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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Life drawing...

© Sandra Busby

I came across this drawing whilst sorting through some old artwork a few days ago. It's the drawing I did at the last life-drawing session I attended. Very different to everyone else's, but still I liked it. It was done in 20 minutes which I think was a good thing as I was unable to be too fussy, which is usually so typical of me!

Now for my very exciting news! I have managed to get a place on one of Jean Haines workshops on June 1st! Can't wait!


  1. Sandra that is a beautiful drawing! And 20 minutes? Wow, impressive :) You have managed to get a lot of energy into this, great work.

    Congrats on the workshop! How exciting, you'll have to tell me all about it :)

    And you know, I've been thinking of doing more life drawing too.

    Also, I stopped by Frank's blog the other day and just wanted to say thank you for the kind things you said about me :):) Made my day!

  2. Thank you Crystal. I'm hoping that the more life drawing I do, the more confident I will become at sketching figures quickly. I would love to see your life drawings if you do get around to it. Hope you post them.
    I'm also hoping that I will have plenty to blog about following Jean's workshop, so watch this space! And as for what I said on Franks blog - you are quite welcome. I can't imagine anyone else wouldn't think the same!

  3. Very nice drawing with a feeling of life!

    You'll have a wonderful time on Jean's workshop. She's an excellent teacher and leaves her students quite inspired to paint.

  4. This is a lovely sketch Sandra, I love the colours and how freely you have done it. Yes, go for another LD course. I attended a Life Drawing class for one year back in the 90's and I loved it, except on one humourous occasion when I got very embarrased - listen to my story here on YouTube:

    Keep us posted on the water colour course at Jean Haines.

  5. Thank you so much for popping in Malissa. It's always so lovely when people post a comment! I am very much looking forward to Jeans workshop and hope to have lots to blog about it!

  6. Thank you Frank. I have just watched your video - It really did make me laugh! You have to admire the models who are prepared to bare all in front of a group of strangers - and some of the positions they get themselves in to! I don't think I could do it! It sounds as though you were far more embarrased than she was though!

  7. quick and expressive , enjoyed looking at your other life drawings too ...have fun at jean's workshop

  8. Thank you Jane. I'm sure I'll be bursting at the seams to tell everyone all about it!


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