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Friday, 26 March 2010

Natures Treasures...

© Sandra Busby
This time of year I find new enthusiasm for walking outdoors. Instead of briskly marching around the woods with Codi at lightning speed, I find myself instead wandering leisurely - taking everything in. 
A far cry from the winter months where everything seems to be a different shade of brown, the moss has carpeted the woods with the brightest green, and already the Bluebell shoots have begun to protrude from the soil. I can hardly wait for when they flower because the entire woods turn a beautiful shade of vivid purple, which happens to be one of my favorite colours.
During the winter months I came upon this leaf which had caught itself between two branches on its journey down from the tree. Unlike the other leaves which had all but rotted and turned to mulch, this one had remained perfectly preserved away from the wet ground. I felt it more than worthy to be immortalized on paper, so I took it home with me and drew it. 
Firstly I laid the leaf with the more textured underside facing up. Then I shone a light strongly on one side of the leaf which added an interesting shadow. And here is the result.
Once the Bluebells have arrived I plan to take my watercolours with me on my walk and see if I can capture some lively little sketches!

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