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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Morning has broken.......

Every once in a while, my Husband, my Dad and his friend meet up at some unearthly hour to fish from the beach for Bass. My husband has been wanting me to go along for some time and I keep meaning to - only it involves scraping myself out of bed at 4am to be at the waters edge of Eastbourne beach by 5am! 
Hmm - Well, I am not really a morning person and though the idea of being at the beach as the sun rises and when there is nobody else around is a nice one, I rarely actually manage to persuade myself to do it!

Today was one of the rare occasions when I did and as always I found myself wishing I did it more often. We were greeted by the most beautiful peach and silver sky with a spectacular display of sun rays bursting from behind the clouds. The salty air was completely still and almost silent, apart from the distant and gentle bubbly sound of the sea. Beyond the rocks, the silver water was much like glass, only gently rippling from time to time around the rocks, beneath which, much to my husbands frustration, the Bass where hiding.

The idea was that I would sketch, 'en plein air' - firstly, a warm up sketch just to awaken my creative side, using my coloured pencils on my new Earthbound Sketchbook. Then I would attempt a more detailed watercolour.
However, I faced two problems; The first being that the Earthbound Sketchbook didn't accept the coloured pencils. In fact, to get any colour on to the paper at all meant pressing incredibly hard which resulted in unintentional scribbled marks. By the time I had given in to what was a rather mediocre and unfinished sketch, the wind had found Eastbourne and the watercolour pad which I had just set on to my lap was flapping around quite randomly. 

Rather than set myself up for failure, I decided to put my pad away and take some photographs instead, after which,  I wandered up from the beach to the promenade, found a bench in a sunny spot and curled up with my Artist's Magazine - Bliss. 

By now, Eastbourne had begun to awaken. What had earlier been a vacant walkway, the only life aside from us being that of a very satisfied and self-assured fox having just eaten his way through a bin, had now become dotted with people; Roller skaters, cyclists, joggers, lovers holding hands, dog walkers... though still far from busy, there were plenty of people making the most of what the morning had to offer. Almost all of them nodded 'Morning' to me, one lady even stopped for a chat! How lovely!

When the tide had come in and the boys emerged from beyond the blue railings of the promenade, my husband asked me to show him my sketch. Even though he says he likes it, I don't, so I will spare my self such embarrassment!  I like that I did manage to capture my Dad catching the one and only catch of the day!

Anyway - here are some of the photographs I took...

© Sandra Busby

 Dad and his friend preparing there equipment...

© Sandra Busby

Dad fishing... (My hubby had gone too far to focus!)

© Sandra Busby

My view from the promenade...

© Sandra Busby

© Sandra Busby

Forgive me for my rather wonky photography! I was tired not only because of such an early morning, but because we had also had a very late night last night. We went to see an Agatha Christie play at the Devonshire Park Theatre - I LOVE the theatre! I love the whole stage scenery - so clever! And I particularly love going to the Eastbourne theatres because it takes me back to when it used to be me up there on the stage. I remember exactly what goes on behind the scenes, from the frantic quick changes in the dressing rooms to the make-up being slapped on with a trowel... Actually, I really miss it. My area was dancing, but I would have loved to have acted in a play - I think I would have been a good Actress!

Anyway - so you see I had to literally peel myself from the sheets this morning, so I am forgiving myself for the poor photographs!

Now, I know I am waffling on a little, but I have lots to say and it has been a while since I last posted. There is a reason for that -  I have been busy doing a lot of different things. Aside from a new and very different painting I currently have on the go, which I am snatching time here and there to do, I had a lovely, cultural day with my Artist friend, Kerry Caffyn on Friday. We visited a few gallery's which was rather nice.

Prior to that, last weekend, my Dad invited me to an exhibition by Marie Stone. She is an incredibly talented photographer. She has quite literally travelled the world and she has her life in photographs for all to see. Oh how inspiring they were too! I have never really given much thought to taking photographs, even though I did get an O'level in photography at school. My Dad was a photographer many moons ago so if I am honest, he probably had more to do with me passing it than I did!

Going to her exhibition has certainly made me look at how to compose a photograph. The following day I rushed out to see if I too, could make grass look interesting....

© Sandra Busby

Yes! Maybe not to the standard of Marie, but I do believe I can!   

Hmm... Now, I just need to go off and find an elephant...............................


  1. What pretty pictures. I have always wondered what the beaches on your side of the sky looked like. What a beautiful place. Your sketch of your dad reminds me of the painting I did. There is something special about capturing those moments. How nice to have.

  2. I love this post Sandra. I love all of your posts really :) The sketch is beatiful! I think it really captures the feel of the morning. And I love seeing the beach from your photographs, I would love to see it in person someday :)

    Your photo of grass is really awesome! You are an amazing photographer too! You're so talented :)It sounds like you've been feeding your creative soul lately! Good for you!

    And I didn't know you were a dancer, what kind of dance did you do? I used to dance too a looooong time ago. But it was my sister that was really the star.

  3. The sketch may be unfinished, but not unsuccessful I would say since you an appreciation for it! Photos are awesome and make lovely pieces of art!

  4. It looked like you enjoyed yourself here Sandra capturing the atmosphere with your sketch.
    In the photograph, I like the green colour of the algae on the rocks, and that photo of the sun's rays bursting over the clouds would make an awesome painting if you could pull it off - especially with the solitary bird up there in the sky.

  5. Fabulous Post ... I feel I came with you. I think your sketch is very succesful and your photo's are very good. Like you, I also enjoy photography, and I've also tried to make grass look interesting, though not as successfully as you. LOL.

  6. I like the sketch, it has an energy.

    Great skies in your photos, very English summer!

  7. Hi Melanie. I know exactly which painting you mean - Yes, it does doesn't it! Thank you very much for your comment :0)

    Hi Crystal. Thank you so much. Yes, I am trying to scratch my creative itch at the moment. You will be surprised when you see what I am painting at the moment - Quite different from my other work!
    I did allsorts of dancing - Tap, Ballet, Modern, National, Greek... We used to do so many dance festivals on the stage. We did two summers at the Kings Country Club where we put on a show for the holiday makers! I miss all of that!

    Padjama, thank you for your lovely comment - You are right, as long as we enjoy it, that's all that matters!

    Hi Frank - I agree with you about the sky making a nice painting - though I think it would be one to do in Acrylics rather than watercolours (for me anyway!) Hey, you should have a go!

    Hi John. I did enjoy taking the photographs. And it's nice to share them with my lovely bloggy pals too! I'm glad you likke them!

    Hi Sue - Touch wood, after the harshest winter I can ever remember, we are having the most beautiful hot summer, the hottest since 1976 I think (so far anyway), I really hope it lasts! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Sandra, I like the sketch, in my opinion you have been able to capture the magic atmosphere of the moment. Ciao!

  9. Thank you very much Tito for dropping in and leaving a comment! :0)

  10. Hi Sandra,
    You have described what I think of as a perfect day at the beach! I love that you took your sketchbook with you, too. I probably would have opted for the blanket :).

    Lovely photos, too. Thanks for sharing your great day with us.


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