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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Woodland delights...

I awoke unusually bright and early this morning and threw open the curtains to be greeted by a warm, but windy and rainy day. It felt almost autumnal - but then I suppose Autumn is fast approaching.  

Since Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I felt enthused to take Codi to the woods for a nice, long walk. There is simply no smell on earth like that of the warm, wet woodland on a rainy summers day - It's really quite enchanting.

There were so many huge, glossy toadstools nestling amongst the carpet of bright green moss that was creeping across the leafy ground. Sunset-Orange in colour, they were simply begging to be noticed - I wished I had taken my camera with me - And It's amazing just how green everything looks when there is so much rain! 

During our walk, we came across masses of beautiful leaves in green and gold, scattered all around, so I decided to take a few home with me to paint. 
On route to my little art room at the bottom of the garden, I also happened upon some newly developed, juicy little berries in tiny little bunches, hanging from some foliage. I thought that this also might be a nice subject, so I picked one of the little bunches and took those with me too.

This was a day for sketching really. I wasn't trying to make a perfect painting - I didn't use a pencil, but rather went straight in with my brush and just played around.

It was surprising just how much the leaves changed and curled in the short time I had had them in a warm, dry place!

© Sandra Busby

I could have gone on, adding more depth and tone, but then I would be in danger of doing what I usually do and over-working it. And - this was after all, meant to be a sketch.

Next I went on to the lovely little berries I had stumbled across. 

I started with a pale wash...

© Sandra Busby

Then I began adding layers of colour and gradually built them up...

© Sandra Busby

© Sandra Busby

And now for the apple and pear, painted in less than five minutes. Just a few brush strokes was all that was needed...

© Sandra Busby

They could do with some shadows really, but I ran out of time.

Now - Before I forget...
I was honoured the other day when Robin, asked if she could showcase my Abstract on her website 'The Showcase' . There is some amazing and inspiring art on her site. It really is well worth a visit!
My picture was showcased on Friday 20th and I must admit to feeling really chuffed when I saw it - It put a huge smile on my face - So, Robin if you are reading this - Thank you :0)))


  1. Hi Sandra..Thank you so much...It was a pleasure...and I would love to have you on are inspiring me to get back to creating..Im not sure what medium yet..but I love acrylic and watercolor and digital work..using my computer as a wonderful tool...I also love to mix them altogether...I love your leaves berries and apples...nicely done...and thanks for the mention as well..have a great night..!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. And you must have realized a thing or two about not using pencil by now I am sure. :) It sometimes helps you to let go and enjoy the process of painting more which shows in the final outcome.

  3. Great studies Sandra.

    Congrats on the abstract.

  4. Sandra, these sketches are really delicious, you have a fantastic sense of color.
    Congratulations for the showcase on Robin site, of your nice abstract! Ciao!!

  5. Wow, Sandra has loosened up for these sketches! Love the way you have done the leaves and the way your colours run together in the berries.
    It's hard to make any criticism here though if I were picking nits, the shading for the apples isn't quite right. The one at the back looks a little like a pear and would the ring of light around the top of the other one go right round? Maybe if your lighting is directly above.

  6. Robin - Thanks for your kind comments and you are very welcome! Your site is so inspiring! It's nice to think I might also be inspiring someone else :0)

    Prabal - Thank you, and I agree with you. It's much more fun going straight in with the brush! :0)

    Sue - Thank you! See you very soon :0)

    Tito - Thank you so much for your encouraging comment :0)

    Frank - Ooh, I see what you mean about the apple looking like a pear - Well spotted! Never mind - It was meant as a real quicky and an exercise speed and looseness, which meant no fiddling! So you can let me off this time! The light is odd in my room. It is unfortunately north facing so a little dull, so I also have a daylight bulb from above and a huge mirror opposite the glass doors and windows - This meand the light comes from all directions which probably makes things a little more confusing :0)

  7. Hi Sandra...thanks so much for your kind and very appreciated words about my painting. I'm so pleased to have found you...your work is beautiful! Love the leaves!

  8. Sandra, those are SO gorgeous!! I love them!! And the way you described your walk in the woods made me wish I was there!

    Your apples are just beautiful, look at how loose and juicy they are! Wonderful :)

    Oh and congrats on the showcase! I'll jump over and take a peek :)

  9. Congrats on being featured!! You are very talented!

  10. Thank you very much for your comments on my blog. Grazie.

    I always follow this your blog. It's very interesting every time.

    Thanks again.


  11. Thank you Abby for such a lovely comment. And thank you so much for dropping in :0)

    Thank you Crystal - I am lucky because the woods begin just over the garden fence, so I don't have to go far! :0)

    Denise - Thank you so much for popping in for a visit. Your words are so encouraging - Thank you! :0)

    Wawos - Your blog is great! I'm glad you enjoy what you see, that's so nice to know - Thank you! :0)

  12. Oh... I love your green apples!

    Thanks for the visit too :)
    xo Laura

  13. Thank you very much for leaving a comment Laura, and for popping by :0)

  14. Thank you for this lovely blog post I so enjoyed reading it. Toadstools of orange now they sound tasty to me.

  15. Thank you Ralph. It's nice when people enjoy what I write as well as what I paint :0)
    Hmm... I'm not sure that these were edible - In fact, the vibrant colour did seem to be one of natures warnings! I imagine my next post would have been incredibly colourful had I have tasted one! lol! :0D

  16. I love the green apples!! I'm so bad at watercolor, yours are so beautiful!

  17. Hi Sandra - I like your cabbage and cauliflour studies - they have a nice clean botanical feel. I, too, am fascinated by the way people draw and sketch. One of my inspirations is Shirley Trevena, a British watercolorist. In one of her books, she talks about how artists can be recognized by the distinctive "marks" they make on the paper. I think about that often - she is right. The underlying drawing is SO important. I'm still exploring that comment. RoseAnn Hayes

  18. Thank you so much Amber - and my 50th follower too? I am so chuffed! I used to be pretty bad at watercolour too - but I have improved over time just because of my pure refusal to give up! I can be quite stubborn like that!

    Hi Roseanne - I will definitely be looking Shirley Trevena up in that case. There is something so lovely and so real about a sketch. Strangely I find it much harder to sketch than I do to paint or draw a completed picture. I think its about knowing what to leave out. Thank you so much for dropping in :0)

  19. excellent paintings of the leaves so life like

  20. Thank you very much Dan! Thanks so much for dropping in! :0)


Thank you so much for leaving a comment! Where possible I will respond via email. I really do love to read them! They always make me smile ;0)


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