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Monday, 14 June 2010

Mondays sketch...

Following Crystal Cook's idea about posting a sketch on a Monday, I thought it would be fun to join in. Lately I have been straying from what my blog is meant to be about - simple sketching! So, this comes at a good time for me.

I chose a few items from the garden shed.

I decided to do a larger A3 version as a monochrome, tonal study with my watercolours. Warm Sepia seemed an appropriate colour for my theme. A little spattering of paint for some textural interest and voila! All done - and quite effective I think!

So, firstly here is my larger A3 watercolour version... 

© Sandra Busby

Here is how the initial A4 sketch began...

© Sandra Busby

After adding the plant spray and some shading - the initial A4 sketch complete...

© Sandra Busby

Now - since I am on the gardening theme, this seems like the perfect time to update you on my veggie patch. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, might remember my little sketches of the baby cabbages I posted some time ago
. Well, they are now HUGE, MONSTER cabbages! In fact, we have just dug our first one up!  It's hard to believe that we made these from seed!

Yesterday, we discovered that the cauliflowers now have Florette's. Honestly, anyone listening to us when we found them would have thought we had just had a baby - we were so excited! We had to laugh - we never thought we could get excited about vegetables! But, we have never grown anything before and to be honest, we kind of planted things and hoped for the best. 

What ever we did we must have done right because look at them now....

And this is me having just pulled up our very first cabbage This one surely deserved a name, so I called him 'The Hulk'! He was SO heavy, I couldn't hold him for long!!!

(By the way, the little wooden hut at the bottom of the garden is where I do most of my artwork!)

Hmm... We now have twelve cabbages and almost all of them are ready at the same time... and I'm not that fond of cabbage! Maybe I should have planned this a little better....?


  1. wonderful sketch and monochrome study .. that's a huge cabbage !

  2. This is a wonderful study, I think you can learn so much from doing these..

    Thank you so much for visiting my website and your lovely email...

  3. Wow Sandra... a lovely monochrome! Sounds like a great challenge.

    You cabbage must be in good soil..... it's huge!!!!!!!

  4. Nice painting.. The monochrome works very well. And the cabbage looks good too. I like cabbages. You can send me one. :)

  5. OMGosh! i have never seen such a huge cabbage before i'm so impressed. What a beautiful place you have. I'm excited today is, Monday and that means my drawing class!. I like to look at your blog to understand better where i would like to be at. Your drawings/painting are just lovely.

  6. Sandra!! Your sketches and paintings are so beautiful! You've done a simply amazing job! I love the sprayer, I'm glad you added it :) And your garden is so grogeous, you should paint that cabbage! Wouldn't it be cool, if you zoomed in and did kind of an abstract thing? I want a garden like yours! So, so pretty :)

  7. Jane, thank you! Yes, it surprised us too - I'm sure my babies weren't this big!

    Stephie, thank you. Yes, I did learn alot from the tonal study. Not only about tone but about watercolour too.

    Debbie, thank you! And I promise, my Jean Haines post is coming very soon!

    Probal, thank you. I thought Sepia worked quite well for my theme. If I could send you a cabbage and it would still be nice and fresh on arrival, I really would!

    Melanie, you are doing just fine! I am looking forward to seeing what you did at your art class. Just practice, practice, practice and it will start coming more and more naturally. I still have plenty to learn!

    Thank you Crystal - Though I wasn't thanking you when I was tackling the nozzle ;0)! This is the same cabbage that I sketched a few weeks ago on my blog. It was just a leaf then! I did think about painting it - It's finding the time! I have so many other projects I want to get my teeth in to! I am about to pop in to your blog now and check your sketch out!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    It goes out to prove how you can create a wonder piece of art with the simple tools you find in your garden, I loved the sketch as well as the color version..and before I forget, loved that small cozy hut down the corner of your

  9. Impressive. Now you should come up and draw one of my pots of flowers before they lose all their colour!! And I seem to remember one of your babies being at least the size of that cabbage at a few weeks old!!!

  10. Padmaje, thank you very much for popping by and leaving your very kind comment!

  11. Mam-Mams, it would be nice to draw some flowers from your garden - I will come up soon. Going by the texts and e-mails you have been sending me on the subject, I will be expecting something resembling the Chelsea flower Show!

  12. Sandra your sepia tone picture is wonderful, especially the pot which looks almost real!
    Cabbages take up so much space when you think that it is only the heart in the middle that you eat. They are also one of my favourite veg, so I'll be down for dinner!

  13. Frank, thank you for such a lovely comment! They do take up an enormous amount of space. I think I over crowded them a little!

  14. Not anything like a flower show!! That they grew at all is frankly impressive!! Besides, it is good for you to sketch the less that impressive stuff too!!!

  15. Wow those cabbages are HUGE, and you have 12! That's a lot of coleslaw, bubble'n'squeek, ...

    Great sketch and watercolour Sandra.

  16. Ooh - Sue, bubble and squeek! I hadn't thought of that! Yum!

  17. I LOVE the sepia watercolor and all your lively work! That is possibly the biggest cabbage I have ever seen. Perhaps the biggest vegetable, come to that! It's so fun to drop in and see what you're up to, Sandra.

  18. So lovely to hear from you Laura. Thank you so much for popping by and leaving your lovely comment!

  19. I love the monotone study. It's beautiful! I've been doing some of these myself lately and I'm amazed at how much you learn from doing them!

    I have to laugh at your gardening adventure. You see, my husband and I have recently started gardening too. The first year, we had something like 60 tomatoes, about 30 squash, and ten pounds of green beans all at once. We had to give most of it away since we couldn't eat it all before going bad. Someone told me later that your supposed to stagger your plantings so everything isn't ripe at the same time! That is a beautiful cabbage!

  20. Raena the same has happened to us! We are overwhelmed with cauliflowers now! I really appreciate your comment :0)


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