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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Service no longer required...

© Sandra Busby

I think it is finally safe to assume that we won't be using the wood burner again for a few welcome months; Until today we hadn't had a drop of rain for a couple of weeks and the weather has been glorious! A warm summer shower expected later, but the garden needs it. 
At last we can go out and about without our coats  umbrellas - Well, most of the time.
The best thing about it is that I can do more sketching outdoors, which I love to do despite the seemingly curious critters! I had no such interruptions whilst drawing this, other than by the dog. She is always curious about everything!

I used pen and Quink Ink for this sketch. It worked really well to describe the metal surface of the wood burner because when Quink Ink dries it separates in to dull blues and yellows and gives an unusual, uneven effect.


  1. I have heard of Quink Ink before, but didn't realise it dried this colour - very easy on the eye.
    This one holds my attention because there are some strange verticals going on, tugging my eyes in all sorts of directions.

  2. I have spent all week in a sunny garden but today I was forced to put my heating back on ... it's freezing. Your sketch is great Sandra!

  3. I really love that Sandra! I think that is a very cool effect with the ink. And the woodburner, is just perfect.

    I want summer to be here! We had snow yesterday. Snow!

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments! I do value then so much. I think I may have spoken a little too soon - The heavens have opened today and it has been raining hard all day! I've had to turn on the heating too. Very glad it's not snow though. I've seen enough snow this year to last me a life time!


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