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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More of natures treasures...

The ocean and all of its treasures have always been a fascination of mine.  Though there is nothing like observing them under the water in all of their glory, they still manage to hold their beauty even once their life is complete.
To draw these exquisite objects in all of their gorgeousness was a joy!

I find it quite fun trying to capture different textures in what ever way I can, and there were so many different ones here. 
Working on an A2 sheet of buff paper, I used mainly Graphitint Pencils, along with a few coloured pencils, pastels and ordinary graphite pencils too. By shining a lamp on the objects from behind it made fascinating shadows which added even more interest.

© Sandra Busby.

Now, on a different subject - Recently I have noticed several new faces following my blog. I have tried to send individual messages to each of you, but if I have missed anyone or for some reason you didn't get a message, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking an interest. It is always such a nice feeling when somebody pops in! Please feel free to leave a comment when you have the time so I can get to know who you are.


  1. There's a lovely depth of tone to this one Sandra, and you arranged the subject well. Shells are not easy things when it comes to adding colour, but you've captured it perfectly.
    If this is an A2, then there are certainly a lot of pencil marks here and it must have taken you ages. Presumably this is a photograph of the work as you would not be able to scan the picture.

  2. This is really nice Sandra.I like the subtlety of your colours against the strong shadows.

    Thank you for your regular comments on my blog, I appreciate them all.

  3. Sandra, your blog and your work are really thriving! It is wonderful to see and feel your joy in this new enterprise!

  4. Thank you Frank. Yes it did take quite some time to do, but I enjoyed every stroke of the pencils. If only scanners could accommodate a drawing this size! Photographs are never quite as good!

    Thank you Sue. I find adding the shadows are the most important part as they bring a drawing to life. I always enjoy visiting your blog to see what your most recent challenge has been!

    And Laura thank you so much for taking the time from such a busy life to pop in! You have been and still are, such an inspiration!

  5. I love this drawing it is so well executed and it makes me remeber all the mornings I have run along beaches seeing all of those things individually you have put them together to make such wonderful music.

  6. Very beautiful work Sandra! I love the arrangement of the shells, you have rendered them perfectly!

  7. Your work is fantastic. i'm happy i came across your blog, and following. Cant wait to see what you do next.

  8. Ralph, thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I love the beach too and even as an adult I will still be the one searching for shells. It takes me right back to childhood!

    Crystal, thank you so much. I tried to arrange the objects in a shell-like shape. It seemed to work quite well. Setting up a still life is not usually my strong point!

    And Melanie, when somebody new arrives it is always such a nice feeling. I value each and every one of my followers. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

  9. How wonderful to find these treasures from the sea! You have presented them so nicely. Thank you for sharing them, Sandra.

  10. Hello Sandy - I really appreciate your very kind comment :0) And thank you so much for following!

  11. this is so very beautiful sandra

  12. Thank you Jane for your lovely comment!

  13. Very beautiful--your drawing is perfect (I have found it hard to draw shells!) and I'm really awed by the textures and subtle colors you've achieved. I would love to have this hanging on my wall!

  14. Thank you so much Laura! The idea that someone would like something of mine enough to hang on their wall is such a huge compliment :0)


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