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Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Tardis....

Here's the latest colourful addition to my sketchbook - my handbag!

© Sandra Busby. Pen, Ink and watercolour

I'm off to my little room at the bottom of the garden now to start painting some shoes - by the end of the day I will either be feeling really happy or the complete opposite! Wish me luck!!

Don't forget - time is running out  to enter the competition that is being held by Crystal Cook. For a chance to win a portrait painted by Crystal, just for you, click on the link at the side of my blog beneath the link to The Showcase. Good luck to everyone who enters! Hurry - entries end on the 30th September!!


  1. What alovely painting a good capture. It makes me sit and look and wonder about the contents of that bag.

  2. Fabulous picture of your tardis.

    Ralph, you should know better than ask a woman about the contents of her bag. I saw the amount of art equipment Sandra carries in there and it still didn't empty, who knows what else is in there :D

  3. Good luck with the painting! Look forward to seeing it.

    and I love your Tardis :)

  4. LOVE the painting of your handbag!! Such a great idea :) And it's a really cute one too :)

    Hope you had a very happy day painting your shoes Sandra!!

    And thanks again friend :):):)

  5. Beautiful sketch sandra,i love this idea of painting got a beautiful blog.

  6. I found you through the Blog Hop (I'm #2) and I'm so glad. Your watercolors and sketches are wonderful and very inspiring. I love how you do the simple things.

  7. Ralph - Thank you! It's funny how we are always curious about what other people carry with them - I expect the contents of a handbag says a lot about the person carrying it :0)

    Sue - I carry less art equiptment in my bag now than I did when I spent the day with you. It was a tad 'bulky' to carry around! I think I had a tea-shirt stuffed in there somewhere in case it got too hot - Oh, and of course the kitchen sink! Lol :0D

    Pat - Thank you! I have started the shoes but I'm still not sure it's going to be at all what I had in mind! I'm hoping to finish it over the weekend :0)

    Crystal - Thank you :0) Not entirely sure about how the shoes are going... Still, each painting has got to be one step closer to being the artist I want to be hasn't it? I hope....?

    Anudeepa - Thank you so much for dropping in for a visit! And such kind, encouraging comments too. Thank you :0)

    Rita - Thank you! I'm so glad you came by to have a look! I'd never heard of the Blog Hop - Goodness knows how I am on it - I must have done it without knowing exactly what it was I was doing! I'm very glad that I did though :0)

  8. Sandra
    Great Blog. Your work is great.
    Theres so much here i can only
    glimpse now but i'll be back

  9. sandra love the way you've painted your RED bag sandra ..look foward to seeing the shoes

  10. Patrick - Thank you so much for dropping by and for your very encouraging comment. I'm glad you're coming back :0)

    Jane - Thank you so much! Red happens to be my favourite colour, alond with pink, purple and orange! Hmm... the shoes - I must get on with those :0)


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