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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Fellow blogger Sue Pownell contacted me a few days ago and said that the 'Urban Sketchers' theme will shortly be dogs. She challenged me to draw a dog, post it on my blog and she would do the same.

Sue will have a hard job trying to find a dog where she is - but I am lucky enough to have the perfect model right here! Her name is Codi.

I took an opportunity this morning to sketch her face in charcoal whilst waiting for the weekly shopping to arrive. I could have gone on to draw her whole body too, in fact, I could have done a lot more with just her face and created something far more special, but I have another painting waiting for me to complete and I have very little time today in which to do it, so I decided to just sketch her best bit - that beautiful face :0)

© Sandra Busby. Charcoal

Hmm.. I should have suggested her neck - Oh well.

I have done a full pastel drawing of her before, which you can see here. But this charcoal sketch didn't take me much time to do at all, maybe 25 minutes? 

I forget how much I love charcoal and all of those other mediums which are well within my comfort zone. I miss them! For now, I will struggle on with watercolours until I have significantly improved :0)

Anyway - before I go, here are some photograph's of the real Codi, which I took on our woodland walk yesterday...


And as Autumn settles in, the leaves are turning...                                                                                                                                                                       

 Aren't they pretty?


  1. This is one of those jaw-drops-on-floor-in-amazement moments. I'm in awe that you could have 'knocked out' that wonderful drawing so quickly. Codi is gorgeous.

  2. Really well done and in so short of a time...
    Codi is a real love, and I'm loving your photos of Nature. and thanks so much again for your special words on my blog Tues.

  3. Pretty? I tell beautiful! All: the drawing, Codi and the wood! Arianna

  4. How strange that your challenge is 'dogs'.... I have just been approached about a painting for a charity event and they want a dog related painting from me!!!!! So guess you'll see it on my blog sometime!!!
    BTW Codi is gorgeous..... and your sketch is fab..... you have her likeness to a tee!!!!

  5. Beautifully drawn Sandra and so quickly too! Codi looks a fine dog and so well-behaved - I would have to really motor to get a sketch of Louie (my Beagle)!

  6. That's a nice sketch Sandra and good for 25 minutes work.

    Any sign of the shoes?

  7. Well done Sandra. Yes a suggestion of Cody's neck would have improved it, but it is a great sketch. Please don't neglect the charcoal totally, you are skilled at it. Besides you need to have fun too.

    I've seen one cat this morning, but no dogs. I concede defeat on this challenge.

  8. She's beautiful! You've done an amazing job with this drawing. Such a beautiful face! I love it :) GOod luck with the painting!

  9. Sandra, to me this is a beautiful sketch....and considering that it was made in 25 minutes... is really very well done! Ciao!

  10. The charcoal drawing of Codi is so beautiful, Sandra! And the pastel is wonderful, too! Congratulation!

  11. John - Wow! That's a huge compliment! Jaw-dropping? Really? I think I'm going to print that comment out and stick it on my wall so when I need a confidence boost I can just look at it! Thank you so much - You made my dat :0D

    Babra - Thank you so much! I find charcoal the easiest medium of them all to get a result quickly because you can cover a wide area in very little time :0)

    Arianna - Thank you so much for your very kind comment. She does have a very pretty face! :0)

    Debbie - Everyone in bloggy land seems to be going doggy mad! I'm looking forward to seeing your post! :0)

  12. Michael - Thank you! Hmm... Well behaved? Um, not always! She can be very hyperactive and very noisy at times too! In this case she was lying in her bed with her face resting on the side, hence no body. I should have put the bed in really :0)

    Frank - Charcoal is the only medium I can work quickly in because it is just so forgiving! Easy to lift, easy to add. Have you ever tried it? Um.. The shoes... Well, honestly, I have finished the painting, but I think it's pretty awful so I suppose I am hesitant to post it!

    Sue - Yes, you're right. While I battle to learn watercolours I should do more things like this to remind myself that I can draw! Her head was resting over the side of her bed so I didn't have a body to draw, but I should have suggested a neck or probably her bed actually!

    Crystal - Thank you! She does have a pretty face doesn't she? I think it helps to draw a subject you know well or have a personal connection with doesn't it?

    Tito - Thank you! I expect it would have taken me much longer to draw if it was somebody elses dog. I know her face so well and that helps :0)

    Cristina - Thank you! Interestingly, my husband prefers this sketch to the pastel drawing! I prefer the pastel myself. Maybe I will do another drawing of the whole dog in charcoal :0)

  13. very nice sketch. i could never sketch like this.

  14. Liana - Yes you could! You really could!!! Have you even SEEN you paintings???

  15. Hi Sandra. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

    I think you're doing really well with watercolour - it's my medium, so I'm missing it at the moment as doing Drawing.

    Anyway, comment is about this page - love the pastel of Codi, beautifully done - also the charcoal. Is she a visla? I have a friend who has had loads of them. I think that painting your own animal is a great subject, as you have that special bond with them and so the painting is done with love. I have done two of my dogs (the two who sadly are no longer with us - Shadow is actually my avatar, as I was pleased with that one). Still need to do my present dogs - another flat-coat retriever and the new arrival - golden retriever/red setter cross, rescued from Ireland. She's mad as a hatter, but absolutely beautiful. Believe animals are coming up on the course, so will probably try them then.

    I'll be interested to follow you on the watercolour course, as I can't decide whether to do that one or the starting to paint.

    Best wishes, Lynn

  16. Thank you Lynx. She is a Visla - Basically a lap dog by nature! If she had her way she would be sitting in my lap for 24 hours a day! She is a complete maniac but as you say, we have a bond and I can draw her easily because I know her nature. Your pencil drawing of Shadow is superb. I noticed it as soon as I visited your blog. That coat is so glossy :0)I regretted doing watercolour at first, but now I am slowly begining to learn how to handle it I am just starting to feel more comfortable. :0)


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