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Saturday, 10 April 2010

The cupboard under the stairs...

© Sandra Busby. Mixed media
Hmm... Amixed media sketch of the chaos under our stairs.
I used lots of different media for this - Watercolour, pastels, gouache, coloured pencils even collage!  I probably broke every rule in the book!
It's certainly not a masterpiece, but it was good fun!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

More sketches from the island...

© Sandra Busby
Ah... my favourite island! 
I did a pencil sketch of a fishing boat as it moored up to the jetty and later, a sketch of the dive school.
I became totally absorbed in the details in the windows. It really can't be called a sketch at all - perhaps a 'mini drawing'.
I took the opportunity to draw it whilst we were waiting for Charlie to come back from a dive, which he was doing as part of his PADI course. It was lovely just relaxing on the jetty in the sun, scribbling away!

I had just about finished when the heavens opened and a tropical rain storm hit. We had to run back to our hut and I had my sketchbook stuffed under my tea-shirt hoping it wouldn't get wet!

© Sandra Busby

A few days later I took my chance and managed to get this sneaky sketch of a woman enjoying a cold drink beside the pool. Unfortunately she left before I had finished so I had to use my memory again to finish it off. I wasn't particularly happy with this one, it has to be said! I'll blame the beverage I was drinking at the time!

This is really a place for colour. The next time we visit, I plan to use plenty of it!

There is no doubt that photographs are something to treasure, but looking through sketches and drawings of special places is equally special.  


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