra...I really like looking at your sketches and it's always fun to see what others choose to sketch. The one with the iron and lantern is awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a wonderful experience Sandra, and you wrote it so beautifully! Your sketches are absolutely great! Nothing really turns out like we imagine it, does it? Most of the time, much better! Great work and well done!!

  6. You really had a nice time. It reflects in your work.

  7. Sandra, I think you really had a good experience that I never had. I am like you, I have some difficulties when the public is close to me looking what I am doing. Congratulations for all your scketches, they look really very nice. Un abbraccio.

  8. Hi, don't worry for the language, I understand a little of English and I read your comment without difficult! I like your drawings and the abstract watercolour with pears and brushes! Good sunday, Arianna

  9. I know what you mean about the looking over your shoulder stuff. I've even resorted to hurriedly closing my sketchbook, even if it means ruining a watercolour in progress! What we tend to forget is that most people are in awe of what we think is our most humble efforts. Just stay calm, take any comments and they're usually good :-)
    It helps to meet other more experienced artists too. I was out sketching in a lovely village near my home town in Cambridgeshire one weekend in April and met Anita Davies by chance (who lives about 15-20 miles from me). I was a little embarassed to show her my sketches, but I had the chance to see her amazing work in real life and we had a lovely long chat and a coffee!
    All very nice work here Sandra and a great writeup of what must have been a fabulous day and lots of practice.

  10. Complimenti Sandra,
    molto belle e delicate le tue opere, mi piacciono soprattutto gli acquerelli.
    Ciao, buona serata

  11. Sandra, these sketches are so colourful and lively, like sketches must be!
    It is wonderful that you have overcame the fear of sketching in public, this will open a new world of possibility and fun for you!
    When I began to sketch in public, a few years ago, I was very scared... and unfortunately I hadn't a friend for sharing my passion of drawing and painting!
    But I found very soon that people often don't care what you do (not a nice thing usually, but in this case it is useful!), and the few that come to see you sketching are usually impressed by your "ability", they often say that they would love doing what you do...

  12. Looks like you had a great time together Sandra, these little sketches teach us so much. The water feature sketch is lovely, but I think the house looks like a cardboard cut-out, but like you say, it is probably the angle you painted it from.

  13. Crystal - Thank you very much. Yes, I wish you could have come along too - a slightly longer journey for you though :0D

    Abby - You are right, it is interesting not only to see who chooses what to sketch, but how two people sketch things in such different ways too :0)

    Maree - thank you for stopping by! I felt great about the first and last sketch, but not about the others - Still, they are stepping stones to getting better, so I still felt good for doing them :0)

    Amanda - Lol ;0)

    AK - It's true, when I enjoy drawing something it often turns out alot better than the drawings I enjoy less :0)

    Tito - It was a great experience. I really felt like I'd acheived something, not by what I drew, but being able to draw them while other people where about too. It definitely helped having Sue there too :0)

    Arrianna - Thank you so much for stopping by again. I always appreciate it! And thank you for your encouraging comment :0)

    Michael - It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has this problem! I would have closed my book and ruined something too - of that I am absolutely certain! Anita met Sue just a couple of weeks before me. It's nice to have someone else about to take a little of the attention away, that's for sure!

    Bruna - La ringrazio molto per la visita. Ho apprezzato il vostro interesse molto. Grazie mille per le cortesi parole: 0)

    Cristina - Thank you so much! I agree, I think it will open a new world to me. I also think my drawing will improve quicker now too. I just can't wait to do it again! It seems that we all go through this at the beginning and not just me :0D

    Frank - We did have a really great time! I agree, the house is baaaad! I think it's only the roof though, the rest is okay. I wasn't going to post the house, but then it wouldn't be an honest post. :0)

  14. What a great thing to have done. Sounds like you had a wonderful time . Your paintings are wonderful, and i'm happy things are settling for you. Best wishes.

  15. Thanks Melanie - Always nice to hear from you! :0)

  16. Thank you very much for visiting, and for leaving a comment :0)

  17. love the pond sketch and palm tree sketches sounds like you had a good day sketching together sandra ...hope to see lots of plein air sketche now ..congratulations sandra on your B for your course work


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