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Monday, 2 August 2010

Some photo's to share...

It's been more than a week since my last post - but the school holidays have arrived and we have been enjoying lots of other things! 

Just a few days ago we had a ride in a Hot-Air Balloon, bought for me for Christmas by my lovely husband! 
I thought I'd show you some of the photo's so I can share with you some of what we saw...

It was a very early start! We had to meet up at 5am!

This is me, wondering how on earth they were going to blow this thing up..............................?

This is my husband, Paul, helping out. Can you see the person standing inside at the far end?

This is what we saw when we looked up inside the balloon. It was so warm -  just like standing beneath a giant patio heater!

Up, up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy................................ (Notice our own shadow?)

The world below, still sleeping.....................

The stunning view across the Kent countryside......................

A whopping 2,900 feet up....................................

And here is a beautiful sight. Look at the gorgeous, elongated shadows behind the grave-stones........

We saw so much wildlife; pheasants, foxes, wild deer, all of which would soon be hiding away. There were horses and farm animals a plenty, and we were treated to the most beautiful sunrise - natures very own art!


  1. Oh I love this post!! You do so many fun things Sandra!

    Your painting is BEAUTIFUL!! I love that blue teapot, and I think you picked just the perfect background and the lemons set it off fantastically. Your washes look very smooth, you've done a wonderful job here. Practice indeed, it's beautiful!

    Amazing view from the balloon! I would be so afraid to go in one of those, I'm terrified of heighths, but I love looking at your photos :) Just amazing.

  2. Everything about this painting is perfect. The lemons complement the pot so well. The background is so well done. The wahses are so clean. The reflections on the pot define it so well.
    The baloon pics are really great. I am not so comfortable with height though. :)

  3. Wow, superb teapot Sandra, and the lemons look very realistic!

    Your balloon ride pics brought back memories for me when my son bought me a ticket for my 60th a couple of year back. I videod the flight and uploaded to YouTube here:

  4. Crystal - Thank you. As always you give me so much encouragement :0) I think I am slowly improving, which spurs me to keep at it!
    Strange as it sounds, you get no feeling of height or speed in a Hot-Air balloon. Believe it or not I am frightened of flying! But I loved every minute of this :0)

    Prabal - Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I do think the reflections help make the tea-pot appear rounded. I begining to find my way with watercolours at last! Though I still have a long way to go!

    Frank - Thank you so much! I found that the rough paper helped me to describe the texture of the lemons. I am off to see your link on you tube right now!

  5. Amazing! I love the blue and how you captured the reflection in the pot.
    How nice for you, i could never been that high without wings.
    Thanx for dropping by free wing, i look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Love the painting cannot believe it is a quick one it looks so good. Lucky you getting to sse the world that way.

  7. The tea pot is so real...superb! the blue colour of the pot contrasts so well with the yellow lemons!

  8. The painting is very nice Sandra. You were right about the lemons working with the blue. Great reflections.

    You are spoilt: diving & ballooning, What's next??? ;D

  9. Melanie - Thank you for popping by too! I LOVE painting reflections.
    And you're very welcome - I enjoy seeing what you have been up to!

    Ralph - Thank you very much. It was surprisingly quick, maybe because there weren't many colours?

    Sparrowhawk - Thank you! I think the reflections help to make the tea-pot look real. If you look closely, you can make out parts of the room!

    Travelingsue - I thought you were on holiday? Thank you so much for dropping by! Hmmm... What next? That's what I have been asking myself!

  10. Sandra, I looked at the painting before I read your post and the one thing that stood out to me were those wonderful reflections. Yes, you're in there. A superb job, as always.

  11. Thanks John! I will be playing around with reflections again soon :0)


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