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Monday, 1 March 2010

That Monday Feeling.

© Sandra Busby

Well, what a great start to March! As I reluctantly drew open the curtains at 6.45am, the room was swiftly saturated with bright sunshine – Oh how I wish it wasn’t Monday! Still, that usual Monday morning feeling was, for that moment at least, replaced with one of optimism – it’s amazing what a burst of, dare I say, ‘Spring’ sunshine can do for the soul, especially after what seems like months of relentless snow and rain!

I arrived at work almost an hour early and grabbed the opportunity to try out Codi (our dog's) new 'Ball Launcher' on a dry day for a change - She often accompanies me to work. Standing in the field, bitterly cold as it still was, I could feel the comforting warmth from the sun on my back - What bliss!
After a good half an hour I went inside to start what was to be a particularly stressful days work - Yes, that Monday feeling had come back with a bang! Still, amongst all of the chaos, instead of the usual wet, dim view from my window Spring had instead shown it's face at last and sunlight flooded the office - and I was thankful for that.
Codi slept for the rest of the day, outstretched in a sunny spot.

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